Veronica Returns as Marilyn Ghigliotti Wraps Filming on Clerks III

Marilyn Ghigliotti has wrapped filming for her return as Veronica in Clerks III. With production now underway in Leonardo, New Jersey, Kevin Smith’s third Clerks movie will bring Dante (Brian O’Halloran) and Randal (Jeff Anderson) back to where it all began at the Quick Stop. Smith has also revealed that the sequel will bring back many other fan favorites, including Rosario Dawson reprising her Clerks II role as Dante’s wife Becky.

In the original Clerks, Marilyn Ghigliotti co-starred as Veronica, Dante’s girlfriend at the time. Their relationship becomes part of a love triangle when Dante’s ex Caitlin (the late Lisa Spoonauer) comes back into his life, and by the end, Veronica appears to break up with the Quick Stop clerk. Ghigliotti did not appear in Clerks II as the sequel revealed they did not get back together, and Dante had since gotten married to someone else.

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Now, Dante and Veronica will meet once again at the Quick Stop. This time, Veronica will be serving as the ex-girlfriend in the story, which is an interesting change of events since the original Clerks. It’s unknown how big of a role Veronica will play in the story, but taking to Instagram, Ghigliotti revealed that she’s wrapped her work on Clerks III. She also suggests that her performance is among her greatest work as an actress, suggesting much more than a passing cameo. From the post:

“Back to some reality today as I reflect on the long but amazing day I had yesterday, my final day of shooting. We started at 2 pm and ended at 2 am. As I sit here on about 2 1/2 hours sleep, because as late as it was once I got to hotel room and started packing, went to sleep around 4:30 ish, 7 am I was wide awake on the high that I still have on some of the best work I feel I have ever done as an actress. And it’s not to toot my own horn. Because I would certainly be as honest if I did a crap job.”

Ghigliotti also says that her scenes with Dante and Randal are even better this time around. The actress goes on to detail her experience behind the scenes of working on Clerks III, touching on what it was like to work closely with O’Halloran again. Clerks fans may know that the two often appear together to meet with fans at conventions and have been for many years.

“To have been able to work opposite both @briancohalloran and #JeffAnderson again was even better than when we originally did. To have the experience that @thatkevinsmith has grown into from original to now, was a wonderful ease of letting. Letting myself go to explore. I woke up yesterday morning with my own pressure of wanting to perform to my absolute best and not make mistakes. It happens. Once I get into the makeup trailer, things start to relax. Also just relaxing when starting the day working with my amazing co-star Brian. Who then later in the night, we have a particular scene I trust immensely with. But I just couldn’t stop giggling . Sorry Brian. But it’ll make for great stories at the cons!”

Responding to Ghigliotti’s Instagram post, O’Halloran wrote, “Marilyn your performance yesterday in all the scenes was fantastic. It was a great pleasure to work opposite you again with these characters. Definitely some of your best work of your career. I look forward to seeing it on the big screen!”

Clerks III is written and directed by Kevin Smith. The movie follows Dante and Randal making a movie about their lives as clerks at the Quick Stop convenience store after Randal survives a near-fatal heart attack. The cast brings back various fan favorites, and along with Ghigliotti, O’Halloran, and Anderson, the sequel stars Jason Mewes as Jay, Kevin Smith as Silent Bob, Rosario Dawson as Becky, and Trevor Fehrman as Elias.

There’s no sequel set for Clerks III at this time. Filming will soon be wrapped and a release window will hopefully be soon forthcoming. This news comes to us from Marilyn Ghigliotti on Instagram.

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