The Morning Show Says Nobody Is Safe After Killing Off Major Character

In television, killing off a major character is something that most series write in when the show needs a change or just because the story calls for it. It has happened in so many shows over the years yet is still a surprise when we finally see it. The Morning Show has now joined the growing list of programs that took a main character and killed them off. Before reading ahead, know that there are SPOILERS below.

On a recent episode of Apple TV+’s The Morning Show, the series said farewell to its original male lead. The show takes us inside and shares the power struggles that go on while working and running a network morning show. The behind the scenes glimpses have made this series a huge hit for the streaming service. One of the main characters (played by Steve Carell) is Mitch Kessler and now is gone forever.

It seems Kessler, the power-hungry, abusive, and very loud co-worker, drove his car off a cliff at the end of the episode. His friend and only true support system on the show, Alex Levy (Jennifer Aniston) was devastated to hear that Mitch was gone. This is a huge move for the series as having a talent like Carell on the show really brings in the viewers.

Series star Jennifer Aniston had strong feelings about the character’s departure. “It was so heartbreaking,” she told USA Today of the exit. “It’s done so beautifully, and it’s very poetic, in a way. But that’s (Alex’s) only ally. That’s her only friend. That’s her one person she has in the world.” If you want to avoid any additional spoilers, best look away now.

In a move to avoid and run away from all the attention he is getting being labeled a sexual harasser, Mitch travels to Italy in an attempt to hide and avoid the consequences. Kessler and Levy reunite there, mainly so she can convince him to deny they ever slept together. While the meeting was initially cold and not a warm reunion, she admits to missing their fun times together.

The moment is ruined when a news report reveals that Black women were the target of Mitch’s inappropriate behavior, which pissed off Alex. “Mitch, just because you didn’t mean to do it doesn’t make it OK,” she says.

“I want to be a better person,” he pleads with her. “I want to be a good person.” In the episode’s final scene, as Mitch is driving he is suddenly blinded by headlights, and his car goes over the cliff. Instead of trying to steer himself from danger, he takes his hands off the wheel and closes his eyes. He sees himself dancing with Alex, and the screen fades to black. Mitch is now dead and Carell made his last appearance in season 2, episode 7.

Carell did an amazing job with this character in the short time he played the role. I think it might actually be perfect that he left when he did (even though he will be missed}. What do you think of the death? Don’t forget you can stream all episodes on Apple TV+.

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