Loki Season 1 Episode 3 Review: Lamentis

Who said that having two Loki’s was a bad thing?

Loki Season 1 Episode 3 slowed things down by stranding Loki, and the Variant, who we now know goes by Sylvie, on Lamentis 1 in the middle of an apocalypse.

Of course, the obligatory action was featured heavily on the hour, but the writers also used this episode to force Loki and Sylvie to get to know one another better.

“Lamentis” was unlike the episodes that preceded it, but that’s not a bad thing. If anything, it was a welcome change of pace as we head into the second half of the season.

The world-building of the Time Variance Authority and the development of Loki Season 1‘s story had to wait because it was time to learn more about the newbie Sylvie and the God of Mischief himself.

The Variant: Just give it back to me! You don’t even know how to recharge it.
Loki: Of course I do. You’re not the only tech-savvy Loki.
The Variant: Don’t ever call me that.
Loki: Tech-savvy?
The Variant: No, a Loki.

Sylvie, who many fans believe is Enchantress from the comics, proved that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. Also, she gave us more reason to doubt the TVA.

Sophie Di Martino’s character was truly a delight, and we are sure that she’ll continue to be a scene-stealer just as Kathryn Hahn was on WandaVision.

From the beginning to the end of this episode, we were rooting for Sylvie. She oozes charisma and is the perfect person to opposite Tom Hiddleston’s character.

Just like Loki, it’s difficult to classify Sylvie in regards to hero/villain status.

There is still so much we need to learn about her background and why she has been planning her takeover of the TVA for years. But we highly doubt that her motives center around the need for power like Loki’s have in the past.

There is something deeper to Sylvie that we can’t quite put our fingers on yet. Something must have happened to her in her past that set her on this path.

Sylvie: I’m not gonna waste my time rooting around for the TemPad when someone taught you fairly decent magic.
Loki: My mother.
Sylvie: What was she like?
Loki: She was, um…A Queen of Asgard. She was good. Purely decent.
Sylvie: Are you sure she was your mother?
Loki: Oh, no, she’s not actually. I was adopted. Is that a bit of a spoiler for you? Sorry about that.
Sylvie: No. I knew I was adopted.
Loki: What? They told you?
Sylvie: Yeah. Did they not tell you?
Loki: No. I mean, they did eventually.

So far, the only things we know are that she was adopted, she always knew that she was adopted, she taught herself how to use magic, and she barely remembers her mother.

We can infer from these details and from her time spent on the show that Sylvie is a loner, just like Loki.

First Mobius and now Sylvie. Can the show pair Tom Hiddleston’s Loki up with anybody, and they end up making the perfect duo?

From the first couple of episodes, we believed that Loki and Mobius would be the obvious power couple of the series, but that all changed when Sylvie walked in.

It’s unbelievable the chemistry Loki and Sylvie share. Yes, they are both Loki Variants, but they also couldn’t be more different. It’s almost as if their chemistry pulls from the opposites attract trope and the one in the same trope.

They are both mischievous, but Sylvie is obviously smarter than Loki is. I mean, why would Loki get drunk while they are trying to escape an apocalypse?

Hopefully, Loki can learn something from Sylvie. But she could also stand to learn a few things from him.

It was hilarious and heartwarming to watch Loki and Sylvie together.

One minute they are bickering, and the next, they are talking about the meaning of love. They really are both enigmas who often contradict their own actions.

Sylvie: Love is mischief, then.
Loki: No. Love is…Something I might have to have another drink to think about.

It will be interesting to see where they go from here now that they have failed to escape Lamentis 1 during an apocalypse. Of course, they will be saved somehow, but it’s a mystery as to what they will do once they leave the moon.

Loki and Sylvie are not being depicted as the bad guys of this series. So, if it’s not them, then who should we be looking out for?

The TVA continued to be sketchy even when they were not the focus of the hour.

We learned that the TVA’s employees used to be Variants themselves, but they aren’t privy to that information. According to Mobius, the TVA created them, and they did not have lives before they became agents.

This new information puts more doubt into our heads about the TVA and the Time Keepers and whether they are completely ethical.

Plus, Sylvie described them as fascists, making us believe that she has a personal vendetta with them. Or, perhaps, she doesn’t think that the TVA should hold so much power by taking away people’s free will.

The content of “Lamentis” aside, it’s hard to talk about this episode without admiring its stunning visuals.

The moon that Loki and Sylvie found themselves on was beautiful even though doomsday was upon it.

Loki: Oh, you changed your name. Brilliant.
Sylvie: It’s called an alias.
Loki: It’s not very Loki-like.
Sylvie: Yeah? What exactly makes a Loki a Loki?
Loki: Independence, authority, style.

Given that the series had a huge budget because it is a Marvel Studios production, we’re glad that the cinematographer took advantage of it with this episode.

The cinematography was a major highlight of the hour, which played a huge part in its success.

One significant development for the Loki character and the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe was the confirmation that Loki is bisexual.

There is no doubt that this revelation will mean so much to Marvel fans that belong to the LGBTQ+ community because representation is unbelievably important.

Loki: A few questions.
The Variant: Have you really got nothing else better to do?
Loki: Rude. Are you sure you’re a Loki?
The Variant: You’re in my way.
Loki: You are my way.

The MCU has released twenty-three films so far, and there has only been one confirmed gay character in them. And he played a very small role in it. In fact, it was a cameo from one of the Russo Brothers.

Marvel Studios still has so much work to do regarding equal representation, but this is a step in the right direction.

What did you think, Loki Fanatics?

How will Loki and Sylvie get off the moon? Are you a fan of Sylvie’s character? Are you warier of the TVA now? Is there anyone that Loki doesn’t share chemistry with? How hilarious was drunk Loki?

And who else freaked out when Loki screamed “Another!” and smashed his glass on the floor? Let me know in the comments!

Loki airs Wednesdays on Disney+.

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