Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of 12-13-21: Kate’s Emotional Week

It’s almost Christmas, and Days of Our Lives might give us an early present!

On Days of Our Lives during the week of 12-13-21, John finds MarDevil with Ben and Ciara at the cabin, while Kate has a hard time dealing with her grief over Philip’s “death.”

The good news for Kate is that by the end of the week, she might discover that her beloved son is still alive!

According to the spoiler video, Kate walks into a huge surprise. Considering how unflappable she usually is, it can only mean one thing: coming face-to-face with an alive Philip.

It was improbable he was dead, and now there’s proof. But what will Kate do with this knowledge?

She’s fiercely loyal to her son and hates Chloe, so she might keep it to herself that Philip is faking his death.

But if she goes that route, what’ll happen to her relationship with Roman? Please tell me that this stupid secret isn’t going to ruin it as quickly as it began!

Elsewhere, John is going to confront MarDevil at the cabin.

You’d think after their last encounter led to John nearly dying in the Dimera crypt, he’d bring backup. Besides, he should bring a priest to help exorcise Marlena, especially since he thinks the Devil got into her again because he wasn’t a real priest when he exorcised it 25 years ago.

According to spoilers, Ben won’t believe that Marlena is possessed and punch John out. Ugh.

Let’s hope John doesn’t end up tied up again. In the meantime, please scroll down to check out all our spoilers for Days of Our Lives during the week of 12-13-21.

Kate blames Chloe and Brady for Philip’s disappearance.

Kate is NOT someone that Brady and Chloe want on their bad side. This is the same woman who poisoned Chloe to get revenge on her and Daniel for cheating on Lucas, after all.

Even after she finds out that Philip’s not dead, I wouldn’t be surprised if she exacts revenge on these two for her son.

Brady and Chloe will be lucky if the worst thing that happens is Brady going to jail for a crime he didn’t commit.

At the cabin, John confronts a possessed Marlena.

More accurately, John confronts a blinded-by-loyalty Ben.

Ben would do anything for his beloved Dr. Evans and refuses to see the evidence in front of his eyes that she’s not herself.

That’s why he’s going to “rescue” her from John by attacking the man he thinks is hurting Marlena. Will anything convince Ben that Marlena is possessed and needs help?

Sami and Nicole have another tense encounter.

Many fans felt the catfight Nicole and Sami already had was disappointing. But now they have a second chance, so let’s see if this is any better.

These two need to stay out of each other’s paths. I know that Sami/Nicole catfights are a Salem tradition, but both characters are worth much more than this!

These are two strong women. They should have something better to do than constantly attack each other over a man that neither of them wants.

Susan gets EJ to open up to her about Sami.

Susan and EJ’s newfound relationship has a ton of potential.

EJ wants to make up for his past behavior now that he realizes his mother could have died in the Dimera crypt.

Hopefully, though, goofy Susan won’t convince him to give Sami another chance.

Allie encourages Lucas to fight for Sami.

It’s about time Allie had an opinion on her parents’ relationship!

I’ve been expecting her and Johnny to take opposite sides, but before Sami’s disappearance, Allie tried to convince EJ not to give up on Sami.

Now she seems to finally be remembering her loyalty to her father. Will Johnny have the opposite opinion when he returns, despite the bad blood between him and EJ?

Sami pulls EJ into a steamy kiss!

Sami is the kind of woman who goes after whatever she wants, so it’s not surprising she’s pulling EJ into a kiss without caring about whether he likes it or not.

I hate this whole trope. Regardless of which gender starts it, it’s not consensual, which means it’s not cool.

And will EJ rebuff her advances, or will he already break his promise to Nicole that Sami is his past?

Victor and Kate must make a difficult decision.

Since Philip isn’t dead, the cops probably won’t recover anything other than his prosthetic leg (if that’s even his — is he hobbling around somewhere?)

In real life, I don’t think parents can agree to declare their child legally dead after a few days’ search, but that might be what Victor and Kate contemplate here.

But maybe Days of Our Lives will surprise us and make this about calling off further searching for Philip’s body, which would be a lot more realistic.

Gwen tries to keep Xander from running into Rex.

Good luck with that one.

Salem is such a small town that no one can go anywhere without running into someone they’d rather not see at the Pub, the hospital, or just walking down the street.

And if Gwen thought about why she was in trouble with Jack, she’d realize all this scheming will backfire on her. But nope. She’s going to do something crazy that is doomed to failure to try to keep the lies going.

Kate makes a stunning discovery.

This HAS to be Philip revealing to her that he’s alive.

Nothing else would make sense unless all that talk about Curtis got the Devil to resurrect him.

Philip and Kate working together to get revenge on Brady and Chloe would still destroy Philip’s character, but this story might be more interesting anyway.

Xander receives surprising info from Rex.

So much for Gwen’s scheme.

As soon as Xander learns that Rex and Sarah did NOT leave town together, he’ll probably put the pieces together.

Either way, he and Maggie should rush off to search for Sarah. Gwen will probably cry about being left out in the cold, but frankly, she deserves it after trying to keep this secret.

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