Oromo music news Hadha too Ittiiqaa Tafarii 2018

Oromo music news Hadha too Ittiiqaa Tafarii 2018

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Dhaamsa Uummata Oromoo Hundaaf

Gochootaa oromummaa dhabamsisuuf raawwatama turan keessa isaan gurguddoon:-

Uummata Oromoo ajjeesu
Uummata Oromoo Hidhuu
Uummata Oromoo buqisu
Qabeenya Uumma Oromoo Saamuu
Maqaa Oromootaa gara maqaa amaaratti jijjiru
Maqaa oromummaatin yaamamun akka qaanitti fudhachu
Ani habashadha jedhani akka of-ibsan taasisu
Seenaa Oromoo xureessu
Aadaa Oromoo dhabamsisuu
Bakkeewwan Oromiyaa keessa jiran maqaa Oromoo irra gara amaratti jijiru
Qabeenya Oromiyaa keessatti horataman maqaa habashatin akka waamaman taasisuu
Afaan Oromoo akka dagatamu taasisu fi afaan amaraatin akka dubbatamu taasisu fi
kkf baay’ee jiran keessa hanga tokko yoo ta’an, dhaamsi ani isini dabarsu barbaadu akka kanaa gadiiti ibsama.


You can view the original video HERE.

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