Sampa the Great: ‘There’s no roof, there’s no door. We broke the doors down’ – Music News

Sampa The Great joins Zane Lowe on Apple Music 1 to discuss her new song “Lane” ft. Denzel Curry. She tells Apple Music about the origins of the track, connecting with Denzel Curry, the healing experience of relocating to her native Zambia, provides an update on her forthcoming project, and more.

Sampa The Great Tells Apple Music About The Origins of Her New Song “Lane”…
Like my identity isn’t set on one thing, you know? And so, the idea of Lane came about, because as a hip hop artist, I don’t just do hip hop. It’s hip hop, it’s R&B, it’s reggae, it’s Kalindula, it’s home music, you know? And it should never be one thing. It should never be boxed in one thing. And so that’s what Lane is about, is breaking all those boxes, creating new lanes for anyone who’s like you, who doesn’t just fit in one box, and making noise while you do it.

Sampa The Great Tells Apple Music About Connecting With Denzel Curry on “Lane”…
Denzel and I met in Australia when he was doing this now. He was doing a festival in Australia, and my manager knows him. And I think we just built a relationship off of this very same topic: being left of field artist, not really fitting into one place, wanting to do much more, then what we… Like we want to venture into rock, we want to venture into everything else. And I think that connection just stayed. And when I sent him the song, I was like, bro, this is exactly what we’ve been talking about: venturing outside what we are comfortable with, growing as artists, and just creating different lanes. And he was down.

Sampa The Great Tells Apple Music About The Healing Experience of Relocating To Her Native Zambia…
Relocating back to Zambia was, I think, one of the best things that could have ever happened to me. Because I’ve never been Sampa the Great in my own country. Everything up in Australia, and it’s amazing and everything was amazing, but I’ve just never been an artist fully professionally at home. So meeting up with musicians from home, working together, and filling in those little pieces that you can’t fill when you are like a continent away, was really healing. It was healing. But also allowed me to just rewrite the script. I mean, there’s a lot of underground people of color who are killing it in Australia; and you may not get to see them, but it’s right there, and it’s bubbling. So for me to be able to come back home and connect with the source, and for them to see that you’re able to do that, is top-tier, because that’s what you want to do. You want to be able to reconnect to the root of all of it, and bring that back to them, and bring that outside of home. So it’s global now. There’s no roof, there’s no door. We broke the doors down.

Sampa The Great Tells Apple Music About Her Forthcoming Project…
I’ve been working on a project at home. The project is finished. Like everything is finished, it’s just about when to release it out into the world. So 100%, I am working on something. It’s going to get bigger. I can say that.

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Sampa the Great: ‘There’s no roof, there’s no door. We broke the doors down’ – Music News
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