Top 10 best tipsters in the world

Best tipsters can help you have a reliable second opinion on the odds you have chosen. Their homework is reliable and results from the relentless following of football games’ statistics, news, and trends. With the best tools for assessing the fixtures and their impact on the players’ performances, the tipsters can help make correct predictions. They are of the best utility when you need to bet in less time, say in today’s or tomorrow’s soccer matches

If you wonder which top 10 tipsters in the world to rely on, you can rely on these recommendations from the best tipster verification sites as mentioned below.

1. all tipsters sites with more than 85% strike rate

The most profitable tipster recommendations of this site are:

  • football,
  •, etc. 

In-depth and accurate research tools employed

Here, Tipsters employ the best research tools like statistical analysis, implied probability calculator, facts analysis, insider news analysis, etc., to deliver the most reliable tips. 

Lots of tips with a high winning percentage

Tipsters chosen here may be having an enriched experience, which is one of the many criteria. However, more than experience, it is the winning percentage that matters. That is why some tipsters may not be very old, but their fresh energy and perspective reflects in their tips’ accuracy.

Most suitable tipsters for today’s and tomorrow’s matches

The high-octane atmosphere of today’s and tomorrow’s matches may sway bettors off their feet. The tipsters balance the excitement with their profound research and allow bettors always to make the most informed decisions.

You can choose to bet in the shortest notice; such is the accuracy of tips for today’s and tomorrow’s fixtures here.

2. verified tipsters with a high win percentage

The top-quality tipsters, based on ROI%, featuring in this tipster verification site are:

  • Vermo Schevchenko Tips – 96.47%, 
  • Dinh Truc Vietnam Tips – 93.68%, 
  • Soccer Tipster King – 392.66%, 
  • Ivan Mills – 382.92%. 

This tipster site sources tipsters from various parts of the world to give the best information.

Tipsters give the best advice on selected betting markets

The tipsters at Football Tipster can be the best resource for trying luck in the following bets:

  • 1×2 Fixed odds
  • Under/Over
  • Correct Score
  • Half-time – Over/Under, Fixed Odds, Asian Handicap, Correct Score

Compare best odds from all available bookmakers

When you have got the best advice, why not monetize it to the best? Football Tipster allows you to compare odds as provided by the most promising bookmakers such as Pinnacle Sports, 1XBet, Mansion88, Bodog. uk, etc.

3. Tipsters in high demand available here

Here,,,,, are a few of the high-performing tipsters who score more than 200 buyers regularly.

Tipsters with easiest buying procedures

Every second is worth a dime in the betting space. Therefore, the platform must provide you immediacy in the betting process. 

Here, you can find:

  • All tips verified and presented in an easily understandable manner
  • Direct links to bookmakers to start betting right away
  • 3-step buying procedure – Select, Pay and Verify.
  • Easy and secure payment methods – close to nil payment failure mechanism ensure that bettors miss no opportunity.
  • Confirmed tips on the betting services

    Nowscore keeps the best quality records of all tipsters services available here. They suggest the tipsters solely based on their performances. Numbers sourced from authentic sites and records maintenance experts make the tipsters here the most trusted source for betting in a profit-driven manner. 

    This tipster monitoring site’s top 3 recommendations are,, and are its three favorite picks.

    Tipsters recommended after thorough quality check

    Tipsters are managed through a tipster performance management platform where the advisors post the tips daily for verification. Their tips are stored for viewing in an unalterable manner. To retain the position in the network, they have to be correct every single time. The complimentary tip replaces any losing bet.

    Tipsters for most popular betting markets

    Equaliser Football takes special care to extend the best experience to bettors. They examine and research which bets have got maximum number of stakes. And accordingly, include those betting services. You can find here the tips for:

    • Over/under
    • 1×2 fixed odds
    • Asian handicap
    • Correct score, to quote the most popular ones.

    Authentic tipsters only

    A thorough professional background’s check of the tipsters is a mandatory step that precedes the tipster selection process. This tipster bettor marketplace connects the users with authentic tipsters only.

    5. Tipsters information with a photo and win percentage

    The featured tipsters available at this site are Markos Spyros, Alberto Espinoz, Carl M.Cobb, Henrik Erhard, Huynh Minh Truc, to quote the most profitable ones.

    Best tipsters with complete information

    Tipsters information is curated in a credible manner at The football prediction site includes individual tipsters in its crew and prepares a listing with their bio and photo. 

    All successful tipsters registered here

    You may find the tipster with f more than 300% strike rate at the expert level here. Depending upon the plan and requirement, you can choose from beginner, intermediate and expert tipsters here. While the beginner has an average hit rate of 85-90%, the experts come with the assurance of 3x more accurate tips.

    6. Most Regularly Updated Tipster Directory

    This site’s best-performing tipsters are Fran D Ball, Rafael A Matthews, James A Ziegler, Reuben M Bryan, and Kelvin C Spencer, to name the highest grossers here.

    Best yielding tipsters on board

    The real power of Prediction Soccer is its tipster’s team. All tipsters here have brought humongous profits to their client sites. Even their personal records have been super fabulous. The tipsters have years of betting experience, and the average yield can be close to 85-90% here.

    Only 100% verified tipsters

    No tipster can register here without getting records checked and their results verified. The site employs the stringent tipster selection process that entails tips accuracy and results’ consistency checks. Thus, you always have better chances at winning by subscribing to tipsters here.

    The best combination of tips on all betting services

    If you are a fan of accumulator bets but feel overwhelmed by the need to be right on each bet, you can leave your worries to this site promoting the best tipsters in the world. The bettors, here, can have confirmed tips on bets like Under/Over, Asian Handicap, 1X2 Fixed Odds, Half-time/Full-time Match Results, Correct Score, etc. All these popular bets backed by confirmed tips can be your profit-churning support.

    7. Quite affordable tipsters available here

    Best tipsters with more than 80% strike rate on this site are Will Lau, Greyson, Jordyn, Druce, Alistair, Riley Davis, to mention the featured ones. Their expertise can be your best support for winning any crucial football bet.

    Pocket-friendly tips rates

    The tipsters here are quite affordable. Their high winning percentage makes the proven revenue generators for bettors. With comfortable pricing and easy payment methods, you can maximize betting returns. Every penny spent here is another dollar added to your kitty.

    Most profitable betting services covered

    You can get odds at the best rates by following betting sites suggested by the tipsters here. A chance to compare odds allow you to have more profit margins. Tipsters also come up with promotional schemes often here to get the best experience and find betting more fun.

    Best tips support for today’s fixtures

    You may have fallen short of time while strategizing for today’s picks, but the tipsters here always keep their research game robust here. They provide you a view of all the meetings due to happen today. With the information like rivalry, current form, motivation, etc., in their research, they can help bettors win by giving correct predictions on today’s matches.

    8. top-quality tips with an 85% hit rate and more

    Best tipsters with more than 300 winning tips listed here are Gabriel Alves Castro, Long Niu, Davi Oliveira Melo, Joseph C Lemos, and Nybyvägen. A high winning rate increases your chances of winning at the bets tipped by the experts here.

    Tipsters covering all leagues of the world

    At, the bettors are sourced from all major football-loving nations of the world. Thus, they bring in the expertise needed to correctly guess the results for the leagues played in their part of the world. It helps have maximum profits from Acca bets. You can find the best tipster support for English Premier League, US football leagues, La Liga, Bundesliga, Ligue 1, and other top-ranking as well as less known tournaments.

    Perfect tipster support for multiple betting services

    Some bets do require an experienced tipster advice, whether you like it or not! Since the bets need doing way in-depth research, dexterity using calculators, etc., you may miss some point. But, nothing misses the attention of professional tipsters who are engaged in this field almost full-time.

    Live Score Support can make in-play betting profitable

    Some bookmakers offer bets with changing odds. Mostly these are confirmed bets as the conditions develop from the ongoing match. Bettors can benefit from these confirmed bets by referring to live score support available here. When you come across a live bet and want to know the expert opinion on it, you can take tipsters’ advice at The code to success in live betting lies in the best tipsters’ opinions; it is precisely what you can get at this site. 

    Top tipster sites recommended here are:


    Trusted tipsters of top-notch quality

    Tipsters at the betting advise are 100% monitored. The company has directed all its expertise at monitoring and suggesting trustworthy tipsters only. Thus, your bets will never be out of fluke but will be based on scientific findings. By doing in-depth analysis, the bettors here provide the best support for betting services, such as:

  • Over/Under
  • BTTS
  • 1×2 Fixed Odds
  • Correct Score
  • Half-time Over Under, etc.
  • Best features to enhance betting profits

    The tipsters’ sites are studded with the best proprietary features designed to enhance the betting experience for all. Bettors need proven solutions to bet more, often and of course, profitably. The best features that make these tipster platforms the most trustworthy ones are:

  • Bets governed by the low house advantage
  • Quick payout procedures
  • Secure payment gateways
  • Only 100% verified tips
  • Most popular betting markets and services
  • Tailor-made tips plans for every budget
  • 10. Tipsters monitored by proven experts

    Top tipster picks of this tipster monitoring site are:

    • 7MTIPS.COM

    Tipster Monitor serves as the regulatory authority you need for having only those bets that may yield the best profits. 

    A promise of trustworthy tips fulfilled

    A unique way of testing the tipster’s proficiency is used at Tipster Monitor. All tipsters are validated through a 45-day verification procedure. They gauge the frequency, coverage of betting markets, expertise in betting services, and accuracy of tips with this procedure. Perfectly carved for bettors seeking trusted tips, this tipster platform niche exemplifies reliability and authenticity.

    Top tipsters list updated every month

    Monthly updating of tipsters list is done to ensure that tipsters always remain sincere about the competition. They give their best always to appear and stay at the top slots of the monthly hall of fame. You can pick the tips based on betting service, success rate, and the joining date. 

    All promising tipsters placed together

    You can find the bookmakers links and partner links so that you can get the best deals after verifying the tips on multiple tipster sites. The bettors need research, and this tipster monitor site offers you the best premises to research and focus on the points most relevant to the chosen bets.

    To conclude,

    Soccer tipsters net is the ultimate destination to check the best tipsters, football prediction sites, and competitive odds. There is no crucial detail about the match off-field and on-field that stays off the radar at Sports Gossip. The latest updates on the football matches reach first here, which is why you always find the best and the most relevant information about the tipsters here. 

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