Ghetts: ‘It’s like I’m searching for enlightenment, almost. That’s where I am’ – Music News

On the debut episode of ‘GRM Radio’ on Apple Music 1, presenter and GRM Daily CEO Post is joined by special guest Ghetts.

In the interview with Post, Ghetts reveals why he thinks his recent album ‘Conflict of Interest’ is his ‘best piece of work’, discusses videos he’s made but chosen not to release, and says he’s focussing on helping others rather than making an immediate return to the studio.

Ghetts Reflects On The Success Of His Latest Album, ‘Conflict of Interest’…

It was more of like, a top up on the belief. No matter how much belief I already had in myself, we all have our self-doubt sometimes, so when you go above and beyond, it’s like I already knew that! I guess you go to the next step with a different type of fuel, a different type of energy, a different type of positivity, you feel me? It’s my best piece of work but not just because of me, in all honesty. It’s my best piece of work because we were able to put ego on the backseat, and able to look at it from a team perspective. The conversations that we were having just about frequencies and different things like that… it’s beyond just lyrics. I’d say it’s my best work, definitely.

Ghetts On The Videos He’s Made But Not Released…

Do you know what it is P, I’m never ever being disrespectful. With the video thing, I get scared because when I do a song I always know when this song hits the world, I could have done no better, ever. It doesn’t matter what anybody says, I just know I couldn’t have done better, so I’m happy. With videos I never want to do them because as you know we’ll start with an idea, and that idea is 500 bag. So then it’s like alright cool, lose the helicopter and we’re down to that [budget], but then you’ve lost that and you’ll just gotta keep losing things and you’re down. I guess with this series of videos I wanted to showcase how I am as a human being, a character – the skating, the biking, all the things that I’m just doing in life. Proud Family… I just wanted to showcase all those sides of me, so big up Nathan Tettey – someone I sat down with late nights and early mornings, just brainstorming with for so long.

Ghetts On Who He Would Take To The Rap Olympics…

This is unbiased yeah… the first two people are definitely Kano and Wretch [32]. It goes without saying. It’s not even close, because when I think of the Rap Olympics I think of a triathlon type of thing where you have to excel across the board, whether that’s studio, stage presence, album artist but also able to make party songs. That’s how I’m thinking when you’re thinking Rap Olympics, and those two names I can vouch for. I know they’ve got that across the board, in the bag. I’m taking Raskit [Dizzee Rascal]. It’s just that when you said ‘prime’… a lot of things Dizzee that was doing at the time? Genius. And I’ll be honest I didn’t understand some of the things at the time. When I go back now and listen to where he actually was in his prime and the things he was doing in terms of flow, cadence, pocket, production, just where his mind was. Different, different, different. That’s my third, right? Do you know who I’m throwing in there yeah, just because it’s not been really documented yet, but this person… I said to him the other night he floats across genre very well. This might shock people, but Tion Wayne. It sounds like a wildcard, because I’ve chosen a lot of people from my generation, but Tion does something very well: when you hear him, it’s still very much him on different tempos, and he adjusts to them very well but still being very much him.

Ghetts Explains Why He’s Not Currently In The Studio…

I’ll be honest with you bro, do you know what I’m doing at the moment? It’s like I’m searching for enlightenment, almost. That’s where I am, that’s where I’ve been in the last like month, or two months. I’ve actually consciously made a decision to stay away from the studio. Do you know what I wanna do, P? I’ll be very honest with you bro, helping people feels really fulfilling, as you probably know, and I was thinking I wanna do some more of that. I’ve just been thinking and focusing on different things. Do you know what I can feel… you know when you start getting uncomfortable, it’s time to grow again?

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