Sigrid: ‘I made songs for Glastonbury before they offered to play’ – Music News

Sigrid joins The Rebecca Judd Show to discuss her new album, ‘How To Let Go. She reveals she wrote a song specifically with playing Glastonbury in mind, discusses the contrasts between her first and second records, and more.

Sigrid Tells Apple Music She Wrote A Song With The Hope Of Playing Gastonbury…
Rebecca Judd:… Also playing Glastonbury as well. When making this album, did you have that in the back of your head? Or did that booking kind of come later halfway through the album?

Sigrid: I made songs for Glastonbury before they offered to play. Yeah, no Glasto is one of my favourite festivals. I love how that festival is also more than a festival, it’s a village. Glasto is, I think it’s six times bigger than my hometown… I remember having visually Glastonbury in my mind. Thinking it sounds like 6, 7 PM when the sun sets. Maybe a light drizzle of rain, but it’s also the sunset. And then maybe thunder comes in towards the guitar solo towards the end. That was my vision and visually for the song. Sigrid Tells Apple Music About Making Her Second Album ‘How To Let Go’…

It’s definitely been a light and the big motivation for the past two years, a hundred percent, when everything’s been crazy. But we made this album mostly in Copenhagen, actually. Stayed with Caroline, Alan and Sylvester Steverson. Because a Norwegian writer and a Danish producer. And we’re staying the three of us in Copenhagen. And we would go to the live studio every day. Really magical in a weird sense. And I was the only guest at the hotel at the edge of the harbour. And we would go swimming in between sessions in the ocean.

Sigrid Tells Apple Music About Her Song ‘Risk of Getting Hurt’…
‘Risk of Getting Hurt’ just feels like me in a nutshell. I’m playing the guitar in the opening, which is really fun. I’m not a great guitar player, but I’m okay… It’s decent work. But lyrically, the song is about how I have found that I’ve gotten so much back from actually taking risks. I was really shy growing up. I was really scared of being on stage. But then I started doing it and look at me now, I’m an artist. And I love my job. It’s just a song about taking risks.

Sigrid Tells Apple Music About Listening To Her Own Songs…
No, I listen to them. I feel like I want to write the songs that I wish I had in my playlist. I don’t love every song that I’ve ever written in my entire life. But most of them I think. Yeah. Pretty good.

Sigrid Tells Apple Music About The Contrast Between Her First and Second Albums..
Well, I’d say it’s a lot more organic and instrumentation, whereas like ‘Sucker Punch’, the first album, was a lot of heavy sense. It’s more an electronic pop record. Whereas this album feels more of a folky rock pop album I guess. There’s a lot more guitars, bass, live drums, a lot of harmonies. And the songwriting is how it always is with me. It’s pretty, it’s a lot of classic songwriting, but also pretty fresh I think. And a lot of catchy melodies, of course.

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Sigrid: ‘I made songs for Glastonbury before they offered to play’ – Music News
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