iGaming Considered Safe Investment & Will Survive Any Potential Stock Crash!

The stock markets are looking good at the moment, and cryptocurrency even better. However, there is no shortage of bankers, financial analysts and experts, and well-know business entrepreneurs like Warren Buffet and Elon Musk, the latter the richest guy in the world, that say a crash looming. However, that doesn’t mean stocks will drop in every niche, and the niche sectors that will continue to grow even in the face of financial decline are online gaming and iGaming!

Online gaming, we all know very well. Yet, iGaming for some is still mystery so we will clear that up for you right here and now. It is basically the online casino niche. It is a niche that is going to continue growing for decades and it will defy the laws of economic downfalls. 

We will look at exactly why iGaming, and also online sports betting, stocks will potentially (we so want to remove potentially) become the best performing stocks over the next decade. That said, we will also briefly explain the risks so you have a full picture before moving on from this article and finding out more for yourself. 

Here’s Why iGaming Stocks Are a Good Investment

At the moment iGaming companies are all over Europe and reporting continues growth. And there are several reasons why people are more likely to play at online casinos or place bets on an online sportsbook. The key reason is trust, while the second is accessibility, and the next is people like to play games! 

Licensing: More trust in the online market is being instilled in people because countries like the UK UKGC licensing, Sweden, Italy, Republic of Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Germany, and France are all creating domestic licenses. These licenses protect local citizens by guaranteeing that the casinos pay tax, follow privacy rules, and fall under domestic ecommerce consumer right laws. 

Other rules include forcing the casinos to responsibly maintain a separate bank account for the total of player balances. Therefore, if the casino goes bust, players get their money paid back immediately. 

Accessibility: Online casinos and sportsbooks use high tech websites that enable players to access games from their smartphone, tablet, desktop, Mac, laptop, and another other device with a web browser. The days of apps are gone in this industry. Therefore, everyone, regardless of the operating system they use, can access these gambling websites via the same log in username and password from any device or operating system.

People Enjoy Gaming: Even if there is a huge stock market crash, iGaming will continue to grow thanks to the 2 reasons above. Adding to this, when people don’t have money they tend to stay at home and look to fill the void. Thanks to low stakes casino games on which people can wager as little as $0.01 per bet on games like xo slot games or roulette, while sports betting usually allows a minimum bet of $0.10. It inexpensive, and masses of people will start to start to play online – The pandemic provided this.

US Market Coming Online: In the USA online gambling was banned in 2011. Since then New Jersey, Delaware, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, and Michigan have introduced online casino games. There are then multiple states that have introduced legal online sports betting. And guess which companies are involved? Many of those that dominate the European and Asian markets. Playtech, BetMGM, Caesars Entertainment, Flutter, and Entain (formely GVC Holdings). You can also see 3 more iGaming stocks here.

As a result of these 3 points, iGaming companies floated on stock markets re predicted to continue to grow even in the face of a financial crash. And the best part is, you do not need to invest now, you can wait until the financial crash, let the dust settle, then get your money in on these stocks! 

The Risks

Some of the companies that own iGaming platforms are also supplying, own, or working with land-based casinos. If another pandemic hits, these companies’ stocks will be hit hard, as they have over the past year or so. You only need to look at Caesars Entertainment Inc, which is listed on the NY Stock Exchange. The company recently bought out William Hill, a huge UK online and land-based outlet, but it also lost $2 billion over 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Therefore, the best stocks to invest in are those iGaming companies that are purely in iGaming. That does not mean to say you should not invest other companies that have land-based business, it just means you should favour the 100% iGaming companies. We can give you an example of one right now, and that is Evolution, which is floated on the NASDAQ Stockholm. 

Of course, the other risk is we could be completely wrong. There seems like a slim chance that the whole world will go bust and not have any money to play games online, but there is always the chance that one of the iGaming companies overextends due to poor management. As with all investments, there is always a potential risk so only invest if you are sure you have the money to spare!

Final Word!

One thing we can say is that if you have money to spare for stocks, then start looking at iGaming and online sports betting firms. We also suggest looking into VR gaming as well as online gaming, and although those niche subjects are outside of the scope of this article, you will find that many of the pros of cons in regard to iGaming and online sports bookies are very similar!

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