One Piece Live-Action Prosthetics Head Reveals How Chopper Would Look in Season 2


  • Head of prosthetics, Jaco Snyman, is tasked with bringing the beloved character Tony Tony Chopper to life in the live-action adaptation of One Piece on Netflix.
  • The introduction of Chopper in the second season adds excitement and speculation for fans, as he plays a pivotal role as the crew’s doctor.
  • Showrunner Steven Maeda aims to capture Chopper’s essence by potentially casting a younger actor instead of relying heavily on CGI, aligning with the series’ emphasis on genuine and relatable portrayals.

The magic of translating iconic animated characters into live-action is a herculean task that demands the touch of a seasoned professional. For One Piece on Netflix, that touch belongs to none other than the head of prosthetics, Jaco Snyman. And for fans ardently waiting for news on the much-anticipated second season, Snyman has hinted at the design and potential portrayal of the beloved Tony Tony Chopper.

The adaptation of One Piece to the live-action genre has been no less than an ambitious venture. Following a standout debut season, the announcement of a second season delightedly affirmed the show’s triumph. But what stirs intrigue is the introduction of new characters from the vast and captivating One Piece universe. Enter Tony Tony Chopper, a character renowned not only for his appeal but also for his emblematic role as a mascot for the franchise.

In a candid conversation with GameSpot, Snyman expressed his eagerness and challenge about the possible design of Chopper for the next season. Given that the character is a distinctive blend of a reindeer and human, the task is undeniably complex. Yet, taking cues from past adaptations, especially Arlong, portrayed by McKinley Belcher III, Snyman hinted at a balance of practical effects and prosthetics.

While the renewal announcement of One Piece on Netflix was already cause for celebration, the inclusion of Chopper added to the fervor. The subtle hint that the Straw Hat crew may be in search of a doctor paved the way for the speculation. Chopper, beyond his charm, serves a pivotal role as the crew’s doctor, making his introduction timely and essential.

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Tony Tony Chopper’s Journey to Screen: Steven Maeda’s Vision vs. The Challenges of Live-Action Adaptation

Steven Maeda, the showrunner, has always been vocal about his fondness for Chopper. The early introduction of this character as the sixth ally in Luffy’s gang hints at a compelling and smooth tale of his incorporation for the fans. Chopper’s poignant backstory as an outcast resonates with the series’ ethos, drawing parallels with Luffy’s (Iñaki Godoy) overarching principle to champion the dreams of the marginalized.

The rendition of Chopper’s story on screen is eagerly anticipated. However, what truly poses a creative challenge is his appearance. Steven Maeda has consistently been averse to an over-reliance on CGI for the series. The vision came to life with the Fishmen, whose portrayal leaned decidedly towards the genuine and relatable. For Chopper, who is depicted as a 15-year-old in the original works, the team may pivot towards casting a younger actor to capture the character’s endearing stature and essence.

In essence, while there are inevitable challenges in integrating Tony Tony Chopper into the live-action realm of One Piece on Netflix, the potential richness he promises to bring to the narrative is boundless. The voyage on the horizon promises a tapestry of adventures, unexpected turns, and bonds that warm the heart, as global fans keenly await the next chapter of the Straw Hat crew.

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