Daisy Ridley Revealed the Rey Scene She’s Most Proud of in the Star Wars Sequel Trilogy

Star Wars sequel trilogy star Daisy Ridley revealed the Rey scene that she’s most proud of.

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As reported by ScreenRant, actor Daisy Ridley became a breakout star during the latest trilogy installment, where she made her debut as Rey, the lead character of the Star Wars sequel trilogy. Throughout the trilogy series, Rey’s character underwent some profound changes going from a lone scavenger who wandered the scrapyards of Jakku to becoming the last hope of the Jedi Order. While discovering the truth about her origins, Rey connected with plenty of new additions to the Star Wars universe, including a warrior of the Dark Side. More recently, while chatting with IMDB, Ridley revealed the Rey scene that she’s most proud of filming.

While sitting down with IMDB to discuss her role in Sometimes think About Dying, Ridley briefly spoke about her character in Star Wars during the “Burning Questions” segment of the interview. While reflecting on her character Rey, the actor was asked which moment involving Rey stood out to her as her favorite. Ridley then revealed the unexpected scene that she said she was most proud of. The star mentioned the moment in Star Wars: The Force Awakens when Han Solo (played by Harrison Ford) gives Rey her signature NN-14 blaster pistol after landing in Takodana. Ridley stated that despite her nerves, she was proud of her performance alongside the iconic actor.


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Daisy Ridley Was So “Proud” She Got Through the Scene Despite Her Nerves

She said, “Oh my gosh. The thing that springs to mind is in The Force Awakens with Harrison Ford, the little known actor. He gave me that gun, I say something like “I can take care of myself” or something. I was so nervous that when he was doing it I was like “Oh my gosh, it’s Harrison Ford.” So I was proud that I got through the thing and seemed fairly casual.”

In the new trilogy, Han plays a vital role in Rey’s journey toward fulfilling her destiny. After Rey meets up with BB-8 and Finn and leaves her former life as a scavenger behind, she meets Han and Chewbacca, the former of whom encourages her to leave her past behind and offers her a spot among his crew. Later on in the series, Rey is taught the ways of the Force by Luke, and by the trilogy’s conclusion, Rey takes her place as one of the franchise’s essential characters.

While Ridley’s pick for her favorite scene might come as a surprise to Star Wars fans due to its overall relevance in the trilogy, the actor’s scene choice is still a notable moment from the series that showcases the character’s strength as well as her overall likability.

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