Fiery Sabotage Leads to a Critical Decision

Fear the Walking Dead delivers an action-packed and fiery episode, but once again the characters make nonsensical decisions. Episode six, “Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg”, finally gives us a Lucy (Danay Garcia) update after sabotage at Tank Town. She’s pretty much been relegated to a minor player at this point. Ginny (Colby Minifie) tries to root out a new threat. June (Jenna Elfman) struggles with her inability to save lives. John (Garret Dillahunt) reaches his breaking point and begs June to run away.

“Bury Her Next to Jasper’s Leg” opens with a woman, wearing a cap, and backpack being chased through the woods. Ginny and her rangers catch up on horseback. The woman, Paige (Ellen Locy), falls down near a walker crushed under a log. Ginny tells her this doesn’t have to be “the end.” Hill (Craig Nigh) rifles through her pack and pulls out a can of paint. The woman swears it’s for marking trees to log. But Ginny believes she’s part of the group spray painting “The End is the Beginning” in her territory.

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Ginny waxes poetic about how Jasper lost his leg and they buried it nearby. Paige laughs at Ginny, “You’re scared.” Paige grabs Marcus’ (Justin Smith) gun. She shoots herself in the head rather than be interrogated. A frustrated Ginny tells them to “bury her next to Jasper’s leg.”

The next scene opens inside the medical truck. The radio blares with people needing help. June and Sarah (Mo Collins) bring an injured man, Malcolm (Dalex Miller), to the back. Walkers pound on the outside door. Malcolm needs his appendix removed. He asks if they have experience doing this. June responds she was a trauma nurse for “ten years.” They put him under. Sarah holds a book open while June cuts his abdomen. Malcolm’s vitals flatline.

June jumps on the gurney to resuscitate him. Sarah warns her to back off. Malcolm turns and attacks June. She can’t fight him off. Sarah stabs him in the head with a scalpel. Her job is “to keep June safe.” They bury him by the road. They drink a shot to Wendell (Daryll Mitchell). June is frustrated that Ginny won’t let her establish a hospital for the communities.

John meets them in his car. He and June lead the medical truck to Paradise Ridge. June is sad she couldn’t save Malcolm. John tells her they “could leave.” They could escape to his cabin. June responds that Ginny would hunt them down. John brings up Janis, but doesn’t get into detail. He needs to get as “far away from this place as possible.” He asks her to come with him.

Luciana radios that they are needed immediately at Tank Town. There was a “bad accident.” John thinks they can grab more gas and leave. They arrive at the Lonesome Quarry on fire. Burnt and injured workers lie on the ground. Lucy tells them one of the wells blew. Wes (Colby Hollman) is still trapped. They were trying to dig a new well for Ginny.

Ginny arrives with her rangers. She wants the workers questioned before they’re treated. Lucy swears they did “everything by the book.” Ginny assigns John to monitor from above. June tells him they will “go away together.” Sarah drives the medical truck into the chaotic oil field. Oil rains down with small fires everywhere. Lucy updates that Ginny wanted them to triple production.

The derrick spews oil everywhere. The group masks up. Ginny is right behind them. She sees “The End is the Beginning” painted on the tower. “This wasn’t an accident,” she snarls. Ginny wants the survivors interrogated. They run into the warehouse. June orders Sarah to bring the stretcher for a wounded man. Ginny sends Marcus and Hill to question the others.

June finds Wes with a piece of shrapnel in his stomach. He tried to save as many people as possible. A walker, with razors attached to her hands, attacks June. Ginny shoots her, then examines her weaponized fingers. Ginny radios John, “We’ve got company.” She wants Luciana to come back and “ID the strange walker.” June wants to know what Ginny is not telling them.

Ginny doesn’t want to save a burnt woman, but June has her taken to the truck anyway. Wes is the last survivor. June and Lucy put him on a stretcher. June orders Lucy to get the Midazolam to “sedate him.” Ginny refuses. Lucy screams at her, “Wes didn’t do this.” Hill and Marcus come back with cans of paint they found in Wes’ bunk. Ginny wants to know “why he’s been spreading destructive ideas.”

Ginny questions Wes. She pushes the shrapnel further inside. He screams in pain. Ginny asks if his brother is really dead. He doesn’t know anything. She twists the metal further. June ignores Ginny and injects Wes with the sedative. Marcus pulls his gun on June. Ginny tells him to stop. She allows Wes to be taken back to the truck.

The oil continues to shower down. June yells at Ginny for her cruelty. They open the back of the medical truck. Everyone inside has turned. June stabs walkers in the head. Ginny shoots the rest. Lucy and Sarah take Wes inside. June lures the walkers away from the truck. June tells Lucy to drive to safety. She and Ginny are surrounded by walkers. The wind shifts and the derrick explodes into a huge fireball.

Ginny awakens with June in the collapsed warehouse. A walker attacks Ginny and bites her right hand before she can kill it. Ginny screams as the fire rages outside. She radios she’s been “goddamn bit.” They can’t get to them because of the fire. Ginny smashes the radio angrily.

Ginny sees an axe on the ground. She uses her belt to make a tourniquet around her arm. She pours booze on the bite wound. June picks up the axe, but refuses to help Ginny. Those people died because Ginny wouldn’t help them. Ginny attacks her. They tussle on the ground, but Ginny gets pinned down. June puts the axe to her throat.

Ginny begs for mercy and help. June quotes Ginny’s merciless diatribe. Lucy and Sarah radio June for help with Wes. She steps them through removing the shrapnel. Ginny continues to beg, but June tells her “you are the problem.” Ginny promises to give her anything she wants. June doesn’t budge. Sarah radios that Wes is stable.

Ginny looks consigned to her fate. She asks June to care for her sister, Dakota. “Everything I’ve done is to keep her safe. I did love her,” Ginny cries. June sighs, “Don’t make me regret this!” She pours booze over the axe, and then chops Ginny’s infected hand off.

Ginny awakens with her amputated arm in a makeshift sling. June cauterized the wound with “hot metal.” Ginny looks at her severed hand. June asks what she really knows about the terrorist group. Ginny promises they will talk. June has a request.

John pulls away debris and gets to them. He embraces June. She radios for a stretcher. Outside Tank Town is a burning loss. Marcus and Hill take Ginny back to her car instead. She wants a radio. She needs to hear Dakota’s voice.

In the medical truck, Wes awakens as well. Sarah comments dryly about “Captain Hook.” Wes, Sarah, and Lucy can’t believe June saved Ginny’s life. Ginny gave June the hospital. Lucy is stunned, “You can’t trust her. Our people died here today.” June made another request. A minivan drives up to the truck with Wendell inside. Sarah runs to embrace her brother.

John has the car gassed up. The road splits five miles ahead. They can break off from the convoy and leave. June doesn’t want to go, “The hospital is happening.” She wants to stay and help people. June also updates John about the group attacking the settlements. They watch as Ginny’s car drives away. John cannot stay. June kisses him, “Just follow behind us.” The convoy follows Ginny down the road. From an overhead shot, we see John take the fork and drive in another direction.

June saving Ginny made no sense whatsoever. Fear the Walking Dead reverts to the idiotic plot machinations that ruined last season. The episode had a high production value and looked great, but was achingly stupid and contrived. The idea that John would leave June, his unrequited love, is ludicrous. His “escape” will be predictably short-lived. Fear the Walking Dead returns next Sunday for its mid-season finale on AMC.

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