How Camila Cabello’s Cinderella Compares to the Disney Movie

Disney’s Cinderella has been retold many times before, and now Amazon Prime Video is putting its own spin on the narrative. Starring Camila Cabello and Nicholas Galitzine, the new film modernizes the classic fairy tale through a few key differences. Though the story still takes place in an antiquated village, the characters’ motivations are slightly different, which helps move the story along in interesting ways. The film is also jukebox musical, so it includes some of your favorite pop songs throughout.

While the film manages to set itself apart from the original Disney cartoon, there are still certain areas where it falls flat, including the lack of screen time for Billy Porter’s Fab G and Cinderella’s “girlboss” narrative. As a fan of Disney and musicals, a big part of me was left wanting more by the final musical number. The concept of the movie is so interesting, though it never really lives up to its potential. I was expecting more Brandy’s Cinderella meets Disney Channel’s Descendants, and instead I got Another Cinderella Story meets Mirror, Mirror. I wanted flashy musical numbers and over-the-top characters that smartly juxtaposed the classic Disney story, but this felt more like a rom-com Cinderella set in medieval times. Maybe it would’ve been better as a Broadway musical? Read ahead as I break down all the ways this iteration compares to the Disney movie.

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