Peep Inside Colette Steckel’s Insanely Chic New Treasure Chest Of A Store

Fans of Colette Steckel’s namesake jewelry line already know that the designer is an arbiter of style. Now, we can all benefit from her unrivaled taste thanks to the opening of her California flagship store, which she even perfected via her own interior design sensibilities while curating the store offering with the help of some of her favorite independent, emerging, and established French and Mexican brands. We caught up with Steckel on opening week to get the scoop—we’re ready to book a plane ticket to go visit IRL when you are! 

Congratulations on your new store! How long has this project been in the works?
Thank you so much! We’ve been working on the Brentwood store for about eight months now; the pandemic really sparked a desire in me to simplify things and be closer to home. The space was home to a bespoke tailor for nearly 25 years, it’s a gem of a location and I love that there’s this really special history attached to it. It’s been a labor of love and I’m so happy to see it all come to life!

Tell us about your own connection to the Brentwood area. And what do you love about it?
I’ve lived in Brentwood for years, so moving the store there feels like a natural fit. I’m at the Country Mart several times a day—I’m working out there, running errands, taking meetings, having lunch at Farmshop! There’s so much going on in the neighborhood and an energy that just pulls you in. Our store is right across the street, so I’m really excited to be part of this mix of cool local businesses that I personally love and support. It was always in the back of my mind that the brand would end up there in some way, shape, or form.

This flagship is a combined concept store/showroom and retail location. What was the vision board from the beginning and how did you execute it?
My family and I were all home together in quarantine at the onset of the pandemic. It was the first time in ages that we were all under one roof for an extended period of time–we’re always so used to running around and traveling that rarely do we get this completely uninterrupted time together. That was obviously the silver lining in this really horrific time—being together and keeping each other safe. In that same vein, we rediscovered our love of being home, and all of the various comforts we relied on; like board games, chocolate, scents, cozy sweats, and so on. We were all working on our various projects, cooking together, brainstorming, watching movies. I kept thinking to myself–when this is “over”-how much fun would it be if I brought all of my favorite things from home into a store and created this whole lifestyle experience with the jewelry mixed in. The vision was two-fold: flip the traditional jewelry store model on its head, take away the intimidation and formality, make it fun, and to celebrate our love of home and of family. Maybe you come in for a jewel, but walk away with a backgammon board, too!

What are your hopes for this brick-and-mortar space?
So many things! I hope to have fun, I hope to continue building an amazing team that has fun with me, I hope to keep getting inspired, I hope to grow. I hope to create an environment where everyone feels welcome to visit, whether you’re a neighbor on your lunch break, visiting from out of town, a celebrity stylist, or on the hunt for an anniversary gift. I’d love for it to become this can’t-miss destination full of discovery and surprise.

(Courtesy/Dusan Vuksanovic)

(Courtesy/Dusan Vuksanovic)

(Courtesy/Dusan Vuksanovic)

You designed the space yourself too. What was the inspiration behind the unique design and what role has your heritage played in the aesthetic?
I’m very into interior design and am constantly changing things up at home—I discover and collect accessories from wherever I go, and each space I create has a unique vision behind it. I’m almost always inspired by my heritage in one way or another. The Melrose Place store was very boudoir-inspired. It was darker and moodier, with gilded accents and shades of gray. Brentwood is a little more minimalistic and reminiscent of a contemporary apartment in Paris: herringbone floors, lavender, pale pinks, light blue, crème fraiche. The big tie-in to my French-Mexican background is that most of the designers we are bringing in hail from Paris or Mexico City.

If you had to pick just one favorite part about the new store, what would it be?
From a design perspective, I’m crazy about this piece of marble we found that is this insane mix of lavender, pale pink, and blues. It almost looks like velvet. It’s impossible to describe and a photo doesn’t do it justice, so you must come see! I’m also really excited to bring this cool mix of designers from Paris and Mexico City to L.A. They’re all so talented and I can’t wait for everyone to see their work!



You’re also celebrating the brand’s 25th anniversary! Looking back 25 years ago, did you ever anticipate Colette would grow to become what it is today?
When you launch a business, you always have to dream big, but I never could have imagined that we’d be where we are now. It’s been an amazing experience growing the brand over the years, evolving our collections, and working alongside so many talented and supportive people. I’m in awe that we are celebrating 25 years . . .but in many ways, it feels like we’re just getting started.

What else is coming up in 2021, and beyond?
I always have something up my sleeve…

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