Days of Our Lives Round Table: A Lumi Reunion!

Lucas and Sami kiss, Gwen might be pregnant, Ciara flipped out, Paulina put the moves on Abe, and Belle was the latest suspect in Charlie Dale’s murder this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Tony and Wendylou from MyHourglass a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate the Lumi reunion, Belle’s button, a possible Gwen/Chad love child, and Ciara’s constant tirades on Days of Our Lives.

Lucas and Sami kiss. React!

Tony: LOVED IT! I am firmly of the belief that Lucas and Sami are the true loves of each other’s lives, so this, to me, was a fantastic scene!

Jack: SQUEEE! I am a huge Lumi fan. I never bought Sami and EJ’s great love story, and I was so excited for the Lucas/Sami scenes and the kiss (or maybe more).

I know that DAYS has considered EJami end game for years, so I expect this to only be temporary, but I am enjoying it for however long it lasts anyway.

Also, as much as I don’t think EJ was EVER the love of Sami’s life, Allison Sweeney knocked these scenes of Sami’s torment and conflict over EJ’s condition out of the park and made her anguish totally believable.

Wendylou: I like it. I like Sami and Lucas’ relationship, whatever form it takes.

I don’t know if this will lead to a permanent romance, but I feel like they are two people who will always be in each other’s lives in one way or another, sometimes closer like now, sometimes not.

I hope that Lucas doesn’t end up getting hurt.

Christine: I love that Sami has such unique relationships with all of her exes, and especially Lucas. They’ve known one another since high school, and been friends, lovers, spouses, exes, and parents.

I loved Allison Sweeny’s chemistry with James Scott, but if he’s not coming back as EJ, I’m all for this Lumi reunion. I just hope that if it doesn’t stick, it doesn’t damage their underlying friendship.

Belle’s coat button was found at Charlie’s apartment the night he was killed. Do you think she killed Charlie, and if not, then who did?

Tony: I’d be very surprised if she did. But I’ve no idea who else it could have been.

Jack: I doubt it was Belle. So far, we seem to have a “suspect of the week”, with obvious clues building up to discovering that… they went to Charlie’s apartment, but he was already dead.

I fully expect Belle to be yet another such person. It’s also possible that if John WAS in Charlie’s apartment, he called Belle, and she met him there.

I’m not convinced it was John either, though — another too obvious suspect. At this point, I’m wondering if the big twist will turn out to be that Charlie committed suicide.

Wendylou: I can’t imagine that she would be the one to kill him. She certainly didn’t act like it when she was with Sami at the Salem PD.

I hope it wasn’t her. That said, I can’t imagine what she would have been doing there.

Christine: The list of people who didn’t go to Charlie’s apartment that night would be shorter than the suspect list we’ve had!

I’d love it if Belle killed Charlie to protect Claire, but I doubt that’s what happened. I have this dim hope that Claire actually killed Charlie, but that’s probably a long shot. Although she could have borrowed her mother’s coat!

I still think it might have been Ava’s cousin, Angelo. He’s one of the few people we haven’t see go the apartment which may be a good sign that it’s him.

Gwen might be pregnant with Chad’s baby. Do you want her to be? If she is, how will Chad, Abigail, and Jack react?

Tony: I’d really rather she isn’t. Jack will want her to keep the baby, surely. Not sure about Chad, but he might try to get Gwen to “take care of” it. Abigail might just lose it, but I don’t think she’d actually hurt Gwen.

Jack: Ugh. Gwen’s gross pukefest is how I feel about this story. I’m sure Abigail will flip out.

Remember when Brady didn’t believe that Theresa was pregnant? Multiply that by 100, and you’ll get Abigail’s obnoxious reaction. Maybe she’ll kidnap her again and try to force an abortion.

Chad will likely feel guilty over that one night of drunken stupidity (though I thought it was established they didn’t actually sleep together, AND it was three months ago, so she should have fallen pregnant before this if it was his.)

Jack will be conflicted. Glad to have a new grandchild, upset that it will upset Abby for him to be at all happy about it.

Wendylou: I absolutely do NOT want her to be pregnant. I’m really hoping this is another well-planned revenge plot by Gwen. We know she is capable of some serious plotting.

I’m hoping we find out that it’s all a lie to torture Abby and Chad. Either way, it’s going to drive Abby and Chad over the edge. How much more can she take?

Christine: Surprisingly, I don’t hate it. Even Gwen puking on Abigail’s feet was more interesting than the usual soap trope of the newly pregnant woman getting dizzy or fainting. (I’ve known plenty of women with horrible morning sickness but never one who actually passed out from being pregnant.)

As for reactions, Jack will want to be there for his grandchild the way he never was for Gwen. Chad will feel guilty and torn, but he’ll want to be a good father to his child.

Abigail might very well lose her mind, which could be equal parts entertaining and annoying.

Ciara flipped out when she remembered that Claire tried to kill her, then she sought comfort with Theo? Do you prefer Ciara with Ben or with Theo?

Tony: Theo. She’s fine with Ben, but I think she and Theo have more history, and I like the chemistry already developing between the two actors.

Jack: I prefer Ciara off my screen. She didn’t have a love story with Ben. She had a mutual sex addiction and co-dependency story with him, and now her freaking out about it all the time is obnoxious.

At least with Theo, there’s an actual relationship (though it would be nice if the show remembered Theo is Autistic as part of that relationship.)

And if Ciara chooses Theo, that frees Ben up to be with Claire, which is a much more compelling relationship to me. So there’s that.

Wendylou: I prefer Ciara with someone off-screen. I’m not a fan. I guess if she has to be on, I prefer her with someone other than Ben.

They are one of my least favorite couples, and all of this psychic connection garbage makes me ill.

Christine: Ugh. Ciara has much better chemistry with Ben. I feel like Ciara and Theo have more of a sibling vibe.

I wish I liked Ciara as a person. They’ve never really developed her character as an adult, other than she loves Ben. She has no goals or plans of her own. Nothing that I can point to that defines who Ciara is.

Paulina put the moves on Abe, and he seemed to reciprocate. Were you surprised?

Tony: Probably not as much as I should have been.

Jack: Only that he seemed to reciprocate. You’d think Abe would 1) realize that these relationships with random women who work with him never seem to work out and 2) not want to be involved with the sister of his daughter’s mother.

(Only on a soap would that sentence even be a thing!)

I don’t like that both Paulina and Chanel seem to be flirty all the time. It plays into racist stereotypes about Black women being hypersexual.

I especially don’t like it in Paulina because I’d rather have her be a strong Black woman who worked her way to the top despite the racism and misogyny she encountered instead of one where it is strongly implied slept her way to success.

Wendylou: A little bit. I hadn’t really noticed any interest on his part. Also, she’s his daughter’s aunt. But of course, in Salem, everyone is related, so I guess that’s not that odd.

Christine: That Paulina made a play for Abe wasn’t a surprise, but Abe seeming interested was! Abe was married to Lexi and had a serious relationship with Valerie. Paulina really doesn’t seem like his type.

If you could change any current storyline, which one would it be, and how would you change it?

Tony: Gwen. I would have her be a con artist and the daughter of André DiMera trying to avenge her father’s death (with André secretly alive the whole time and pulling her strings).

Jack: I love this question! I’m a fanfiction writer, and I often get ideas from what I don’t like in the current storylines.

I would have Theo’s involvement in this Ben/Ciara mess be centered around his Autism. I would have him taking advice to pretend that Ciara’s delusions are reality.

Then have Theo respond to Ben or Ciara being angry that he didn’t do what they wanted with endless variations of, “Kayla said to act like it’s 2018, so I am/did.” Theo could have sensory issues while in the hospital room with Ciara and then ask Abe or Lani what he should do.

And if Chanel is going to be bad, go all the way with it. Make it clear she took advantage of Theo’s Autism to make him think she’s in love with him when she just wants to use him, leaving Abe in a tough spot because he’s caught between his need to protect Theo and Lani’s need for him to get along with Paulina.

And Paulina might refuse to believe that her daughter is that amoral that she would take advantage of someone’s disability. I would also bring JJ back, ostensibly because he lives with Theo in Africa and has seen firsthand that Chanel is not good for Theo.

And as soon as JJ arrives, he gets sucked into the Abby/Gwen drama and/or investigating who really killed Charlie.

I’d also put Lucas and Sami back together permanently and bring Sami’s other kids back to Salem.

Let Johnny/Allie be like Sami/Eric but in reverse, with Johnny being the bad twin (and Allie not being judgmental like Eric, please). Maybe make Johnny turn out to be the killer, but he tries to frame Lucas to keep Lucas and Sami apart.

Wendylou: I’m a Phloe fan, and I’ve been waiting YEARS for Philip to return and be on the show at the same time as Chloe. I finally have that, and the show is wasting them on other people.

I would definitely give Phloe fans the adult Philip and Chloe relationship they have been waiting for. Broe already had their marriage. It’s Chloe’s turn.

Christine: Bring Sarah back! Xander and Sarah were my happy place in Salem, and I really miss them. It’s made all the worse by seeing Xander be taken advantage of by a lightweight schemer like Chantal.

I agree with what Jack said above on two counts. Two stories would be far more interesting if they incorporated Theo’s Autism. First, I’d love to see Theo struggle with understanding Ciara’s partial amnesia.

And it would make so much more sense if Chantal took advantage of Theo’s Autism while they were in South Africa.

I’d also love to see JJ back in the middle of all this. Both Theo and the Deveraux family could use him, especially with Jennifer away.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Tony: All things Sami and Lucas. Lucas is consistently there whenever Sami needs him, and the chemistry between the two is still off the charts nearly twenty years after they first met!


Jack: I loved all things Sami/Lucas. Lucas’ advice to Sami about EJ was great! 

Sami: And now Sydney’s gone off to school and it’s just the two of us [her and EJ]… I shouldn’t be telling you this.
Lucas: Of course you should. You gotta tell somebody. And I’m 100% on your side.
Sami: Are you on my side? About this though?
Lucas: Of course I am.
Sami: You’ve gotta understand, it’s been hard for EJ. You have to understand how much pain he’s in and he is so proud and he pretends he’s not and sometimes he can’t help it. He needs my help when he has no other choice and he hates that. He’s mad all the time. He’s mad at the pain and at being so helpless and he’s mad at the world. And I can understand that. I can. In my head, I understand it. But sometimes in my heart it feels like he’s mad at me. I keep telling myself it’ll get better but that’s not what happened. It’s not just the pain. It’s like something got twisted up inside of him and now he pushes me away.
Lucas: Objectively speaking, that sounds like hell.
Sami: It is and all I can do is sit and watch.
Lucas: You’re not just sitting and watching it. You’re living it. You’ve done everything you can for that man. Look, if someone’s drowning and they try to take you down with them and you push them away, that’s not giving up. That’s survival.

Wendylou: I have to be honest, I don’t remember a lot of highs this week.

I guess I’d have to say Sami and Lucas on Friday. Whether they are friends or lovers, Sami and Lucas have a great relationship, and I enjoy watching them support each other.

Christine: Sami really made me laugh when she said, “I swear, I am never going to confess to a murder I didn’t commit again.”

I also enjoyed the way Tripp and Allie are slowly getting closer. They’re relationship has the possibility of being very sweet. 

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