WandaVision Episode 1.6 Recap: Halloween Hijinks Turn Deadly

WandaVision gets creepier as the twins begin to impact the storyline. Episode Six, “All-New Halloween Spooktacular” starts off with a lighter touch, but ends on a much darker note. It’s Billy (Julian Hilliard) and Tommy’s (Jett Klyne) first Halloween. Everyone dresses up for the trick-or-treat festivities, but have different agendas. Vision (Paul Bettany) wants to see what’s outside of Westview. Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen) tries to figure out where the new Pietro (Evan Peters) came from. The twins have fun with their cool, super fast uncle. But the good times come to an end when a family member gets in serious trouble in this latest episode of WandaVision.

“All-New Halloween Spooktacular” opens with the standard Marvel Studios sequence. A camcorder turns on Tommy’s (Jett Klyne) face. He’s taping a new, Malcolm in the Middle-esque opening credits with a girl band rock theme. Tommy surprises Wanda brushing her teeth in the bathroom. He runs down the stairs and grabs the newspaper from an irate Vision on the couch. He and Billy bump into Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) by the fridge. She attempts to grab the camera. They’re then chased outside by everyone. Pietro zips in front of the camera with his tongue out. The camera freezes on the family with Wanda in curls, holding Billy and Vision, while a goofy Pietro has Tommy in a headlock.

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Billy comes down the stairs dressed as Wiccan, and looks directly into the camera, “Halloween is a magical holiday with family and friends.” Tommy, chugging milk, “Wrong, Halloween is about candy and scaring people.” Tommy isn’t wearing a costume, he’s the “cool twin.” The scene then cuts to the boys playing “Dance Dance Revolution”, where Billy falls over on the dance pad. He’s called “a dork-a-saurus-rex” by his brother.

The boys walk out to Pietro sleeping on the couch in the middle of the day, “He even snores cool.” Billy doesn’t want to wake him up. He might be a “vampire.” Pietro jumps up and chases the twins playfully at super speed. Wanda comes downstairs in her classic Scarlet Witch costume. Billy asks, “Mom, are you old Red Riding Hood?” Wanda is dressed as a “Sokovian fortune teller.” “That is so lame, worse than the costumes mom made the year we got typhus,” Pietro chuckles. Wanda flashbacks to a scene of them as children on Halloween, where an old, snaggle-toothed lady gives them a smelly fish. Wanda doesn’t remember it “exactly” that way. Pietro responds that she “probably suppressed the trauma.”

Billy turns to the camera, “Mom has been acting weird since Uncle Pietro got here.” Vision begrudgingly comes downstairs in his classic costume. Pietro calls him a “traffic light,half-shucked corn, or a booger.” Wanda thanks him for wearing the costume. Vision reminds her there were no other clothes in the closet. They flirt as Vision says she has “a secret thing for Mexican wrestlers.” Wanda coos “chili con carne” as they both giggle.

Wanda and Vision watch as Pietro plays video games with the boys, then they all shotgun cans of soda. Vision tells her to have fun, but “he’s going undercover for the neighborhood watch.” Wanda is surprised, that’s not what he’s supposed to do. Billy then turns to the camera again, “Mom and Dad haven’t been fighting, but they’re…just different.” Wanda says Vision has to be there for the boys first Halloween. Pietro interjects, “Don’t sweat it sis. The boys need a father figure. I can be the old XY chromosome.” Vision tells them to have “a spooky time” and leaves.

Pietro asks Wanda for water balloons. He has cans of shaving cream ready. “You don’t even have a costume,” Wanda retorts. Pietro grabs Tommy and flashes away in a blue blur. He returns in his classic Quicksilver costume, with Tommy as Speed, and both with silver, gelled hair. Wanda warns them all no funny business or “she’ll magic them into pickled herring.”

Outside of Westview, the energy barrier is still glowing bright red. Men in protective suits bring in the drone Wanda destroyed to the command center. Monica (Teyonah Parris) chastises Hayward (Josh Stamberg) over the missile attack. Darcy (Kat Dennings) then lobs a barb about the “guy who almost got murdered by his own murder squad.” Hayward asks if Darcy works for him. She doesn’t know, but Monica says Darcy is with her. Jimmy (Randall Park) chimes in against Hayward, “This isn’t the time to diminish your colleagues, when you’re about to start a war you can’t win.”

“We take her out, this whole nightmare ends,” Hayward bellows. Monica is against that plan, “We have no idea what will happen if Wanda dies.” Hayward refuses to surrender, then points to the barrier. “We cannot outgun her. If Wanda is the problem, then she is the solution,” Monica reasons. Hayward has had enough. He calls her “an impediment to the mission.” He acidly brings up her history with Carol Danvers and her absence during the last five years. Monica calls him a “coward.” “Maybe it was better you weren’t here when your mother died. You don’t have the stomach for this job. Get them off my base!” Hayward orders.

Soldiers escort Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy outside. “He was looking for a reason to sideline us,” Monica says. Suddenly, she and Jimmy attack the soldiers. Darcy watches stunned as Monica and Jimmy knock the escorts out. They drag their bodies to a container, then put on their SWORD hats and ponchos.

In Westview, the streets are bustling with costumed children and parents. “Unleash hell demon spawn,” Pietro encourages his nephews. Wanda asks Pietro about another memory at the orphanage. “You’re testing me. It’s cool, I know I look different,” Pietro laughs. Wanda asks why? “You tell me. If I found Shang-Ri-La, I wouldn’t want to be reminded of the past either,” he replies.

“I feel the need for speed,” Pietro grabs the boys’ hands. Wanda approaches Herb (David Payton), who’s dressed as Frankenstein. As she asks him how the watch patrol is going, Pietro and the boys, in a blue blur, steal all the candy, smash the pumpkins, and silly string everyone. When Wanda asks if Vision can help, Herb tells her “he’s not on duty.” He then asks if she wants “anything changed.” Vision walks towards the edge of town. He sees a woman and man hanging decorations, but repeating the same movements. The woman has tears on her face.

A clay, stop-motion commercial interlude has a little boy in red on a deserted island, “I’m so hungry.” A shark leaps out of the water and offers him “Yo-Magic Strawberry” yogurt in a sealed cup. After the shark jumps back in, the boy struggles to open the cup. He becomes thinner and dehydrated as night and day passes behind him. A skeleton is then seen holding the unopened yogurt cup. A voiceover says, “Yo-Magic, the snack for survivors.”

That night, Pietro and Wanda walk by the town theater with the kids. “So lame, I can’t believe you’re making them return all the candy,” Pietro grumbles. He’s just trying to do his part, “Come to town unexpectedly, stir up trouble with the brother-in-law, have fun with the rugrats, and give you grief. That’s what you want.” When Wanda asks what happened to his accent. He retorts what happened to hers, “Details are fuzzy man. I got shot like a chump in the street. Then I heard you calling. I knew you needed me.”

Tommy shows his super speed for the first time. Pietro and Wanda are overjoyed. He races around before she grabs him, “If you’re going to break the sound barrier, take your brother with you.” They’re about to zip away when she reminds them of her one rule, “Don’t go past Ellis Avenue.”

At SWORD command, Monica, Darcy, and Jimmy enter the server tent. Monica sees the new Pietro for the first time. Darcy hacks into the base systems. Hayward has found a way to track Vision, “the decay signature of Vibranium.” They notice the residents in Vision’s vicinity at the end of town “are barely moving.”

In Westview, Vision sees that all the residents at the edge of town are frozen in place. He can’t get any of them to talk. He reverts back to his normal self and flies into the air. He looks at the town from above and observes the encircling spotlights. Vision flies to a car at the stop sign on Ellis Avenue. Agnes, dressed like a witch, is frozen in place in the driver’s seat.

Vision tries talking to her. She mumbles, “Town square, took a wrong turn.” Vision zaps her head. Agnes breaks free from the spell. She’s terrified, “You’re one of the Avengers. You’re Vision, are you here to help us?” Vision doesn’t know the Avengers. “Why don’t you know?” she grabs her chest. “Am I dead? Because you are dead! No one leaves. Wanda won’t let us even think about it,” Agnes cries and laughs hysterically. Vision zaps her back. Agnes turns around and heads back to town. A disturbed Vision crosses Ellis Avenue.

In the computer tent, Monica receives a message on her phone. Her way back into Westview is here. She just has “to meet her guy over the ridge.” Darcy tells her she can’t go back. She’s pulled up Monica’s bloodwork. The energy barrier has rewritten Monica’s cells on a molecular level twice. “I know what Wanda is feeling, and I won’t stop until I help her,” Monica replies. She and Jimmy leave. Darcy stays behind to break through Hayward’s last firewall.

In the town square, Pietro and Wanda continue to catch up. Pietro asks Wanda where she was hiding all of these children. He assumed they were all asleep in bed while she was controlling the adults. “You don’t think it’s wrong?” Wanda asks. Pietro is “impressed”, how did she do all of this? Wanda doesn’t know. She only remembers feeling “completely alone, empty…endless nothingness.” She looks at Pietro. He’s a corpse riddled with bullets. Wanda gasps in horror, then Pietro returns to normal.

In the computer tent, Darcy breaks into Hayward’s secret files. She sees Vision on the monitor approaching the energy barrier. Vision sees a shimmering blue. He pushes himself through. On the other side, Hayward and the SWORD agents flock to the breach, as does Darcy. As Vision comes through, he starts to break apart. “Why aren’t you helping him!” Darcy screams.

In the town square, Billy senses his father is in danger. He stops his brother. Billy runs to his mother, “I hear Daddy in my head. He’s in trouble.” Outside, Vision is crumbling to pieces, “The people need help.” A SWORD agent handcuffs Darcy to a car. Vision falls to the ground.

“Where is your father?” Wanda asks Billy. “Don’t sweat it sis. It’s not like your dead husband can die twice,” Pietro chimes in. Wanda angrily turns around and hits him with a ball of red energy. Pietro is thrown across the square into a bail of hay. Wanda asks Billy to focus. He sees soldiers, “I think he’s dying!”

Wanda stretches out her hands. Everyone around them freezes. Her eyes glow red. A huge burst of red energy shoots out of her body. On the outskirts of town, Monica and Jimmy are driving away. Monica looks back and sees the energy barrier growing. She floors it and they escape.

At the SWORD base, the energy barrier lurches forward. Everyone runs away, but Darcy is left handcuffed. The barrier envelopes the spotlights, turning them to carnival lights. It overtakes Vision and Darcy. The SWORD tents become circus tents, the helicopter a hot air balloon, and the cars into stables. The fleeing soldiers are transformed into clowns and performers. The assault vehicles change to ice cream trucks. Hayward’s SUV just escapes. It drives away as the energy barrier is seen as a massive hexagon. Wanda opens her eyes. They are still glowing red.

“All-New Halloween Spooktacular” answered some questions, but left the big mysteries intact. Vision cannot survive outside of Westview. Wanda has the town under her spell, but limits the abilities of people farther from her. Pietro is aware of what she’s doing, but not a clue how he got there. That scene with his corpse was scary as hell.

I’m guessing Wanda brought Vision back because she had his body, but had to grab another Pietro from a different universe. That’s conjecture, but it makes sense. It’s also interesting that Agnes was trying to escape. Her reveal to Vision may be a ruse, as I still think her husband – Ralph, is the true villain. It was cool seeing the twins become Wiccan and Speed. Darcy uncovered Hayward’s secret project, which involves getting Vision’s body back. It’ll be interesting to see how she interacts with Vision in Westview. Also, who is Jimmy and Monica meeting? Her evolution to Photon is definitely in process. WandaVision returns next Friday on Disney+.

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