six tips to win in Oddball, CTF, and Strongholds

So, you want to learn how to win matches in Halo Infinite do you? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Here we’re going to focus less on the idea that you just need to be quicker on the draw, or more accurate than your opponent, and instead hone in on a bunch of general and game mode-specific tactics that can give you an edge in battle.

Whilst a lot of the muscle memory from other popular shooters will undoubtedly come in handy in this iteration of Halo, there’s also a lot of seemingly obvious, and some less clear, tactics that you can employ across all game modes to secure the W. If you’re completely new, we also have five tips for beginners in multiplayer that you may want to check out.

Focus on the objective, not the battle pass

Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries

You’d be surprised by how many players don’t remember they’re in a team, or forget that just getting kills isn’t the way to win a match (unless it’s a game of Slayer, of course). This means that sticking with your team, and making sure you know where the objective, is vital to success at all times.

It might seem straightforward, but running headfirst to the objective to secure it is almost always a terrible idea, so don’t just become an objective chaser either. If you charge solo into the entire enemy team, you’re going to lose very quickly. Communicate with your team, flank the different paths to the objective (especially if it moves like in Oddball), and get the drop on the enemy team instead of serving yourself up to them.

There’s a delicate balance to be found between making sure you don’t throw your spawn away and spending your time causing as much chaos as possible, but you’ll win more matches if you exercise caution and play smart.

Know the item placement and layouts of every map

Halo Infinite Credit: Microsoft

What sets Halo apart from most other modern shooters is that every player spawns in with the same weapons (assault rifle and pistol, unless you’re playing Ranked), so right off the bat only two things will set you apart from the opposing team: your skill and knowledge of the map.

Stopping opponents going for the highly coveted power items like the rocket launcher or active camo, especially right at the start of the match, can quickly tilt the scales in your favour, but you can’t be doing that if you don’t know where they are. Yes power items marked on the screen with an icon as soon as they spawn, but you still need to figure out the best way to reach them. This also goes for regular weapons and equipment too.

Playing against bots can give you the chance to figure out where all the pickups are and find the best places on every map to use them. Constantly being able to switch items in the pause menu when practising means you can grab a gun and play around with the best sightlines and positions before you play for real.

Knowing where guns and equipment are can also mean you’re controlling them instead of the enemy, which is also vital.

Control the map

Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries

Halo Infinite has a higher time to kill than most other shooters, so where you’re standing has a massive impact on your success. Stopping enemies from pushing through you and getting them out of high-value areas your team needs are both incredibly important ways of making the match go in your favour.

The best way to do this with your immediate arsenal is via grenades. They either force the opponent to shift their concentration, do some damage, or completely remove them from the space you need. While the immediate damage of a grenade is nothing to laugh at, the ability to flush enemies out of cover can generate some match-winning results – so get good at throwing them.

How to win a match of Strongholds

Halo Infinite Credit: Microsoft

Just like busting moves on the dancefloor, a game of Strongholds is all about rhythm and rotation. Confidently knowing how to navigate between the three points with the fastest possible route is absolutely integral to victory. If you and your team can get into that groove, you’ll easily climb the scoreboard.

Despite there being three areas available for capture, to score you only need two of them. So whilst total domination might feel good, separating from teammates and not protecting what you have is a recipe for disaster. Sticking to two captured points in tighter groups is usually the way to go.

What about getting stronghold points from opponents though? Remember what I said about controlling the space: Use grenades. Tossing a well placed grenade will force the other team off their balance, and maybe even off the point. Combine this with the classic art of flanking, and you’ll more than likely start a firefight with the advantage, and come out on top.

How to win a match of Oddball

Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries

Holding the skull in Oddball can be quite difficult, as enemies have your exact location at all times. There’s really no way to have one player absolutely keep it for a whole round and that appears to be the point of the game mode, but let’s see what you can do anyway. When your team has the ball, the best thing for you to do is stick together. Just don’t do it too closely or in cramped spaces, as my advice about grenades will very quickly come back to haunt you.

Interestingly, the Oddball currently seems to have one of the fastest melee animations in the game, so don’t be afraid to just smack the daylights of an opponent right next to you if need be. Also, if your team has the ball, try to prioritise pushing for any overshield spawns, and hand it over to the carrier. The enemy may know where they are, but at least they will be harder to kill.

The reverse goes for your team if you’re trying to win the Oddball: move as a unit, use grenades to split up opponents, get the power weapons and equipment, and don’t face the enemy team head-on.

Oh, and don’t hesitate to drop the ball to win a firefight.

How to win a match of Capture The Flag

Halo Infinite. Credit: 343 Industries

A lot of what I talked about in Oddball applies to CTF, so keep that in mind. There is some variation when approaching this mode though, so let’s break it down.

Split your team into attack and defence. If you all go for the enemy flag you’re leaving yourself vulnerable, but if you all camp at your own flag you’re never going to score. Go for the flag when you have either the manpower or firearms to back up the flag carrier, otherwise they’ll be on a fruitless endeavour (unless they get very lucky). This split of attack/defence does need to be fluid though, so don’t be afraid to leave one person at the flag, or close to it, if the attackers need Spartan support.

Don’t just run with the flag as you’re exposed to the enemy team when you run, but not when walking. If you can successfully walk the flag with backup that knows how to control the map and power weapons, you’re halfway there.

Drop the flag when getting attacked. Every. Single. Time. Having that extra gun in the fight is paramount to success, and you won’t get far if you can’t fight back. If the flag carrier dies – which they often will, as the opponents tend to go for them first -they still might have put out enough damage to get a win in the firefight. Another team member can always grab the flag, as it sticks around for some time unless the enemy team stands in its range.

So that’s it, these are basic tips to win as many games of Halo Infinite as possible and some more specific guidance on 4v4 game modes as well. What makes this iteration of Halo so interesting to me is that winning matches is never just about being the better marksman. Everyone starts off on the exact same foot, making this 343 Industries title an interesting one.

Halo Infinite’s multiplayer mode is out now, and is available to play on PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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