A Big Secret Is Finally Revealed

Some of your theories were true. WandaVision finally reveals the villain who’s been manipulating Wanda (Elizabeth Olsen). “Breaking the Fourth Wall” takes place the morning after Wanda expanded the Hex. In a Modern Family interview format, the characters address the audience directly throughout the episode. Wanda wants a day to herself. She’s tired of all the drama. Everything around her is glitching and she doesn’t understand why. Vision (Paul Bettany) frees Darcy (Kat Dennings) from the spell. They attempt to get back to the house. Monica (Teyonah Parris) and Jimmy (Randall Park) meet their reinforcements. Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) offers to babysit the boys at her house, where something sinister lurks in the basement.

“Breaking the Fourth Wall” opens with the standard Marvel Studios intro. Cheesy keyboard music plays as Wanda wakes up in bed alone. She reaches over and feels that Vision is not there. The scene cuts to a Modern Family-esque sequence with Wanda talking to an unseen interviewer. She summarizes the previous night’s chaos with a voiceover, then is seen pulling the blanket over her head in bed.

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Billy (Julian Hilliard) and Tommy (Jett Klyne) run into the bedroom, “Mom are you coming down soon? Our game is freaking out.” The boys are seen playing video games, but the controllers glitch to different versions through time. They are left holding Uno cards. In the bedroom, Wanda refuses to come out from under the covers. Billy tells her his head feels really “weird and noisey.” Wanda wants to “rest her eyes.” She tells the interviewer she wants a “quarantine style stay-cation, a whole day to myself.”

Wanda pulls back the blanket to reveal she’s still in the Scarlet Witch costume. She goes downstairs in a bathrobe. She takes Westview almond milk out of the fridge, but it glitches to an older, bottled version. Wanda tells the interviewer, “I don’t know what that’s about. Probably just a case of the Mondays.” A new opening credits sequence, similar to Happy Endings, plays with “Wanda” printed on various items in a montage. It ends on a calendar, where “Vision” is slapped on at the end. There are no images of the family.

A caption reads, “SWORD Temporary Retreat Eight Miles Outside of Westview, NJ”. Director Hayward (Josh Stamberg) looks at the massive hexagon in the distance. An agent tells him the TV broadcast has stopped, “It’s dead air. The signal is gone.” Hayward orders her to get the team ready, “We launch today.”

Vision wakes up in the field where all the SWORD agents have been transformed into circus performers. The muscle man (Alan Heckner) tells him he’s late for rehearsal with the escape artist. He sees Darcy, in a blue costume, shackled to an old fire engine. Cut to her telling the interviewer, “I never agreed to this gig. It doesn’t match my skill set.” Vision approaches Darcy, but she doesn’t remember him. Darcy calls him a “creeper”, escapes from the chains, and walks away. Vision runs after her.

Back at the house, Wanda asks if the boys have “seen their dad.” Billy replies if they “should look for him.” But Wanda shrugs him off, “If he doesn’t want to be here. There’s nothing I can do about it.” Billy asks about “last night and what Uncle P said about killing dad.” Wanda grabs the TV control, “Don’t believe anything that man said. He’s not your uncle.” The boys are confused, “Who is he?” Wanda admits she doesn’t know, “I’m your mom, but I don’t have all the answers. I have no answers…zip…zero…nada. Everything is meaningless.” The boys look terrified. Wanda tells the interviewer, “Maybe I went too dark there, but Vision is made of Vibranium. They literally have tough skin.”

Agnes knocks at the door and Wanda magics it open. It’s now Agnes’ turn for the interviewer, “I got there just in time.” She tells the boys to give their mom some “me time.” Agnes takes the boys and promises “not to bite.” Cut to her interview, “I did bite a kid once.” Wanda sits back on the couch to relax, but everything starts to glitch around her. She puts it back in order, but is clearly having a breakdown.

Outside of Westview, Monica and Jimmy are still driving. Jimmy received the firewall info from Darcy. He confirms Project Cataract, Hayward’s desire to rebuild Vision into a “sentient weapon system.” They meet another SWORD group on the road by the Hex energy barrier. Monica introduces Jimmy to Major Goodner (Rachael Thompson), a loyal friend of her mother’s. Goodner unveils an armored SWORD space rover. “She’s perfect,” Monica gushes.

At the circus, Vision confronts Darcy. She thinks he’s flirting, so he distracts her and zaps her head. Darcy awakens, “Part of me wanted a guest spot on the show, but that sucked.” She tells Vision her real name. The muscle man interrupts again, but Darcy slugs him. Carnival music plays as they steal the funnel cakes truck. Vision wants to know “if his children are safe and who was that imposter Pietro?” Darcy has no answers as they escape in the truck.

At the house, the time glitches continue to affect all of the furniture. She tells the interviewer, “I don’t understand why it’s all falling apart.” She’s stunned by an unseen response, “Do you think this is what you deserve?”

A commercial interlude has a lonely woman (Victoria Blade) sitting on a park bench as children play. A female voiceover says, “Feeling depressed? Has the world left you? Do you just want to be left alone?” The woman looks up at a stormy sky, and then falls into bed. “Ask you doctor about Nexus, a unique antidepressant that anchors you back to your reality…or the reality of your choice.” The woman walks into a pharmacy and is handed “Nexus”, as the voiceover rattles off side effects. The voiceover warns you should not take “Nexus unless the doctor has allowed you to move on with your life. Nexus, because the world does not revolve around you…or does it?”

The boys are sitting on the couch with Agnes at her house. Billy plays with her rabbit, “I like it here. It’s quiet. You are quiet.” They are worried about their mom. Agnes embraces them, “Don’t worry, your mom can do anything. She’s supermom.” Cut to her interview, “Ralph says I sugarcoat everything. But you tell a ten-year-old his mother is cuckoo for cocoa puffs.”

In the field, Monica is outfitted with a space suit. Jimmy wishes her “godspeed.” Major Goodner has faith in the rover, “She’ll sail through unharmed.” Monica straps in the rover, and drives the vehicle into the barrier. The Hex repulses the vehicle. The rover drives upward as the barrier starts to rewrite its structure. Monica escapes through the hatch. The rover is thrown backwards. The front is now a pick-up truck.

“I can get through,” Monica whispers. As Jimmy screams “no”, she takes off her helmet and plunges into the energy barrier. Her body is seen in various timelines as she hears her mother, Jimmy, and Carol Danvers. She pushes through the blue energy waves. Her eyes turn blue as she breaks through the other side. Monica gets up and sees Westview pulsing red energy. She blinks, sees normally, and then tears off her suit as she runs into town.

Vision and Darcy are in the funnel cakes truck driving. Darcy explains what happened to him in Avengers: Infinity War. He died and Wanda had to watch. Every light is turning red. Vision tells the interviewer, “Wanda is creating impediments to stop me from returning home.” The light changes, but a utility crew blocks their progress. Vision retells his story as a Jarvis AI in a body created by Ultron, “What am I now?” Darcy doesn’t know, or why he can’t leave the Hex. But she also tells him that “the love you two have is real.”

Monica reaches the house. She goes inside and confronts Wanda, “This whole thing is about Vision.” “Get out of my house!” Wanda uses her powers to push her to the lawn. “All you do is lie!” Wanda screams. But Monica, eyes now blue, rebuffs her powers, and lands with a blue wave. Wanda is stunned. Monica approaches her, “Hayward is going to burn Westview to the ground. Don’t let him make you the villain.” Agnes sees them arguing through her window.

Monica tries to reason with Wanda, “I lost the person closest to me. I can’t change it or undo this pain. It’s my truth.” Agnes interrupts her, “You’ve overstayed your welcome. Run along dear.” Agnes leads Wanda away. Monica begs for her “to take it down.” Wanda refuses, “No…don’t make me hurt you.” Monica follows them.

In the funnel cakes truck, the utility workers leave, but then they’re blocked by a crossing guard and line of children. Cut to Vision in his interview, he then realizes, “What am I doing here? This is absurd. I need to get to my wife.” He pulls off his lapel mic and stands up. In the truck, Vision materializes through the roof and flies away. “I’ll just meet you there,” Darcy shrugs.

Agnes plops Wanda on the couch. She goes to “get a cup of tea.” Wanda sees the rabbit, half eaten PBJ sandwiches, and a children’s show on the TV. She notices a strange insect on the curtains, “Where are the twins?” In the kitchen, Agnes directs her to check the basement.

“Boys!” Wanda yells as she walks down the dark basement steps. She comes to a pathway overrun by dead vines. She calls their names as she goes deeper inside. Wanda reaches a chamber with skulls and bones in a glass case. She sees a book, glowing yellow on a table. Agnes approaches from behind with her rabbit and neck broach visible, “Wanda, Wanda, Wanda…did you think you were the only magical girl in town? She waves her hand and the door to the chamber slams shut, “The name is Agatha Harkness. Lovely to finally meet you dear.” Her eyes glow purple, and then does Wanda’s.

A “Munsters” style theme song plays. Agatha is seen landing on the sidewalk, and then transforming into the black and white Agnes. The song sings, “Who’s been messing with everything? It’s been Agatha all along.” A new intro credit title reads, “Agatha All Along”, in candle wax lettering. A montage plays of previous events. The magic show with Agatha secretly manipulating, with Herb in his garden, Pietro’s introduction, she’s on the lawn drinking wine, and in the car talking to Vision, was all an act. The camera pulls back to reveal Agatha as the interviewer on a set. She turns around holding a blanket, “I killed Sparky too!” Agatha laughs maniacally.

In a post-credits scene, Monica arrives at Agatha’s house. She opens a latch to the basement, but is surprised by Quicksilver. He captures her, probably still under Agatha’s control.

Agnes was suspected to be Agatha Harkness from the pilot episode. Fandom called that correctly from the broach she wears to the truncation of “Agnes”. It’s now clear that she’s been after the boys all along. Her husband Ralph, still unseen, may be Mephisto, who needed Wanda’s children to take human form. This is a storyline from the comics. Monica now has superpowers. Her blue eyes and energy signature was strong enough to deflect Wanda. She, Vision, and Darcy are all converging on Agatha’s house. Tune into WandaVision next Friday to see Agatha’s true purpose, exclusively on Disney+.

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