A Pregnant Wanda Wreaks Havoc in Westview

WandaVision finally pulls back the curtain to reveal the truth behind Westview. Episode Three, “Now in Color”, updates the sitcom format to the groovy seventies. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) is heavily pregnant. Vision (Paul Bettany) wonders how the baby has grown so quickly. They fetch Dr. Nielsen (Randy Oglesby) and do their best to hide the pregnancy from the neighbors. But Herb (David Payton) and Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) are acting strangely. There’s something different about Geraldine (Teyonah Parris). Vision is elated to become a father, but begins to realize their suburban lives is not what it seems in this latest episode of WandaVision.

“Now In Color” opens with a cheerful, seventies inspired opening sequence. Wanda is pregnant with long hair, while Vision sports round glasses and a shaggy ‘do. Their house has also been updated to a near copy of The Brady Bunch. The sequence has them eating ice cream, riding a tandem bicycle, and Vision putting together a swing set. Geraldine has a huge afro, as does Herb. Agnes, Jones (David Lengel), and Norm (Asif Ali) are equally decked out in seventies chic.

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Wanda and Vision sit on the couch while Dr. Nielsen confirms the obvious, she’s pregnant. Vision comments, “It happened practically overnight. How did this happen?” Dr. Nielsen stands and goofily starts explaining “when a man and woman love each other.” Wanda shuts him down. Dr. Nielsen tells them that she’s at “four months.” He continues using the fruit analogy. At four months the baby is a “pear”, five months a “grapefruit”, eight months a “papaya”, and then “honey dew.” Vision asks what it should be at twelve hours. Wanda responds, “I think this line of questioning is fruitless.” The laugh track howls as Vision shows the doctor out.

In the front yard, Dr. Nielsen tells Vision that he and the wife are going on a vacation to Bermuda. Vision waves to Herb next door, who’s trimming his hedges. Vision asks the doctor to keep the news of Wanda’s pregnancy a secret. Vision looks back at Herb, who’s bizarrely now cutting through the concrete fence. Vision points out the mistake, but Herb, still eerily smiling, cuts away.

Vision goes back inside. He’s about to tell Wanda about Herb’s weird behavior, “Whoa Nelly! Have you gotten bigger?” Wanda’s belly has grown. He races to her side at super speed, and catches a papaya falling from the fruit bowl. In the nursery, Wanda uses her powers to put together a crib and mobile. Vision, back in android form, sits in a rocking chair reading a pregnancy book. She feels the baby kicking. As he touches her belly, she feels “fluttery.” The mobile turns into butterflies. Reading the book, Vision says that first kick means she’s around six months pregnant. He kisses her belly, “I can’t wait to meet you, little Billy.” Wanda was thinking of naming the child “Tommy.” Vision quotes Shakespeare,”All the world’s a stage.” Wanda waves her hand and a mural of a stork appears on the wall.

Vision estimates that at the current progression, the baby will be due in three days. Vision changes the diaper on a doll at super speed while Wanda times him. As she eats a pineapple in the kitchen, Wanda feels a “false labor contraction.” Vision rushes to her side for them to practice breathing exercises. The contraction gets worse and Wanda’s powers go awry. Electricity flickers the lights, every gadget turns on, the washing machine and sink overflow. “Let’s abandon the kitchen,” Vision yells as they run into the living room.

Vision goes outside to check on the neighbors. The whole block has lost power. Wanda wonders if they think all of the strange happenings are their fault. Westview is always “on the verge of discovering their secret.” Vision becomes more contemplative. He brings up dinner with the Harts and Herb’s odd behavior, “I think something is wrong here.” Suddenly, the scene resets. Vision is no longer concerned, but happy for them. Another contraction hits, Wanda starts her breathing exercises. A nervous Vision floats in the air. They both breathe together to calm nerves. Then it starts to rain in the house. Wanda’s water has broken.

A commercial interlude begins with two kids playing ball in the kitchen, then knocking over their mother’s (Victoria Blade) cereal bowl. The mom takes a burnt roast from the oven. The blender overflows. A voiceover asks, “Do you need a break?” The exasperated mom is now in a soapy tub being fanned by a servant in a toga. The voiceover says, “When you want to get away, but don’t want to go anywhere….Hydra Soak!” Hydra Soak luxury bath powder floats in the bubbles with the caption, “Find the Goddess Within!”

Vision and Wanda hide under a table as the rain pours down. It finally stops, but everything is soaked. Wanda conjures a wind storm to dry everything. Vision is blown back in the process. The contractions are getting worse. The phones aren’t working. Vision decides to race to the doctor’s house before he leaves on vacation. He shoots out the door in a blur. Wanda struggles with the contractions, then realizes the stork in the nursery has come to life.

The doorbell rings. Wanda grabs a coat to hide her belly. Geraldine walks in and asks why she’s wearing a jacket. Geraldine needs to borrow a bucket, “All of the pipes in my ceiling burst at once!” Wanda looks for a bucket in the kitchen. Her coat changes with each contraction. Wanda holds up the bowl of fruit to hide her stomach. Geraldine goes back to the couch. The stork is walking around behind her head. As Geraldine drones about her job, Wanda cannot make the stork disappear. She throws an orange to make it run away.

The stork comes around and starts tugging at the fish print on Geraldine’s bell bottoms. Geraldine makes an exaggerated movement and the stork flies back to the nursery. Happy about her promotion, Geraldine walks into the office and is surprised it’s now a nursery. The stork stands perfectly by the wall. Wanda drops the vase hiding her belly, “The baby is coming!” Geraldine is stunned,” You’re pregnant?”

Dr. Nielsen and his wife, all packed and dressed for Bermuda, struggle with their mysteriously broken down car. Vision arrives in a blur. He puts the doctor on his back and vanishes in a flash. At the house, everything is going haywire as Wanda’s labor starts in earnest. She lays on the floor cushions screaming. Geraldine grabs the bucket as the light fixtures explode and every painting spins on the wall.

Wanda starts to become fearful. Geraldine reassures her, “It’s time to start pushing. Push Wanda!” Wanda screams loudly. Geraldine presents her with a baby boy. Wanda cradles the child. Vision bursts through the door with the doctor, “Oh no, I missed it!” Geraldine takes the doctor into the kitchen to give the couple space. Vision reverts to his android form to hold his son, “Tommy.” Wanda is pleased he chose her name.

Suddenly, Wanda starts screaming again. Another baby is coming. Vision coaches her to push as he holds Tommy. Baby “Billy” is born. The doctor and Vision cradle the twins while Geraldine looks on amazed. Vision puts a child in the crib, then walks the doctor outside. He hopes the doctor can still make his trip. Dr. Nielsen changes countenance, “I don’t think we’ll be able to get away…small towns…so hard to escape.” He leaves, then Vision turns to Agnes and Herb, who’s still cutting through the wall. They’re whispering to each other. Agnes asks if Geraldine is inside with Wanda.

In the house, Geraldin and Wanda look at the babies. “I’m a twin. I had a brother. His name was Pietro,” Wanda quietly tells her. Geraldine has a moment of clarity. As Wanda sings to her children in Sokovian, Geraldine says, “He was killed by Ultron…wasn’t he?” Outside in the yard, Herb tells Vision that Geraldine is “new to town.” Agnes adds that she has “no husband, no family, and no home.” Vision approaches them cautiously.

In the living room, Wanda confronts Geraldine, “What did you just say?” Geraldine changes her story, “I said you were a strong lady”. She sits down, but Wanda looks at her icily. “I think that you should leave.” Wanda notices that Geraldine is wearing a necklace with the SWORD logo.

In the yard, Vision confronts Agnes and Herb about Geraldine. They both look terrified. Herb mumbles, “She came here because…she came here because we are all…” He stops speaking as an alarmed Vision presses him further, “What are you trying to tell me?”

In the living room, Wanda asks Gerladine about the symbol, “Who are you?” In the yard, Herb continues, “She came here because we are…” But Agnes yells “stop it” before he can finish the sentence. She looks at Herb, then shakes her head warily.

Wanda angrily faces Geraldine, “Who are you!” Geraldine backs up. In the yard, Agnes turns around with a big fake smile, “I better get going.” Herb returns to his pruning shears. Vision runs back inside and reverts to normal, “Wanda, where’s Geraldine?” Wanda looks at her children, then calmly replies, “She left Honey…she had to go home.”

The aspect ratio then pulls back to fill the entire screen. The Westview town entrance is seen surrounded by barricades. Geraldine is thrown out of a sparkling energy barrier. She tumbles into the grass. A SWORD helicopter shines a spotlight as military vehicles enclose her. The camera pans up to reveal SWORD tents, a command center, and an array of spotlights shining on Westview and the energy field.

WandaVision heats up the plot with an intriguing final scene. Geraldine, aka Monica Rambeau, was probably sent to infiltrate Wanda’s warped reality. Her knowledge of Pietro Maximoff’s death from Ultron shook Wanda. We’ve seen that Wanda changes anything that disrupts her fantasy. She literally expels Geraldine from Westview. Agnes and Herb’s are unable to speak freely. They must be trapped, are aware of the situation, but face some kind of punishment if they break character. SWORD is monitoring Westview, but have no control. The real villain or villains manipulating Wanda are still a mystery. They must be connected to Hydra, as every commercial interlude shows Hydra products. WandaVision premieres every Friday on Disney+.

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