Famous Actors Who Got Their Start In Modeling

You Won’t Believe How Many Actors Started As Abercrombie Models Before Making It To The Big Screen.
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It’s not unusual to learn that your favorite movie or television actors are also designers, sports stars, and musicians. Most of the people you see on the big screen had to hustle their way to the very top. Hustling alone doesn’t guarantee your career will skyrocket. But being seriously hot can get you noticed, especially around Tinseltown. Even if all you’ve ever wanted was to be on the big screen, everyone has to start somewhere, right?

Acting might’ve been many of these celebs’ main focus. But when networks and modeling agencies knocked on their doors, they took their chance to break into the industry…one way or another. These actors were working the camera even before they broke into Hollywood. They were able to turn their modeling success into a career that was even more lucrative. But it’s not shocking that having power in front of a camera equals power on the silver screen, too. Some people have the looks, the talent, and all the luck in the world. This eventually helped these A-listers go from walking the runway to acting in front of millions of viewers.

Although most of these performers have left their modeling days behind them, some of them have managed to juggle their roles in the modeling and film industry at the same time. And it wasn’t that much of a change! When a model poses in front of the camera or dresses up as a lifeguard for a photoshoot, they’re essentially playing a role. So, when it came time to act in movies and television, it was as easy as 1, 2, 3.


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