Queen Maghra of House Kane Revealed

See keeps the plot twists coming with another riveting, exposition packed episode. “Silk” has Maghra (Hera Hilmar) giving the important backstory of why she fled her people. Boots (Franz Drameh) betrays Baba Voss (Jason Momoa) and the twins, but has other motivations for Maghra. Queen Kane (Sylvia Hoeks) makes her predicament worse. The Cutter (Timothy Webber) realizes he has something of value.

“Silk” opens with Baba Voss screaming for Maghra in the woods. They are still surrounded by the witchfinders. Baba Voss shreds several of them before he’s found by Kofun (Archie Madekwe). They are joined by a weeping Haniwa (Nesta Cooper), Boots, Paris (Alfre Woodard), and Bow Lion (Yadira Guevara-Prip). Boots lies and tells them Tamacti Jun (Christian Camargo) killed Maghra. He produces her red pouch, soaked in blood. Haniwa wants to kill them all, but Baba Voss demands they hide. They will seek revenge on their terms.

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The Witchfinders have set up camp by the snow covered riverbank. Maghra sits comfortably in a regal tent. She orders Tamacti Jun to find her family and return them unharmed. Tamacti Jun tells his men to comply. Any of the family hurt will result in every tenth soldier killed. Tamacti Jun begs Maghra to trust him like she did as a child. He wants to know what happened to her.

Boots leads everyone to a cave. He traps them behind a steel door, then locks it. Baba Voss and Haniwa stab through the door at his betrayal. They are in a mining elevator. Boots lowers them deep underground. Haniwa burns Jerlamarel’s letter to see in the darkness. They venture out into the cave, but sense there’s someone close by.

At the Silk House, Queen Kane has been put to work on the cocoons. She shirks her duties listening to a worm trying to escape. Another worker, Cora (Jessica Harper), warns her she will be punished. There are much worse places. They will be warm and fed at the Silk House. Queen Kane ignores her. She’s beaten unconscious by the overseer.

A flashback shows Queen Kane with her father on his deathbed. He says nothing as she rubs the royal amulet embedded in his chest. Queen Kane embraces a much younger Maghra. Their father weakly whispers for Maghra. He leans into her ear and says, “You must rule…soon.” In the present, Maghra recounts this moment for Tamacti Jun. She chastised him for not supporting her when she moved against her sister. Tamacti Jun was the deciding vote to keep her sister in power. Queen Kane told him that Jerlamarel killed her. She had to run when her coup failed. Tamacti Jun chased her children for half a lifetime, not knowing who they were.

In the cave, Haniwa and Kofun see starry lights on the ceiling. Hanging insects are luminescent. A woman approaches the “uninvited.” Paris tells her they were trapped by a boy who betrayed us. The woman changes tone, saying they are all welcome. Suddenly, the entire group is attacked and darted. They fall to the ground unconscious.

Everyone awakens behind another steel door. They are unharmed. Kofun curses his sister for their predicament. She trusted Boots. This is her fault. In the Silk House, Cora tends to the wounded Queen Kane. She tells of her abusive father, and how she stabbed him in the chest as a girl. Queen Kane speaks of her father. He was not cruel, just completely indifferent to her. Queen Kane asks how many workers are there, then the numbers of the overseers, the shadows, and the Cutter. She wants to grab their weapons and revolt. Queen Kane tells Cora who she is.

In the cave, Paris blames herself for Maghra’s death. Haniwa overhears and also weeps. At the Silk House, Cora tells the Cutter about Queen Kane. Her friendship was a ruse to discover the stranger’s identity. Queen Kane is dragged before him. She’s gagged, then held down on a table. He runs his hand over her chest and finds the royal amulet. She screams as he cuts out the amulet.

In the cave, the door is opened by the woman. Baba Voss grabs her by the neck. Her name is Delia. The underground refuge is a haven for its people. Any who enter must never leave. She was held for five years before being allowed to join the community. She admits that Boots is her son. Once the scavengers found out he could see, the boy was ridiculed and tortured. He turned on, killing them all. Boots led his mother into the cave and trapped her. She will help them escape, but they must promise to kill him. Haniwa swears she will. She lets them out. As they quietly escape, Haniwa follows the lights into a huge cavern. An entire community lives by an underground waterfall. They sense her presence.

Delia leads them to another elevator shaft. Everyone gets in as Baba Voss holds the lever to lift them. Attackers approach, Delia tries to stop them and is killed. Baba Voss smashes them with a pick ax. The lift stalls, but he grabs the lever and it goes to the top. Everyone gets out, then Haniwa sends it down. Baba Voss fights off more attackers. They battle at the base of the shaft. The line is cut and the elevator comes crashing down. Baba Voss leaps out of the way in time. He climbs up the shaft. Haniwa and Kofun grab the pick ax. They pull him up to safety.

In her tent, Tamacti Jun brings Maghra one of her family members. She stunned to find Boots. He lies again and tells her he got separated from everyone else. Boots saw the witchfinders kneel before her. He knows that Maghra is important. He swears loyalty to her, but she must not be mean to him.

They hear a commotion outside. The Cutter has sent his ransom message for Queen Kane. Maghra feels the royal amulet as proof. Boots informs her that the Cutter’s shadows are still in the camp. He can follow them and find Queen Kane. All she has to do is accept him into her service as her lieutenant. See returns next week on Apple TV+.

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