DC League of Super-Pets Trailer Unites The Rock’s Krypto & Kevin Hart’s Ace

DC has unveiled the first look at the DC League of Super-Pets animated movie about an adorable pair of four-legged superhero sidekicks starring Dwayne Johnson as Krypto the Super Dog and Kevin Hart as Ace the Bat-Hound. Although Johnson’s casting as Krypto was confirmed earlier this year, the new clip at this weekend’s second annual DC FanDome event is the first official confirmation that Hart and the rest of the star-studded cast has joined the animated movie. DC League of Super-Pets will fly into theaters on May 20th, 2022, with a new trailer arriving this November.

The voice cast for the upcoming animated movie DC League of Super-Pets will be led by Dwayne Johnson as Superman’s dog, Krypto the Super Dog, and his long-time co-star Kevin Hart as Batman’s pup, Ace the Bat-Hound. Joining the dynamic duo, Marc Maron as Lex Luthor, as well as Keanu Reeves, Kate McKinnon, Natasha Lyonne, John Krasinski, Vanessa Bayer, Jameela Jamil, and Diego Luna in currently undisclosed roles.

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Speaking to Collider, producer Hiram Garcia said that the movie is the official onscreen introduction for many characters who have never made an appearance in a big project at DC, saying:

“It’s a lot of fun. As a Superman fan and a huge dog lover, having the ability to tell the story of Krypto and Superman is a dream come true! It’s such a charming story and then in addition we get to introduce the league of Super-Pets and all those wonderful characters. We have such an amazing cast of actors, and anytime you can get Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart together doing what they do, you know it’s going to be a big, fun ride for audiences. This is such a huge project that we’ve been working on for a while so we were thrilled when we finally made the announcement.”

DC League of Super-Pets was first announced in July 2018; however, it seemed like progress on the movie had stalled until The Rock signed on in May 2021. Until today, DC has kept its muzzle tightly sealed about the details of the Super-Pets movie, revealing only that in addition to Krypto and Ace, the series also stars Wonder Woman’s kangaroo, Jumpa, and Supergirl’s cat, Streaky the Supercat, in a pet version of the Justice League. The film’s Super-Pets concept is based on a Legion of Super-Pets story in 1962’s Adventure Comics #293 by Jerry Siegel, Curt Swan, George Klein, and Milt Snappin, which introduced the fictional furry team (although each of its members, except Comet the Super-Horse, had already been introduced in earlier issues).

The Legion of Super-Pets was removed from mainstream DC Comics continuity in 1986, but a new version of the team was reintroduced in 2017 (although fans did enjoy some references to the Legion of Super-Familiars and the Justice Legion of Super-Zoomorphs before the team was officially relaunched). The official DC Comics relaunch of Super-Pets occurred one year prior to the first announcement that DC League of Super-Pets was being adapted into an animated movie. The film is written and directed by Jared Stern (The Lego Batman Movie, Green Eggs and Ham) and co-directed by Sam Levine (Treasure Planet, Bolt), both of whom make their feature directorial debuts with the DC animated feature. Producers include Stern, Garcia, Johnson, as well as Dany Garcia and Patty Hicks.

The DC League of Super-Pets teaser trailer was released at DC FanDome. Credit for the quote above goes to Collider.

You can view the original article HERE.

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