Younger Season 7 Episode 7 Review: The Sun Also Rises

Oh, denial. It’s not just a river in Egypt.

Liza and Charles must be kidding themselves if they think they can move on from everything they’ve been through over the past few years and be friends.

They were almost engaged, yet Younger Season 7 Episode 7 would like us to believe friendship is still on the table. Silly writers, tricks are for kids.

The main reason Liza and Charles were able to resume a mature working relationship was not that they’re over each other and ready to move on and be simply friends, but instead because of Quinn’s absence. 

The toxic manipulator was nowhere in sight — thank God — and it allowed Liza to be there for Charles in a way she wouldn’t have been able to if Quinn had been around.

Charles: That’s why Ian left Empirical. I can’t believe I’m only finding this out now, but I kept away from Judith and her family.
Liza: Are you sure it was the summer of ’94 when Judith climbed the pole? I mean raised the flag?
Charles: Definitely. Topher’s age lines up, and you heard her, she had an affair with a deckhand on a lobster boat.
Liza: But it was a rumor.
Charles: I am the rumor, Liza. I’m his father. Don’t you think he looks like me?
Liza: A little.
Charles: How am I going to explain this to…
Liza: Quinn?
Charles: My girls. I cannot believe that Judith kept this from me.
Liza: You were 20 years old. What do you expect?
Charles: I’m gonna go see Judith tomorrow. Talk about life throwing you curveballs.

This supposed breakthrough they’ve reached isn’t the pair coming to terms with the end of their relationship; it’s the reopening of a crack.

Liza stepped up for Charles in a big way, which couldn’t have been easy after Charles’s anger over her baseless accusations about Quinn.

No one would have chided Liza for staying out of Charles’s business like she had promised to do, but she was there for him as he went through one hell of a week.

First, he had to confront the woman he had an affair with 20-plus years ago at her dead husband’s funeral.

Then, he had to grapple with the possibility that his affair resulted in the birth of a secret love child.

Fortunately, the series chose not to go that route, but it was quite a head-scratcher there for a minute, wondering if Topher was Charles’s son.

If the idiot 25-year-old had been, then the remainder of the series would have been bogged down with Charles trying to get to know his son, which would have been awful for a myriad of reasons.

It would have been worse than Quinn’s constant presence on our screens, and that’s saying something.

What this plotline did instead was tie up loose ends.

Charles: We miss you at the office.
Diana: I’m sure the fluorescent lights a little dimmer without me there, Charles.
Liza: I recognize that voice, Diane. Hi, how are you? How’s Italy? How’s Enzo?
Diana: Liza, one question at a time, please.
Liza: Oh, I miss you scolding me.
Diana: I know I should be back now, but I’m having a surprisingly good time, and as difficult as it is for me to admit this, I am not ready to return to work.

We probably could have ended the series without knowing the woman Charles had a love affair with right out of college and inspired his unfinished novel.

This, though, does provide some closure for Charles and may be the push he needs to finish his novel.

And maybe if that happens, he’ll remember why he got into publishing in the first place and stop being such a stick in the mud about Liza and Kelsey’s new project.

Elsewhere, we now know how Maggie gets canceled, or at the very least, what sets the internet against her.

Like so many other celebrities, Maggie’s past is coming back to haunt her.

The controversial title of an art show she did years ago appears to be her undoing, except that her inevitable cancelation isn’t the world turning against her but rather Cass taking her anger out on Maggie in one of the only ways she can.

As Cass mentioned, she can’t fire Maggie for having an affair with Camila. Still, there would be grounds to fire Maggie if she violated a  morality clause of sorts or there was enough pressure from the students and/or their parents to get rid of the supposed transphobic artist-in-residence.

It’s a sneaky and crafty way for Cass to exact her revenge, but let’s hope Maggie doesn’t figure out what her new boss is up to.

Because if Maggie does, then she could have the necessary ammunition to get the dean fired. Mutually assured destruction, as they say.

Maggie: Look, I’m so sorry, OK.
Cass: For what? Your problematic show about trans women I was forced to defend, or that the whole class saw my wife’s breasts?
Maggie: The second one.
Cass: Maybe you’re not a good fit here after all.
Maggie: Wait, I can explain. Camila was texting me her you know because we’re doing a sculpture for you of her bust. And it was supposed to be a surprise for your anniversary.
Cass: That was last month.
Maggie: Which makes it even more of a surprise.
Cass: Fine, fine, all of this has been very distressing, but it’s not grounds to fire you, so let’s just forget it and move on.

As for whether Maggie deserves to be canceled or not is another story.

As someone who identifies as cisgender, I don’t believe it’s my place to pass judgment one way or the other. I don’t support what Maggie did, but I don’t feel I have the right to comment further.

What I will say is that it somewhat irked me how Maggie handled the issue.

When one of her students brought it up, she chose to deflect and said that the title, while no longer politically correct today, was, like art, reflective of the times.

What she should have done was acknowledge that the title of her art show was problematic, apologize for what happened in the past, and promise to do better. 

Without doing that, it somewhat feels as if Maggie misses the mark of the cultural significance of the world today and our attitudes toward non-politically correct culture.

Some stray thoughts:

  • How did neither Liza nor Charles not notice that Diana is a pod person now? The real Diana would never say she’s not ready to return to work. If she wants to stay in Italy, fine, but she can work remotely from there. This is not the real Diana.

  • Why are we watching Kelsey shop for her own apartment? There are five episodes left. Please give our Princess Kelsey a storyline of actual substance, not some filler subplot where she goes on a reality show to find her new dream apartment. Who even writes this crap?

  • I know Maggie how to think on her feet, but did she expect Cass to buy the reason her wife was sexting Maggie nudes was for a sculpture? Seriously? Maggie isn’t that dense, but she was in a bit of a jam. 

So what did you think, Younger Fanatics?

Can Liza and Charles be just friends?

Does Maggie deserve to be canceled?

Why can’t Kelsey have a better storyline?

Don’t forget to hit the comments below to let me know your thoughts. If you missed the latest episode, remember you can watch Younger online at TV Fanatic.

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Jessica Lerner is a staff writer for TV Fanatic. Follow her on Twitter.

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