Chanel’s Virginie Viard Will Have Us All Wearing Moon Boots For Fall ’21

No Grand Palais, no problem: Chanel Fall Winter ’21 was revealed today in the infamous Parisian night club Chez Castel. It was a fitting backdrop for the chic aprés ski-style gathering that Virginie Viard had in mind. Between the salopettes and the 1970s-style winter sportswear, someone pour us a spiked hot cocoa stat—we want in!

It’s safe to say that some rather unusual things have trended over the last year (file under: tulle strawberry dresses, roller skates, and ‘zizmorcore‘). And adding to that list, If I had a dollar for every time I’ve seen Moon Boots on the streets of Manhattan recently, I’d have at least enough for a few day’s worth of extortionately priced cold brew. It started with noticing them during the persistent snow storms that plagued the East Coast in December, then in sleepy early morning CityMD waiting lines for COVID rapid tests, and most recently at the dog park. As they say, spotting something three times makes for a trend, but now that there’s a shearling Chanel version to swoon over, I think we’ve leapfrogged them remaining a niche love-em-or-hate-em style statement. And what’s a Chanel accessory without mass appeal? Said shaggy Moon Boots turned out to offer even more bang for your buck, as they’re double layered, meaning the shearling can be slipped off to reveal a sleeker boot underneath.

In her show notes, Viard said she decided to go to Castel specifically for its spiral staircase, which she envisioned models traipsing down nonchalantly in their winter gear—quilted down jackets, patent sheepskin coats, retro ski suits, and Fair Isle knits—only to reach the bar where they could shrug off outerwear and slip into something a little more glamorous, and maybe show some skin in above-the-knee hemlines of midriff-baring two-pieces. Beyond the Moon Boots, there were lots of epic dancing shoes too to ensure a good night ahead: two-tone booties, sequin ballet flats, stappy heels, and sandals with chains and bows.

The artistic director was also thinking of Stella Tennant, who tragically passed away in December. The references to the model and her maverick personal style were most obvious in the androgynous pieces, like menswear shirts with contrasting collars and cuffs and a subtly sparkling tweed kilt. “Today some of these silhouettes make me think of Stella Tennant’s allure, the way she wore certain pieces, it was so Chanel,” Viard reflected.

See the full collection below:

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