Batwoman Season 2 Episode 17 Review: Kane, Kate

Of the many things Batwoman Season 2 Episode 17 revealed to us, I think the one that stood out for me was that Batman keeps souvenirs.

I mean, if he wasn’t such a packrat for villainous weaponry and tech, this would be a much more cut-and-dried finale showdown.

But, instead of Team Batwoman (with Batwing! Yay!) facing an army of already over-weaponized ex-Crows, they now need to worry about being hit by everything from Mr. Freeze’s blaster to Scarecrow’s fear toxin to Poison Ivy’s carnivorous plants.

Things are looking bleak for the good guys.

Which pretty much guarantees that Alice is going to have to pinch-hit for the home team.

Her arc here was a dramatic shift from inconsolable widow to the vengeance-driven sadist we’ve kind of been missing since she got her Ocean memories back.

Once I have everything I need to give me back my island, you’ve my blessing to bring this one to its knees.


While it was helpful for Safiyah to spell out her plan for restoring the Desert Rose plants on Coryana, I wonder how she knew of the Poison Ivy plant in Batman’s collection.

And, unless they’re planning on the usual “magical science” thing they do, it’s not like taking a cutting and sticking it in the same pot as Ryan’s mama plant is going to just transfer the growth trait.

Also, there are going to be some obvious issues with crossing anything with a Poison Ivy creation.

They’re totally going to do the #MagicalScience thing, aren’t they? #FacePalm

It seemed unlikely that Safiyah could be so easily fooled by Alice’s crocodile tears. Or that she could possibly think that Alice only carried one weapon.

It’s SO in keeping with Gotham that Alice could just stab Safiyah with the Desert Rose dagger and leave her lying on a beach while she goes off to do whatever to Kate/Circe.

Didn’t Safiyah have people watching Alice? Won’t they come and pull the dagger out?

Speaking of bodies, where did Alice get Ocean cremated in such a hurry? Was it the same place Ocean got rid of Enigma?

Or where Enigma got rid of the patient Alice killed? Or where Mary and Luke disposed of the Coryana assassin on Batwoman Season 2 Episode 8?

If you missed my point, there have been a lot of bodies this season and no good explanation for where they go.

At least on Batwoman Season 1 Episode 16, we saw Jacob and Kate burying August Cartwright’s body. This season, there might as well be a giant body garburator outside the city limits.

Ryan: We are nothing alike.
Roman: We both wear masks. We avenge the wrongs perpetrated against us. I must say I feel that given the right push, together, we could give this city its soul back.
Ryan: Yeah, and all I have to do is give up mine.

For a city that never made the connection between Bruce Wayne and Batman, secret identities don’t seem to last for long these days.

To be sure, they managed to keep the Alice-is-Beth-Kane bit under wraps for quite a while but, by my count, both Batwoman identities are now known to more than a dozen people. Which is way more than the three Benjamin Franklin theorized on.

Of course, seeing as one of those secret-knowers is (biologically) Kate Kane herself, maybe it’s closer to ten?

I would really like to know how Safiyah and Roman talked Circe/Kate off of her dissociation ledge. Did Enigma leave a booster phrase to strengthen her hypnotic programming?

Because, based on the glee she took in twisting the emotional knife on Sophie, Circe’s in total control now.

However, she still left them all alive, so maybe Mary’s onto something there.

I’m mystified by Roman Sionis’s master plan. He claims that he’s going to improve on the Crows, Batman, and Batwoman.

He seems to be sincere about improving the city.

But how is arming ex-Crows to the teeth and giving them free rein to patrol however and whomever they like going to improve the city?

Unless he plans on setting them loose and then obliterating them with his cache of new villain tech? Sort of like the firefighter who likes to set the fire so he can put it out?

I hesitate to hypothesize on it, but Tavaroff’s reluctance to buy in makes me wonder if he might turn out to be the key to stopping Sionis’s scheme?

I wouldn’t put money on it, but there’s a non-zero chance that the putz is redeemable.

Even though he’ll never face justice for shooting Luke, or massacring the Snakebite users in the church, or attempting to kill Jacob, who knows? He might turn out to have a moral tipping point.

Although with Batwing’s arrival imminent, maybe there is justice in the cards.

With Safiyah on ice, Black Mask will lead the baddies in the final showdown, most likely with Tavaroff at his right hand.

Alice and Circe both remain wild cards in my mind, with Alice the more likely to back Team Batwoman. She may be the one to put Circe out for good. It would be a cunning twist to her seasons-long mission to kill Kate.

As you watch Batwoman online, who might return for the season’s final curtain call?

Stephanie Brown? Julia? How about Diggle or Rifle?

What do you think that glimpse of the Batman cowl meant? Is that where Luke’s going to build his Batwing suit from?

Anyone else the least bit concerned about that giant hunk of kryptonite Circe was wielding to cut apart the Batwoman suit? Considering what it did to Ryan in the front half of the season, that’s not something we want being thrown around, is it?

Hit the comments with your thoughts, wish list, and anxieties about the finale!

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