Netflix’s Resident Evil Series Gives Franchise It’s Best Live-Action Rating Ever

The Resident Evil game series has continued to be popular with every new release, but translating that success to movie and TV adaptations has seemed almost impossible. Now Netflix’s newest addition to the franchise, a live-action TV series simply called Resident Evil, has given the horror franchise its highest-rated live-action outing ever, even if that is currently still only at around 60%.

Resident Evil was originally adapted into the Milla Jovovich movie of the same name, which then spawned five sequels. However, even though the movies were commercially successful, the ratings with critics and audiences have languished below 40%, with some entries even coming in at just a 19% approval rating. When that series of movies came to an end, it seemed that a complete reboot of the franchise could be the answer. That movie turned out to be Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, which unlike its predecessor took a more faithful run at the source material, but just like the others struggled to peak beyond a 30% rating.


However, while the series has made a massive improvement on these scores, having gained praise for its incorporation of some classic Resident Evil characters and creatures, it hasn’t managed to surpass the animated outings of Resident Evil: Damnation, which was released 10 years ago and holds a perfect 100% rating, and Resident Evil: Degeneration from 2008 with its 67%. While it is still early days for the new series, it is unlikely it is going to get anywhere near Damnation’s score but could just manage to top Degeneration if it can manage a few more positive reactions.

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Resident Evil Showrunner Has Plans For Multiple Seasons of Resident Evil.


While the initial reaction to Resident Evil has been much more positive than other entries in the franchise, the series still has a lot to prove, and with Netflix being notorious for canceling big budget shows that don’t quite earn their keep, it is not certain that the series will get a second season. However, if showrunner Andrew Dabb gets the chance, he has plenty of ideas on where the series will go. He previously said:

“The truth of the matter is that we have an ending. And we can progress fast or slow toward that ending. Obviously, the longer we’re on the air, the more stuff fun stuff we can do, and the more things we can bring in. But yeah, I think you have to start this not with an ending carved in stone, because you have to discover ideas along the way. But with an idea of where you’re going with the characters. Not so much with like, you know, what is that liquor number seven gonna be in five years, you know what I mean? But where are these girls gonna be? Where’s Wesker going to be? How did these things work? And you’ll see nods to that, particularly in the future storyline with little hints of things that will happen in the a storyline that are kind of leading into the Z storyline, which is the future storyline. And, and I think it creates a little bit of a … you’ve come out of season one with questions like, ‘Oh, but if they said this, but how do they get from there to there?’ Well, that hopefully will be answered.”

Resident Evil’s first season is streaming in its entirety on Netflix now.

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