Days of Our Lives Review: The Masks Are Off


Brady has been slow on the uptake, but even he couldn’t miss Susan signing Rachel’s birthday card with her own name instead of Kristen’s.

It was a silly way to begin unraveling this ludicrous storyline, but at least Brady knows now.

Kristen’s manipulations have been so obvious that she should have been unmasked months ago.

It’s inconceivable that Chloe was smart enough to see through Lucas and Sami’s ruse because Sami used the same phrase as Stan that she did as herself, but never once picked up on Kristen and Susan switching places.

It’s even more ridiculous that Brady didn’t figure it out despite recalling that Susan and Kristen switched places once before AND Nicole making a bad joke about Kristen dropping her mask.

Even now, he only got it because Susan was stupid enough to sign the baby’s birthday card with her own name instead of Kristen’s! 


Of course, maybe it was better that Brady found out by accident, considering that Kristen has now become a serial kidnapper with an endless supply of lookalike masks and sedative drugs to knock out anyone who stumbles upon her real identity.

And we’re not at the end of this stupidity, not really. We’re at that frustrating stage where enough people know that Kristen SHOULD be caught and sent back to prison, but instead, things happen to drag the story out.

I don’t know which was worse: Jake not catching Kristen with Kate’s body or this car accident.

Jake seemed determined to find out why Kate wasn’t acting like herself but stopped just short of putting two and two together.

If only he had opened that bag instead of arguing with “Kate” and then giving up.

According to head writer Ron Carlivarti, Gabi and Jake are endgame here, but I don’t get how that’s going to work.

It’s not believable that Jake would go from heartbroken and convinced this isn’t the real Kate to jumping into bed with Gabi because Kate rejected him.

Besides, with Kate waking up in the car and causing Kristen to get into an accident, it’s likely that Jake will soon learn that the woman who broke up with him was not his girlfriend. So why wouldn’t he just pick up where he left off with Kate?

And if Kate is hurt in the accident, surely he’d want to rush to her side and swear revenge against Kristen for both impersonating his lover and harming her!

The accident itself is a literal bump in the road on the way to getting Kristen back behind bars where she belongs.

I hope Brady hasn’t lost his memory of learning that Susan and Kristen switched places! Not only have we just gone through a long, irritating amnesia storyline with Ciara, but it would be a total cop-out.

Obviously, Days of Our Lives doesn’t plan to end this story just because Brady has now learned the truth.

That would be too easy. Lucas could apologize to Chloe and go on with his life since Kristen wouldn’t be a threat anymore, Jake could get back with Kate, and Brady could fix this mess and get Susan out of jail.

So something had to happen to keep this going, as irritating as that is, and that’s why I don’t trust Brady to survive with his memories intact.

There should be some good fallout from this, though.

Brady has been preparing for little Rachel’s birthday for a while now, which means that if he’s in a coma or otherwise seriously injured, it’s going to be heartbreaking for her and the rest of the family.

And John and Marlena are already worried about Belle’s predicament, so Brady getting hurt can only add to their stress level.

Inoperable brain tumor? What was I thinking? I could have done better than that.


Kristen isn’t the only one who got caught in a silly disguise scheme.

I can’t say that I’m sorry that Chloe figured out Sami and Lucas’ big lie. This whole fake brain tumor plot was played for laughs, but there was a cruelty to it that was never fully addressed.

Chloe is a cancer survivor who survived because her baby sister was able to donate bone marrow. So the news that someone she cares about has terminal cancer would hit her doubly hard.

She dedicated time and energy to lining up the best doctor and researching treatments for Lucas in the hopes of saving his life… when he didn’t have cancer in the first place.

What a horrible thing to do to somebody!

Lucas was trying to drag Chloe off to Antarctica as part of this ruse, and all because Sami was acting uncharacteristically weak when it came to Kristen.

Sami is not one to be pushed around, especially not when the threat is so weak. Kristen had way more to lose if Sami told Brady what was going on. All Sami had to do was tell Kristen to back off, or she’d call Brady, and that would be that.

And yes, Sami “tried” at the beginning.  But she let Kristen grab the phone out of her hand and backed down when Kristen threatened to call EJ first. That was so not Sami, and none of this nonsense was necessary.

I hope Chloe tears into both of them for this cruel subterfuge. They deserve it!

A third evil scheme appears to be about to unravel, too: Jan’s framing Belle for murder.

This is another one that I’m glad is coming to a quick end. Now that we know who the real murderer is, it’s time to get Belle out of trouble and the right person behind bars.

Plus, Trask is so damn smug and keeps throwing around terms like “obstruction of justice” without any real clue what they mean. Some comeuppance for her would be a nice bonus!

I can’t blame Shawn for being skeptical of Belle’s new theory. Before the big reveal that Jan was the killer, I had the same reaction. It is difficult to suspend belief on this one — how did Jan sneak out of the hospital and back in again without anyone realizing she wasn’t still in a coma?

I’m wondering if smug, annoying Dr. Snyder is secretly on Jan’s payroll. How else could she have gotten away with this?

As an aside, Snyder is the biggest disappointment.

I was excited that Salem University Hospital actually hired a specialist for Jan’s coma treatment, but then he quickly became involved in all sorts of medicine, proved he had no bedside manner, and turned out to mainly be a thorn in Tripp’s side for no real reason.

Anyway, it’s hard to imagine that Jan didn’t pull this off without help, and Snyder seems like the best candidate for looking the other way while she woke up from her coma and left the hospital where she was supposedly being monitored 24 hours a day.

Jan’s plan doesn’t make sense, but she’s delusional, so that’s okay. 

There are zero reasons to think that Belle going to jail would leave Shawn either free to marry Jan or interested in doing so.

Jan’s new obsession with Claire is more interesting. Apparently, getting vengeance for what Charlie did to Claire was a big part of why she killed him, and she’s determined to make Claire her best friend.

I’m glad Claire finally wised up about her. After all, Jan is the same age as her parents, so her insistence that Claire is her best friend should raise all sorts of red flags.

Claire needs more of a storyline than wandering around town straightening out all of the people who are doing things that don’t make sense. 

She went from encouraging Xander to stop wallowing in self-pity to telling Jan off to encouraging Tripp and confronting Chanel.

That was a busy morning, but it seemed like she had nothing better to do than wander the Square looking for messed-up situations to get involved in.

And the Xander thing seemed rather on the filler side, too.

I’m not sure how I feel about the Chanel situation.

I was initially excited by the previews. It’s beyond time that Salem had a bisexual love triangle.

It’s a great twist on the standard love triangle, plus it’s ridiculous that the only two LGBT characters Salem has ever seen are gay men who are no longer on canvas when there is so much more to the LGBT community than that.

But the kiss itself came out of nowhere, and that was a problem.

If there had been some buildup or some indication that either of the women was attracted to one another, it would have been a stronger story.

The randomness of the kiss gave it the feel of being included to please straight men who find it hot when women kiss rather than being anything realistic or character-driven.

Lesbians don’t exist to sexually gratify people who enjoy watching them kiss, so let’s not go there.

Allie: Have you done this before
Chanel: Kissed a girl? I’ve been with guys, mostly, but some girls too.
Allie: So you’re bi?
Chanel: I don’t like labels. I prefer to say I just like people.

And Allie wasn’t even interested! 

The bigger issue with this whole storyline is that Chanel was a poor influence that dragged Allie in an undesirable direction.

Allie has cleaned up her act and is doing her best to be a responsible mother and member of society, while Chanel wants to continue to drink and party on other people’s dimes.

Wanting to catch up with an old friend is one thing, but Chanel and Allie were just drinking endlessly, and I’m concerned that job hunting together is going to turn into one big party.

I hope that Allie helps Chanel grow up instead of the other way around. I don’t want party girl Allie back.

Finally, there was some movement on two other stories: the Ava/Nicole/Rafe storyline and the Abigail/Gwen feud.

I ship Rafe/Nicole and have forever, but I also am enjoying Ava and Rafe’s interactions. It is so refreshing to have a love triangle that doesn’t have an obvious resolution!

As for Abigail/Gwen, a lot of fans feel sorry for Abigail, but I’m not one of them.

I’m sorry, but whether or not Gwen is lying about Abigail pushing her on purpose, why should anyone take Abigail’s word for it that she didn’t?

Abigail has done everything from kidnapping Gwen and attempting to drug her to demanding Jack choose between her and Gwen. Jack and Chad have seen her unhinged behavior toward Gwen, and she has rejected all suggestions she gets help.

So why the HELL would anyone think she didn’t push Gwen on purpose?

If only Abigail had the slightest bit of ability to introspect, this could be a powerful story in which she finally takes responsibility for her bad behavior and does something about it.

Instead, she’s acting like an innocent victim when she is 99% responsible for this situation.

And she still lacks the empathy to understand that the tables have turned, and she is experiencing the same thing Gwen did while Abby insisted any kind of bad behavior toward her was justified and that Gwen must have killed Laura on purpose.

Abigail has been treated like she can do no wrong for far too long, and this is the result. 

But that will never be addressed, and instead, it’s written as if we’re supposed to feel sorry for her when she’s just as bad as Gwen is.

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