Days of Our Lives Round Table: Gwen vs. Abigail!

Gwen miscarried her baby and blamed Abigail, Chanel kissed Allie, Ava and Rafe planned their first date, while Chloe figured out Lucas’ lies, and Kristen and Brady were on a collision course!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Meemz and Trey from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Chanel’s possibilities, if Eric should return, how Chloe will react, if Jack and Chad should believe Abigail, and more!

Gwen accused Abigail of pushing her down the stairs and causing the miscarriage. Were you surprised that both Jack and Chad doubted Abigail’s word?

Meemz: From the way both Jack and Chad have dealt with this whole Gwen drama, I was not surprised, and I expected it.

This is too much for Abigail to ignore. I don’t see how she can forgive chad over this and continue to stay married. Gwen is Jack’s daughter, so I can understand his position, but Chad crossed the final line. Divorce him, Abigail!

Jack: Not at all. I know a lot of fans see Abigail as the good sister and think it’s horrible that Jack and Chad wouldn’t believe her word, but they’d have to be idiots to believe her after the way she’s behaved!

She kidnapped Gwen, tried to drug her, and openly admitted she wanted to kill her. Her behavior went too far, even for Gabi!

Abigail told Jack he had to choose between Gwen and her, and if he chose to have any relationship with Gwen, she’d disown him.

Abby screeched at the top of her lungs that there was no possible reason for Gwen to carry to term other than to hurt her. She insisted Gwen got pregnant on purpose to hurt her.

Then Abby insisted everything Gwen does is about her and demanded on more than one occasion that Gwen have an abortion.

She chased Gwen halfway down the steps, grabbed her arm, and then let go. Who in their right mind would think Gwen’s fall was an accident?

Trey: Surprised, no. Disappointed, yes. Jack has known Abigail all of her life, so he should know that she has more integrity than Gwen. Gwen has him fooled. Chad is once again demonstrating his complete lack of faith in Abby.

Christine: I was surprised, just because everyone always believes Abigail.

But Abby has screeched to anyone who would listen how this baby was going to ruin her life, told Gwen she had to have an abortion, told Jack he couldn’t have a relationship with her if he chose to get to know Gwen, kidnapped Gwen and attempted to drug Gwen.

Then Abby grabbed Gwen forcibly on a flight of stairs, and when Gwen pulled back, Abby let go.

Any fool would suspect that Abigail did it on purpose, whether consciously or unconsciously. Sort of like when she bludgeoned Andre when she realized he’d turned on her.

Chanel admits she’s attracted to both men and women. As this opens up several possibilities, is there a woman in Salem you can see her being romantically paired with?

Meemz: I was hoping Claire, as her character needs a separate story from Ben.

Jack: I’m glad DAYS has finally taken a step toward the 21st century and acknowledged that bisexual people exist (though it was written poorly and more like a straight man’s fantasy about women kissing than anything else.)

I don’t find Chanel an attractive character at the moment and don’t really see anyone she would have chemistry with. There aren’t many age-appropriate women for her in Salem anyway.

What I WOULD like to see is Chanel admitting this to Lani, making Lani explore her own feelings and hook up with Kristen.

Trey: Interesting question. Right now, I don’t see pairing Chanel with anyone as she is still pretty new, and she just seems to want cash and fun more so than a relationship. I don’t see any instant pairings with her unless Allie starts to obsess over the kiss.

Christine: I love that Days is finally admitting that bisexual people exist, and I wish there were more options for Chanel. Claire seems like the only real option, which could be interesting.

Maybe Claire’s obsession with Ciara was some odd latent attraction issues she was burying. Anyway, Claire currently hates Chanel, but that’s been the start of many a romance.

I just hope they didn’t only use this as a way to drive a wedge between Allie and Tripp because that would be a waste of an interesting storyline.

Kristen, Kate, and Brady are on a collision course, literally! Any guesses on how this possible car accident will play out for each of them?

Meemz: I think it will be Kristen’s wake-up call. I never doubt her love for Brady. She truly loves him, and hurting him would hurt her more.

I think Kristen will call the police, it won’t be Brady, but he will break up with her. (Which is unfair, seeing as she was right in her concerns about Brady, and he did not respect his promises to her either..)

Jack: I’m worried that Brady may lapse into a coma and wake up with no memory of discovering that Kristen is Susan. I really hope not because I want this story to end already, but what better way would there be to drag this thing out.

I would like for the real Kate to be seriously injured only because maybe Jake will rush to her side and we can end this Gabi nonsense, but I know the writers think Jake/Gabi are endgame, so that’s not likely to happen.

Kristen SHOULD be caught after this, but I’m sure she’ll put some sort of disguise on. She might end up back in jail anyway for reckless driving!

Trey: My prediction is that Kristen will escape while Kate and Brady go to the hospital. I really liked how this played out. I’m glad the truth about Kristen’s charade came out.

Christine: I’m worried that Brady will forget that he uncovered the Kristen/Susan switch because I’m so tired of this storyline!

I have no idea where this leaves Kate. I don’t want Jake bouncing between Gabi and Kate, and although I like Kate and Jake, if they’re going to pair Jake with Gabi, just get to it already!

It appears Chloe is about to figure out Sami and Lucas’ scheme? What do you think her reaction will be?

Meemz: Over the top, I don’t see her being understanding unless they bring in Kristen’s involvement.

Jack: She SHOULD be beyond pissed off at both of them. She put so much time, energy, and care into trying to help Lucas, and it was all a big lie! She should tell them both to go to hell and stay away from them for a while.

Trey: Hurricane Chloe is about to blow! But seriously, when she finds out why and that they were trying to save her life, I think Chloe will forgive Lucas. Maybe not Sami as much.

Christine: She’ll be furious until they explain how Kristen had threatened to kill her. Then she might feel a bit more forgiving, but I still wouldn’t blame her if she never spoke to Lucas again.

Do you want Eric to return to Salem? Which pairing do you prefer: Eric and Nicole, Nicole and Rafe, or Rafe and Ava?

Meemz: I don’t think Eric would add much of a story if he returns. Nicole and Rafe have no chemistry and should stay friends.

I like Rafe and Ava. They have chemistry and story potential, considering Ava’s part of a mob family. Although I am a bit surprised her Steve obsession quickly disappeared.

Jack: I can’t say I miss holier than thou Eric. If he were written decently as an ex-priest and nice guy, maybe I’d want him back.

I was never an Eric and Nicole fan. I thought he was horribly verbally abusive to Nicole after the shredded evidence incident, and that turned me off to this pairing for a long time. And this latest disappearing act stunt… no, they need to be over permanently.

I have shipped Rafe/Nicole forever and hope they are end game, but I’m enjoying Rafe and Ava too.

Trey: I was once a big Eric/Nicole fan. However, I don’t enjoy them as much and am okay with Eric being off campus for a while.

I’ve always liked the possibility of Nicole and Rafe. They’re fun and natural together.

Then again, Ava and Rafe are also a good pairing. Rafe needs a little spark in his life! So I’m rooting for him to find love either way. I’m leaning towards Ava because of her mob family ties.

Christine: Nope, Eric can stay in Africa for as long as he likes. He’s angry and self-righteous most of the time, and I stopped shipping him and Nicole long ago.

I used to think Rafe and Nicole would make a great couple, but Nicole has become such an annoying busybody that I’ve been rethinking that.

Surprisingly, I’m enjoying Ava and Rafe. They remind me a little bit of the early days of Rafe and Sami. This could be an intriguing pairing, and there’s definitely a spark between them, so I’m happy to see how Rafe and Ava play out.

Where that leaves Nicole is anyone’s guess.

Out of all the unseen younger children of Salemites, which ones do you wish we saw more of onscreen? (Ari, Parker, Holly, Thomas and Charlotte, Tate, Rachel, etc.)

Meemz: Parker and as a kid, no soras-ing! And only if they will fix the disaster of Parker’s paternity and give him back to Philip.

There is a lot of storyline potential there, finding out the truth, finding out who switched the results and the consequences of that. It opens many doors for creative storylines.

Jack: Ari, Parker, and Holly are all children of major characters. I miss Parker the most because he’s the only connection left to Daniel, and the excuses for him not being onscreen are the flimsiest.

And why is Ari in Arizona while Gabi is in Salem if everything Gabi does now is “to be a better mother to my daughter”? I have always thought an Ari/Parker pairing would be interesting once they got old enough, and now neither is on screen.

Trey: Ooh, hard question! I am afraid to answer. Usually, a kid featured on DOOL winds up in the hospital, and I don’t want that storyline.

Christine: Holly. Her biological father is dead, and the moment she gets a step-daddy, Eric runs off to Africa as though she doesn’t exist.

Why isn’t there more backlash over that? Why isn’t Holly acting out? Why isn’t Nicole more upset about allowing Eric to get close to Holly, only for him to act like she doesn’t exist? There are some possibilities for good storytelling there if only they had Holly onscreen.

Is there a current plot that makes you want to fast forward?

Meemz: Brady, Kristen, and Chloe and the eventual Brady and Chloe, which is predictable and boring.

Jack: I don’t want to see any more people tied to that chair in the secret room arguing with Kristen over whether she will successfully break up with their significant other. Enough already.

The Kristen/Kate stuff makes me check the clock to see how much time is left in the hour! I’m also not looking forward to any more of Abigail screeching and acting like everyone’s innocent victim when she’s anything but.

Trey: The Jake/Kate/Gabi triangle is dragging. I want to see Gabi/Jake heat up and maybe Phillip find love. C’mon Days!

Christine: Anything having to do with Kristen, Brady, and Chloe. I despise this story and can’t wait for it to be over.

I’m also tired of Abigail. Gwen killed my grandma; Gwen ruined my life. Yes, yes. Gwen bad, Abigail good. We get it; Abby can stop screeching about it now.

What is your favorite quote, scene, or storyline from this week on Days of Our Lives?

Meemz: I love all of the Lucas and Sami scenes, especially the Stan scene. Gold content right there, great flashback, and overall great scenes.

Jack: Even though I could do without the fake brain tumor story, I always enjoy Sami and Lucas, and their scenes in the hospital were hilarious. I especially liked Lucas confronting Sami about the fact that “Dr. Dunn” was her and the way he kicked her out of his room with his aggrieved “no free peeks.”

Trey: I actually had to laugh at the Stan/Sami reveal! I didn’t see that coming and love the little nod to history!

Christine: When Sami told Kristen, “I’m not the one wearing Bugs Bunny teeth,” I laughed out loud!

And I actually enjoyed Chanel and Allie acting like old friends. They were more enjoyable than I ever expected.

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