Who Will Be New Orleans’ Starting Quarterback This Season?

One of the most intriguing aspects of this past April’s NFL Draft was how the New Orleans Saints didn’t move up in the first round to snag one of the top quarterback prospects. Instead, Sean Payton and the Saints decided to stay pat.

Most felt staying pat was a bad idea. Drew Brees, one of the greatest quarterbacks in history, had retired. On the Saints roster were former Tampa Bay Buccaneers signal-caller Jameis Winston and last year’s Swiss Army Knife, Taysom Hill.

Most believed Payton and the Saints were angling to draft a player like BYU quarterback Zach Wilson, who went to the New York Jets. Wilson is Payton’s type of quarterback, an athletic drop-back passer with an amazingly accurate arm. 

In retrospect, Payton told anyone who would listen that he thought Winston deserved a shot to take over for Brees. Then, more than a month before the NFL Draft, Payton said he saw Winston and Hill competing for the starting quarterback position.

Payton has reiterated those thoughts so often since the draft that many feel the job is up from grabs. Check out more information on both Jameis Winston and Taysom Hill, as well as why, if you like to bet on the NFL, the Saints could be the team to back this season.                      

Will Sean Payton start Taysom Hill or Jameis Winston at quarterback?

Before answering the question, it’s essential first to consider the system Sean Payton runs in New Orleans. Payton, like so many successful coaches in the NFL, runs a west coast offense. 

Most credit Bill Walsh for creating the west coast offense. The offense revolves around short passes to receivers and running backs. 

In the west coast offense, everything starts with the quarterback. The quarterback’s footwork and timing of throws determine how successful a team runs the offense.

Drew Brees was a west coast offense expert. In 2019, with Brees at QB, Saints’ wide receiver Michael Thomas caught 149 passes. Many consider Thomas the best crossing route pattern wide receiver in the NFL. 

The crossing route is the perfect west coast offense pattern. The wide receiver runs in almost a straight line across the field, catches a perfectly timed pass, cuts up the field, and then goes for as many yards as possible.

Michael Thomas remains New Orleans’ top receiver, which is one reason Payton said that this summer the starting quarterback position is up for grabs.

Jameis Winston is a drop-back passer

Dec 25, 2020; New Orleans, Louisiana, USA; New Orleans Saints quarterback Jameis Winston (2) before their game against the Minnesota Vikings at the Mercedes-Benz Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Most believe the Saints signed Jameis Winston to start at quarterback. A big reason is that New Orleans had great success using Taysom Hill as a running back and wide receiver.

But Sean Payton won’t change his west coast philosophy for Jameis Winston. The problem that Winston has concerns timing.

Winston has a cannon for an arm. He’s not a west coast offense quarterback, though. Check out every interception Winston threw, all 30 in 2019, his final season as a starting quarterback, to get an idea of his style.

Now check out every pass Winston has thrown as a Saint. Are you getting an idea of why Payton is hesitant to name Winston the 2021 starter?

Taysom Hill is a more flexible quarterback

Hill not only throws the football, but he doubles as a rushing quarterback. Sean Payton likes the fact that Hill can roll out, throw passes, or rush with the football. 

Payton has more flexibility with Hill than Winston. The Saints’ HC can design pass plays that Hill can turn into rushes if nobody is open.

Unless Jameis Winston has an incredible training camp, most NFL analysts are wrong. Hill’s ability to throw into tight windows or rush with the football makes him the prime candidate to win the starting quarterback position.

No matter if it’s Hill or Winston, the Saints will win games

Quarterback is the most critical position on the football field. But it’s not the only position on the gridiron.

The Saints have a lot of talent beyond the quarterback position. Most consider Alvin Kamara one of the top running backs in the league.

Many believe Michael Thomas is the best wide receiver in the NFL. Also, the defense has talent on all three levels, including the secondary. 

Expect New Orleans to win plenty of football games this season. But, if you do like the Saints to win the 2022 Super Bowl, we recommend looking for a sportsbook that offers free software as they tend to have better odds than a lot of the regulated bookies.                                                                                                    

Individual sportsbook operators usually provide better odds. Not even a New Orleans fan should back the Saints to win the Super Bowl at anything less than +2500.

Sports bettors call bookie agents asking for overlay odds all the time. So use the starting quarterback controversy surrounding Hill and Winston to your advantage. Call a bookie software agent and ask for the odds you want on the New Orleans Saints to lift the Lombardi Trophy.   

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