Days of Our Lives Round Table: Sami Dumps Lucas & EJ!

The truth came out and destroyed Lucas and Sami’s latest wedding. EJ unexpectedly got dumped twice. Roman turned on Kate, and all of Salem seemed to turn on Lucas.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Monica from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to rate the wedding that wasn’t, debate all of the romantic entanglements, and choose what disappointed them the most this week in Salem.

Lucas and Sami’s wedding blew up in epic fashion as Chad told everyone that Lucas kidnapped Sami and may have murdered Abigail. Rate the wedding fiasco from 1 (I hated it.) to 10 (It was fantastic!)

Monica: I’m right in the middle with this one. I am very glad that the truth about Sami’s kidnaping came out before the “I do”s, but I wish that it had been by Lucas confessing to it. The wedding would still have been off, but I could have done without the over-the-top Chad rage.

Jack: Ugh. I’m giving it a 3. Was the drama epic? Yes. But it was all based on out-of-character nonsense that never should have happened. This whole story has been a slap in the face to Lumi shippers. They were put together for the sole purpose of tearing them apart.

Plus, Chad is a loose cannon who attacks anyone he sees who might have had something to do with Abigail’s death. It was especially sad because Lucas and Sami’s vows demonstrated exactly why they are perfect for each other.

They should have had their happily ever after instead of this nonsense.

Christine: I’m giving it an 8. Even though I knew what was coming, I was riveted. Hearing Lucas claim he’d never hurt Sami while Sami described how she was terrified every day she was held was heartbreaking.

I don’t like that the show decided to blow up Lumi, but at least the payoff was emotional, dramatic, and spun several characters in different directions. That’s always a good thing.

Now it’s your turn, TV Fanatics! What did you think of Lucas and Sami’s almost wedding?

Should Roman have broken up with Kate? Should he have told EJ that Kate knew Lucas kidnapped Sami?

Monica: Poor Roman can’t catch a break. He’s completely justified in his feelings of betrayal by Kate. We know why she didn’t tell him, but they had made a vow, to be honest with each other, and she didn’t keep it.

I don’t know that it matters that Roman told EJ. He surely would have found out another way.

Jack: Roman knew what Kate was when he got together with her. I understand him being upset that she kept this major secret, but this is like Eric/Nicole and the shreds. Why can’t anyone ever just have a fight without breaking up and castigating the other person?

It is probably better that they’re apart as long as Roman insists on being on this hypocritical high horse. He can’t act so super moral when he’s been telling Eric to pursue a married woman! Plus, we all know he would not have been so quick to tell Kate if Sami had been the one to kidnap Lucas.

As for telling EJ, absolutely not, Roman thought he was protecting Kate by asking EJ to leave her alone, but he ended up stirring the pot unnecessarily. I guess it would have been even more hypocritical if he didn’t, but still.

Christine: Kate will do absolutely anything it takes to protect her kids, and Roman knew that when they got involved. If he thought that would change, he’s a fool, and he and Kate never had a chance.

And for all the times Roman has forgiven Sami, it was hypocrisy in the extreme to act like Kate shouldn’t stand by her son. Telling EJ was mean and vindictive, and I don’t believe it was a “slip.” Roman knows EJ, and he knows he just put a target on Kate.

Were you surprised that both Sami and Belle both dumped EJ?

Monica: I’m not at all surprised that the sisters both dumped EJ. While I’m not an EJ fan in general, I thought his appeal to Sami to come back to him was moving, and I thought he touched her face so sweetly.

Part of me wishes that Sami hadn’t found out about Belle and that she and EJ would get back together. Belle would be hurt, and the inevitable blowback down the road when Sami finds out would be huge, but I’ve always liked Sami and EJ together when things were good.

Jack: I was very pleased that Sami did. I didn’t expect that! I thought she would go running back to him and forget the things he did that traumatized her.

Belle is working toward forgiving Shawn, and sooner or later, it’ll come out that this wasn’t his baby in the first place, so I am not surprised she dumped EJ, though I’m glad she had enough self-respect to do so.

Christine: Yes, but both made sense. I’m thrilled that Sami is through jumping between EJ and Lucas. It’s taken her decades to figure out she may be better off on her own.

And as much as I enjoy Belle and EJ, neither were in a place to start a new relationship. And Belle shouldn’t have to play second best to her sister, although I wish she had told that to EJ.

Is this the end of Shawn and Belle as a couple?

Monica: To me, Shawn and Belle are this generation’s John and Marlena. Evil forces conspire to keep them apart (Stefano/Jan/the devil/amnesia/brainwashing/kidnapping/etc.), but they always find their way back to each other.

It may take a while, but I think they’ll work it out — especially once it comes out that the baby isn’t even Shawn’s!

Jack: Is there ever any end in Salem unless someone dies (even then, sometimes it isn’t)? This seems like it’s just the next stage in their angst before they get back together.

Christine: I hope so. Shawn and Belle are so boring together. I’d love to see each of them move on with someone new. Every time they have a problem, Belle turns to someone else. Maybe they should both take that as a sign that they aren’t destined to be together forever.

In our interview with Dan Feuerriegl, who plays EJ, he says he’d like to see EJ move on with someone new. Would you like to see EJ paired with Sami, Nicole, Belle, someone new, or just on his own?

Monica: I know I said earlier that I’d like to see EJ and Sami back together, but someone else could be fun, too. Maybe someone new could come to town.

How about someone interesting, like an artist or a musician? She can come to town with her appraisal business and work for DiMera to evaluate Stefano’s antique collection of opera on vinyl and his priceless artworks. She’ll be feisty, butt heads with EJ at first, and make her own art off the clock. Perhaps I’m getting ahead of myself…

Jack: I’d like to see EJ on his own for a while. Sami managed to grow up enough to realize she doesn’t need a man to complete her. Now EJ needs to have some time to reflect as well.

I did enjoy him with Belle, but that was never going to last. If he is going to be with someone, I agree with his portrayer: let it be someone new (that he hopefully does not abuse).

Christine: I enjoyed EJ and Belle far more than I expected. She brought out his vulnerable side, and he seemed to work to be a better person with her. So if they can find their way back to one another, I’d like to see it.

It seems that everyone in Salem is telling Nicole that Eric is her one true love. If she ends up back with Eric, with whom would you like to see paired with Rafe?

Monica: The whole Rafe/Nicole/Eric thing has been pretty bland. I liked Nicole and Eric together a lot and wouldn’t mind seeing them as a couple again.

Rafe and Nicole’s quickie wedding has thrown a roadblock in that plan, but how many Salemites has that stopped before?

Jack: No one. The only person I ever shipped him with was Nicole. Maybe he needs someone new as well.

Christine: The only romantic pairing in which I enjoyed Rafe was with Sami. I think her craziness made him more interesting.

Generally, romances with Rafe turn dull quickly. I’m not sure who would work. I enjoy Rafe when he’s working as a cop, but as far as romance goes, I tend to want to tune out.

What, if anything, disappointed you this week in Salem?

Monica: As I said, I wish Sami and EJ had gotten back together. Eric’s daydream about Nicole and Rafe as bride and groom was weird and distracting.

Jack: The whole Lucas/Sami fiasco. They deserved to be together. I also hate everyone vilifying Lucas. By the way, he’s not a sociopath since he feels remorse.

While what he did was terrible, his intention was a lot closer to when Bo kidnapped Hope from her wedding to Larry Welch than to the random goons who do bad things. No one in Salem seems to realize that, mainly because the writers seem to think that if they tell us enough times that EJ is Sami’s true love, we will believe it.

Christine: Roman’s apology to EJ was kind of a joke. Not only didn’t he seem sorry, but he also made sure to throw Kate under the bus while he was being smug.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline on this week’s Days of Our Lives?

Monica: Two things: I thought Sami looked great this week. She was beautiful in her wedding dress, and that green sweater with the scalloped neckline really suited her.

EJ and Belle’s conversation and kissing on the couch was fun, and his description of Lucas as “Mr. Excitement,” calling him a “human doorstop,” was biting and honestly not too far off the mark. (Sorry, Lucas!)

Jack: I was so glad that Sami has matured a bit! Her decision to leave Salem is the best exit she’s had. Her “revenge” was much weaker than usual and only consisted of accelerating the process of Shawn learning about Belle/EJ, which would have come out eventually anyway.

Sami was not wrong in what she said to Belle, for the most part, either. Belle’s solution to her marital problems was to have an affair as usual, and Belle probably would not have told Shawn if she didn’t think Sami was going to.

Christine: There was a lot to love this week. Sami learning that Lucas kidnapped her was not only a great payoff but managed to spiral into the murder mystery.

And Sami had some wonderful scenes before she left. I loved her in “therapy” with Marlena, crying on Allie’s shoulder, eviscerating Belle, and then dumping EJ. It made for a week in Salem that shouldn’t be missed.

It’s your turn, Days fans. Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to share your thoughts on Days of Our Lives. And if you want to chat more about the happenings in Salem, check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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