Miles Teller, Matthew Goode, Giovanni Ribisi, Juno Teller & More Talk The Offer

Four minutes isn’t a lot of time when you’re talking with an impressive lineup of talent.

The Offer has such a lineup, and we had the chance to talk with some of the cast and executive producers leading into the show’s premiere on Paramount+.

Miles Teller, Matthew Goode, Giovanni Ribisi, Juno Temple, Burn Gorman, Patrick Gallo, creator and executive producer Nikki Toscano, and executive producer Russell Rothberg gathered for the virtual press day.

Executive producer and lead, Miles Teller was joined by Juno Temple.

Teller plays Al Ruddy, producer of The Godfather, and Temple plays his assistant, Bettye Cartt.

Teller talked about what he gleaned from fellow executive producer and the man whose life is at the center of The Offer, Al Ruddy, and whether it was as challenging to get The Offer off the ground as the Godfather (nope!).

Temple talks about stepping into Bettye’s shoes and how she managed to model Bettye’s relationship with Al with so little information about her available. It’s a great answer!

Matthew Goode, who plays Paramount Studios head Robert Evans, and Burn Gorman, who plays Gulf & Western Chairman Charles Bluhdorn, were also on hand.

Evans and Bluhdorn had an interesting relationship that played out very well on screen, and that relationship seems to have followed them off-screen, as well.

Goode moves mountains with his portrayal of the effervescent man about town responsible for taking a ninth-place studio to the height of success, but he talks about his anxiety stepping into the role.

Gorman’s tough job is to show Bluhdorn’s capitalistic nature while still appreciating the arts, and he talks about what drew him to the part.

Giovanni Ribisi plays mobster Joe Colombo.

During our interview, Ribisi shares his thoughts on The Godfather and how they’ve changed after his involvement in The Offer.

He also talked about his inspiration for playing Colombo and what source was the most helpful for his role.

And he kindly indulged me by talking about what role he would have wanted in The Godfather, and it will make you laugh!

There would be no Godfather with our author Mario Puzo and film director Francis Ford Coppola.

Patrick Gallo plays Puzo, and Dan Fogler plays Coppola. The two actors seemed to have a lot of fun on the show, and they shared some of it with us.

Gallo, who is not related to Crazy Joe Gallo, another character in the movie and a real-life mobster, still had a story to tell about it.

Gallo also talks about what informed his portrayal of Puzo, the author of the novel and co-screenwriter of The Godfather.

The Offer suggests that both men were very concerned with actual Italians playing Italian parts and so forth, and Fogler talked about whether Coppola might find his portrayal on the mark.

Creator and executive producer Nikki Toscano and executive producer Russell Rothberg also joined us.

Toscano talked about bringing Al Pacino to life, primarily since she worked with him on Hunters.

The duo discussed the challenges of casting iconic characters like Marlon Brando and Frank Sinatra, among others.

They also address discussions about Ruddy’s take on the production of The Godfather and why they pointedly noted several times in The Offer that TV will never be as well regarded as film.

Take a look!

We’d love to know if you’ll be watching The Offer when it debuts on Paramount+ on Thursday, April 28.

What are your thoughts on The Godfather in general?

Have these quick interviews convinced you to jump on board?

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