Yungblud: ‘I wanted to create a song that would allow people to let go of past trauma’ – Music News

YUNGBLUD joins Hanuman Welch on ALT CTRL Radio on Apple Music 1 to discuss collaborating with WILLOW on his new single “Memories”, the current state of rock music, why he thinks there’s a lack of truth in modern pop music, finding courage heading into the release of his next album, and more.

YUNGBLUD Tells Apple Music About Collaborating With WILLOW on “Memories”…
I love WILLOW. I think she’s phenomenal. I think she’s very rare. I think she’s got a voice like that will transcend for years to come. I think she’s got something to say. And I think what’s so sick about her is that it’s another artist at the minute that’s pushing rock and roll forward. I think she represents something and I think she represents something and she has something to say and I back it man.

YUNGBLUD Tells Apple Music About His New Single “Memories”…
I think with “Memories” I wanted to create a song that would allow people to let go of past trauma in any regard whether that be a relationship, whether that be abuse, whether that be a misconception in terms of race, in terms of gender, in terms of anything. I wanted to create a song that would allow people to scream in one room and take each other’s burdens on together because if we carry it together, the load is easier. You know what I mean? I wanted my family, I call it my family because I hate using the word fans. I think it’s like … It puts a divide between me and them and I want my family to be able to scream and leave whatever they are sad about or whatever they are traumatised about in that room, in this moment.

YUNGBLUD Tells Apple Music About The Current State of Rock Music…
Rock and roll five years ago was a genre that was drowning in its own pretentiousness. Rock and roll to me and rock music is about freedom and expression and it became a very gatekeepered, pretentious brand. I think the sense of community is back. I think the sense of unity is back. I think the sense of argument within the genre is back and that is the point. I think the thing about what is so exciting about the revival of rock and roll music is that there is unity in it and there is defiance and there is division within it. It’s a very exciting time for alternative music because there is a new wave of artists kicking back against a genre that has been gatekeepered for far too long.

YUNGBLUD Tells Apple Music Why He Thinks There’s a Lack of Truth in Pop Music…
I think there’s a big lack of truth in pop music, in popular music at the minute. You know what I mean? I think what it is, I think the music’s great but I think the message is very saturated and I ain’t ever going to be an artist that is squeaky clean. You know what I mean? I’m just not. If you’re like at my show, I’m never going to be an artist that is saying something and saying nothing all at the same time. I’m going to go off the edge. I’m going to talk because I’m going to speak my heart. I’m going to speak the truth. I think art is brilliant in the minute. I think music’s amazing. I think there’s some incredible artists out at the minute but I think people are saying something and nothing all at the same time and I think meaning needs to come back.

YUNGBLUD Tells Apple Music About Finding Courage Heading Into The Release of His Next Album…
I think coming into this next album, I finally have the courage. My community really gave me the courage to kind of showcase who I am to the world. Do you know what I mean? A lot of people have kind of had an opinion on me and have had … As you get bigger, kind of your authenticity becomes a questioning point for everybody. You know? I think like, especially with this album, I want people to not see me as a caricature. Do you know what I mean? YUNGBLUD has become such a caricature for a lot of people and it’s kind of really opening up the kind of door to who I am this next album. I’ve gone really deep in terms of my childhood, in terms of who I am and what my foundations of a human being are. I think with it all, this community has kind of given me the courage and the armor, if you like, to be like hello, this is who I am because I think the biggest misconception about YUNGBLUD is people think it’s me.

YUNGBLUD Tells Apple Music He Sees Himself as a Communicator More Than A Musician…
It’s almost bored of music man. It’s almost like … It’s just communication and it’s just a conversation. A lot of people like freak out when I say like I don’t really see myself as a musician. You know what I mean? I see myself as a communicator. Music’s only like a vehicle that I can communicate through. Like if you want to go see a singer or someone shred the guitar, don’t come and see me. But if you want to genuinely feel like you can be yourself and kind of connect to a community that will love you no matter who you are, come to a YUNGBLUD show. Do you know what I mean?

YUNGBLUD Tells Apple Music About Returning To Live Shows…
Bruv, it’s just been absolutely mental bruv. It’s just mental… passion has just been like out of this world. It’s absolutely crazy. I just feel like I can breathe again. Do you know what I mean? I genuinely feel like I’ve got a line of oxygen to me lungs… I’ve never been to a lot of places that we’re going to one of these tours and just to see the sheer passion and the fan base is just getting bigger and bigger every single day. It’s just like blowing my mind completely.

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