Jodie Comer Responds to Fantastic Four Casting Rumors

There have been plenty of rumors flying around when it comes to the casting of the MCU’s Fantastic Four movie. One of those who have been said to be “in talks” to take on the role of Sue Storm is Killing Eve star Jodie Comer. However, the actress has become the latest to debunk rumors of their Marvel status, telling Josh Horowitz and the Happy Sad Confused podcast that she doesn’t know anything about it. She said:

“No, guys, I don’t know anything about it. I feel like when I say this people are like, ‘Okay…’ It’s like, you can’t win either way… I think, ‘Never say never…’ I think, as I said before, like usually when you finish one project, you then want to try something very different, so I don’t know, maybe.”

Naturally, there are few people who believe the denials of actors right up to the moment actual castings are officially announced, something that Comer herself acknowledged. When it comes to the Fantastic Four, the rumors of casting announcements have been doing the rounds for almost a year. However, there has still been no concrete evidence of any of those involved in the rumors actually having been cast in the movie, but San Diego Comic-Con has provided many Marvel announcements and this year’s event in July could be when we finally discover who is in and who is out when it comes to Marvel’s first family.


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What Will The MCU’s Fantastic Four Movie Look Like?

Marvel Comics

Currently, there is very little known about exactly what will happen in the Fantastic Four movie, but Marvel Studios are trying to avoid the problems of the 2015 reboot by not making it an origin story. Beyond that, though, there is nothing known about who the villain will be, where the story will fit into the MCU and what kind of impact it will have on the future of the franchise.

When previously talking about the route that the new iteration of the Fantastic Four will take, Marvel producer Stephen Broussard explained that one big thing about the casting and the franchise would be about sticking with the source material. He said:

“That’s a good question. I wouldn’t presume to know everything about that film; I’m not necessarily working on it. But one of the founding principles of Marvel, going back to Iron Man and the casting of Tony that I think has resonated through today, is to embrace the source material and these comics that have been around forever. They’re older than me, and I’m guessing they’re older than you too. They’ve been around for a while for a reason, [so we] lean into that.

I think the world has changed a little bit, people understand that now. But in 2005, maybe there was a reticence to fully embrace what it was. In everything; in the embodiment of Galactus and things like that. Whatever form the story takes, whatever characters do or do not appear, that founding principle will be embraced and will welcome them into the MCU.”

Fantastic Four is currently expected to hit cinemas in February 2025.

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