Guy Pearce apologies for comments about transgender acting roles

Guy Pearce has apologised after sparking a social media debate about transgender acting roles.

The Australian actor, who famously portrayed a drag queen in 1994’s The Adventures Of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert, recently came under fire for questioning whether or not only transgender actors should be allowed to play transgender roles.

Pearce tweeted on Monday (March 27): “A question – if the only people allowed to play trans characters are trans folk, then are we also suggesting the only people trans folk can play are trans characters?

“Surely that will limit your career as an actor? Isn’t the point of an actor to be able to play anyone outside your own world?”

Guy Pearce in ‘The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert’. Credit: Alamy

While many of Pearce’s followers agreed with him, others argued that trans actors should be prioritised for trans roles, due to the current lack of opportunities in film and television.

“Okay, so if this debate is actually about trans actors not getting the opportunities to work like other actors do, then let’s be clear about that and state that precisely,’ Pearce replied to one person.

“Also, why should one’s personal position be relevant when it comes to casting? That’s private. It’s our own business. And as we know it doesn’t truly confirm our ability to be convincing,’ he added.

After deleting his original tweet, Pearce posted a lengthy apology letter on Twitter the next day, stating that the social media platform wasn’t the right place to have such a debate.

I posted a tweet yesterday that I shouldn’t have, which to prevent upsetting anyone else I have now deleted. A fuller apology and explanation of the point I was raising is attached xx Guy

— Guy Pearce (@TheGuyPearce) March 28, 2023

“I see that raising the question of gender identity within the casting process on a platform like Twitter was not a good idea,” he wrote. “For that, I apologise, enormously. I acknowledge it has only stirred up and inflamed attitudes and made us all dig our heels in. I take responsibility for that and again, apologise for starting a fire.

“This is a subject that needs to be discussed face to face, person to person and over a good amount of time where we are all heard and understood.”

Pearce’s letter was well-received by many, but others insisted that the actor had nothing to apologise for.

“You have absolutely nothing to apologise for. You asked a valid question and were correct in your assumptions. In a free society, everyone should be allowed to ask questions and form their own opinions,’ wrote one follower.

Another tweeted: “Speaks volumes about your integrity in apologising for something that was misconstrued by those who wished to see it that way. You meant no ill to anyone.”

Back in January, Pearce clarified that he has “no beef at all” with Cate Blanchett following rumours of a feud between the two actors.

You can view the original article HERE.

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