Bryan Cranston Says He Is Probably Done As Walter White Following Super Bowl Commercial

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Bryan Cranston’s latest appearance as Breaking Bad’s Walter White seems set to be his final time in the role.

Bryan Cranston has recently revived his Breaking Bad character Walter White twice, with appearances in spin-off series Better Call Saul and again in a Super Bowl ad for Popcorners. However, those hoping to see more of the character in future may be disappointed to hear that the actor believes that he may now be done with the character for good.

The new Popcorners advert sees Cranston and co-star Aaron Paul returning to their Breaking Bad RV to make their latest “product” which happens to be the snack that they are promoting in the short commercial. Speaking with Extra, Cranston explained how the ad pulled him back to the world of Breaking Bad for what is possibly his last time as the Meth-dealing teacher. He said:

“This might be the retiring episode of the ‘Breaking Bad’ universe. I’ve had opportunities to bring Walter White into the milieu. I did it for Aaron’s movie ‘El Camino’ and then once again for ‘Better Call Saul.’ We were able to come back and each time, we think, ‘We’ll this is the last time we’re ever going to do this and then PopCorners calls and it was like, ‘Well we’ll do it one more time.’ Vince Gilligan and his writers wrote such an unbelievable series. The actors take this and we get inspired by it and our basic goal is not to mess it up… like a fine wine, it has a shelf life so I’m really happy that younger generations are finding it.”

Breaking Bad Has Continued To Attract In New Audiences.

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As well as continuing to hold the title of highest rated show on IMDB, Breaking Bad has seen new audiences discovering the show a decade on from when it ended. Sequel movie El Camino and Bob Odenkirk spin-off Better Call Saul have both kept the series in the public eye. Following the conclusion of Better Call Saul’s sixth season last year, which featured multiple cameo’s by both Cranston and Paul, many new fans, and old ones, have returned to Breaking Bad as a result.

Across the five season of Breaking Bad, the show picked up 16 Primetime Emmy Awards and constantly saw it’s approval scores rise until the final season which became known as one of the greatest series finales of all-time. The story of a chemistry teacher who discovers that he is dying from lung cancer and partners up with one of his students to produce the highest quality meth to pay his medical bills and support his family once he is gone doesn’t exactly sound like it would make the most enthralling viewing, but the Vince Gillian created series delivered enough drama and humor to ensure that audiences came back week after week to see where Walter and Jessie’s journey went next.

While Cranston seems to have now put away his pork pie hat and chemistry equipment for good, the legacy of Breaking Bad will certainly continue to live on for new audiences to discover in years to come. The whole Breaking Bad saga is currently streaming on Netflix.

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