13 Incredible Lost 90's Sci-Fi TV Shows That Deserve A Second Chance!

Science fiction as a genre goes way back in time. Writers like HG Wells and Mary Shelley introduced us to a concept that became one of the most beloved genres of contemporary times. Later, authors like Philip K Dick, Robert A Heinlein and Douglas Adams provided sci-fi the necessary momentum to propel it into dimensions unknown and unexplored. It was a staple for prose to transform into films which, in turn, influenced television shows.
The 90s were not alien to this sort of borrowing, and the period showered upon us with a variety of shows, from the thrilling X-Files to laugh riot sitcoms like 3rd Rock From The Sun. However, with great concepts come greater risks, and only a handful of them turned into more than what they wanted to be. Yet, there are plenty of forgotten Sci-Fi shows from the 90s that got lost in time because of reasons known and unknown.
Now, just because they’ve been forgotten doesn’t mean that they aren’t worthy of a re-visit, as these serials contributed to reshaping and revolutionizing the genre as we know it, incorporating politics and satire.
In this video, we will uncover the best sci-fi shows from the 90s that have been left covered in the sands of time.

0:00 Intro
1:58 SeaQuest 2032 – (1993–1996)
4:23 Alien Nation – (1989–1990)
7:00 M.A.N.T.I.S. – (1994–1995)
9:01 Earth 2 (1994- 1945)
11:04 TekWar – (1994–1996)
13:05 Millennium – (1996–1999)
15:24 Aeon Flux (1991-1995)
17:40 Dark Skies (1996-1997)
19:31 Total Recall 2070 (1999)
21:33 Time Trax (1993–1994)
23:05 Seven Days – (1998–2001)
25:07 Night Man (1997-1999)
27:04 Space Rangers (1993–1994)

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