Good Witch Season 7 Episode 8 Review: The Sprint

There is an impending sense of doom on Good Witch Season 7 Episode 8 that is made all the worse with the recent news that the show will not be returning for an eighth season.

It’s hard enough to imagine how they’ll wrap up the story surrounding the red-haloed moon for the season, let alone wrapping up the series in the next two episodes, too.

Putting it lightly, things do not look great for the Merriwicks.

There is often an overarching mystery in Middleton, and it’s not the first time that it has seemed as if we aren’t even close to finding answers.

But during Good Witch Season 6, a significant portion of the story was dedicated to Abigail and Donovan trying to save their love by ending the curse.

During Good Witch Season 7, we’ve had a more lackadaisical approach, with bits and pieces coming only when other stories have been fully addressed.

With so much at stake, I wish the approach had been different.

There are two episodes left, and we know relatively nothing.

We don’t know why Joy’s mother went to such great lengths to protect a future only she saw.

We don’t know why the amulet is so important, nor do we know why the Merriwick ancestors wouldn’t have offered a more dire warning of what was to come.

George: I’m not Merriwick, but that looks like all rock and no roll to me.
Joy: Maybe the rock is wrong.
Cassie: It isn’t. Patience took the amulet with her when she left.

We have no idea where the second amulet is hiding, and more importantly, we don’t know why anyone or anything would seek a way to strip the Merriwicks of their magical, uh, charms.

All of this comes as the Merriwicks face a future that could find them without their abilities. As they dwindle, they’re discovering that they may not be cut out for life without them.

Cassie and Sam are in the midst of a marital crisis. It’s their first, and the first is always hard.

Adam: Hey! Where’s the other half of Sassie?
Stephanie: Oh, that’s their ‘ship name? I love it!

But is particularly difficult for Cassie, who has always had her ways of coping and seeing the light through the darkness. She didn’t need to dwell on her misfortunes because she always knew that she’d be OK on the other side.

Now, she sees only darkness, and her hope is flailing.

It’s hard to tell what Sam is feeling, but I can only guess that since Cassie is normally so supportive, he’s feeling the strain when she’s not. He’s overextending, and instead of easily showing him the way around it, she’s driven a wedge between them.

Cassie’s hurt by Sam’s drive at the hospital. She misses him. She may be worried that he doesn’t see how deeply affected she is by the latest curse upon their family. But Cassie has been his light, and with their rather smooth relationship so far, this is all new to them.

George was right, though. You should never go to bed mad. And it’s even worse when you don’t go to bed at all.

There is something so painful about sleeping apart. You don’t get rest, and that dragging feeling only makes things worse in the morning.

They may shrug it off at dawn, but it seems that their road will be filled with potholes until the finale.

Abigail is also feeling the pressure. Donovan’s brother almost lured him to the senate, which would have separated them before they were married and long after.

Yes, Abigail has considered giving up the flower shop to return to her passion, but she put that on hold when Flower Universe initially pulled their offer. Now that they’re purposefully trying to destroy her business to get a better deal on her location, she’s digging in her heels.

Abigail: Vino and Vases.
Martha: What’s Vino and Vases?
Abigail: That’s what I’m going to call my new flower arranging workshop.

I don’t blame her. The shop represents her hard work in a venture that was new to her. It might not have been Abigail’s passion, but she’s earned the right to either keep it flourishing or sell it on her own terms.

Thankfully, Dotty’s own marital troubles acted as a beacon to the engaged couple to put the brakes on an immediate future that would find them separated.

Somehow, Donovan had missed the signs of a marriage in trouble. That’s not only curious but concerning. People tend to see what they want to see instead of what’s in front of them. And all kids want to imagine their parents happy.

For now, the conversation is closed, but it will open wide again when Donovan tosses his hat into the ring to be the next governor. Yet, it seems like Middleton won’t be Abigail’s forever home.

With the series drawing to a close, they do not need to remain in Middleton. She can sell the shop, open a new business, and act as Mrs. Governor, all without our prying eyes.

Joy’s relationship with Zoey is new, and if the sprint is any indication, they are not on the same page in many different areas. But they’re willing to put it all aside, knowing that what they have experienced so far is special and worth fighting for.

It would be difficult to love someone with a dangerous job. Cassie lost her husband, but she wouldn’t take away what she got from loving Jake for anything. Joy took comfort in that.

The time I had with Jake meant everything.


She took enough comfort that she wanted to share something with Zoey, too. I thought she was going to offer a little family history. Instead, Joy opened up about a relationship mistake of her past, one that would have never likely surfaced.

At least it’s out in the open.

While the Merriwicks are struggling, their friends are flourishing.

It was Martha and Tom’s anniversary, and although they know each other almost too well, they also proved that a marriage as strong as theirs never runs out of surprises.

Joy: What’s shakin’ Martha?
Martha: Me! With excitement!

They celebrated their love by arranging for their friends a fun spring, and Martha did an amazing job planning the affair, as always.

The event even inspired Adam and Stephanie to lean in very close for a kiss — that never materialized.

But with the way Adam is helping Stephanie reach for the stars, it’s not hard to imagine they will find themselves in familiar territory sometime in the future.

It’s doubtful that we’ll be around to experience it because I expect that Stephanie will end the Good Witch series run with a stint in Paris, taking her culinary craft to the next level.

Then again, Paris is for romance, so Adam may want to spread his wings to European soil.

We’re so close to the end now that I can’t help but hope that the future holds a Good Witch movie or two to show us where the characters we’ve grown to love.

For now, you can watch Good Witch online, and I hope you drop below to talk about where you see it all ending.

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