Bebe Rexha CLAPS BACK Over Sexism In Music Industry!

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No matter what the charts say, Bebe Rexha is all about girl power! She is calling out the Billboard Hot 100 and radio shows for lack of female representation and she isn’t holding back.What’s up? It’s Emile Ennis Jr. here with Clevver News and Bebe Rexha is speaking out about the lack of female artists being represented in Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart.Bebe got candid on social media and shared her thoughts about the inequality that female artists face when it comes to radio play and the charts. Let’s break it down.It all started on Tuesday when Billboard tweeted out the Most Hot 100 entries of 2020, so far.On top of the list is Eminem with 12, then comes DaBaby and Mac Miller each with 10, and others on the list include Ed Sheeran, the Jonas Brothers, Juice World, MoneyBaggYo, and more. But Bebe was quick to call out the fact that out of the 12 artists listed, there is only ONE woman in the mix.And while we are only one month and some change into the year, Bebe felt like she needed to bring this issue to light.But some fans hit back at Bebe and suggested that women step up their music game.But she didn’t stop there, she went on to say quote, “Rosalia, Taylor, Camilla, cardi….. on and on and on”So Bebe made her stance very clear and many fans couldn’t agree more. They took to Twitter to support Bebe and say that they also want to see more female artists on top of the charts.I think that just about sums it up.But this certainly isn’t the first and likely won’t be the last time that Bebe Rexha has proven that she won’t stand for injustice toward women in the music industry.Back in August, just before her 30th birthday, she spoke out on social media against an unnamed male music executive who allegedly age shamed her.Bebe has also been very vocal about positive body image! She called out designers who won’t dress her at a size 8 to sharing unedited images of herself like this.But she isn’t just all talk. Bebe also practices the female support that she preaches by hosting an annual “Women in Harmony” brunch, where women in the music business can unite.So she’s definitely doing her best to make a difference in the music industry.But I want to know what you guys think about all of this. Were you surprised to see only one woman on Billboard’s list? And what do you think about Bebe calling out Billboard for this on Twitter? Let me know down in the comments below.After that, why don’t you dive into more Clevver News by hitting that subscribe button and click that bell so you don’t miss any of our new stories. Then click right over here for more entertainment news. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m Emile Ennis Jr. and have a great day.

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