Superman Fan Art Has Michael B. Jordan Donning Val-Zod’s Cape


  • Michael B. Jordan as Val-Zod sparks excitement among fans, with an artist’s rendition capturing the essence of the character and igniting hope for its realization.
  • Jordan emphasizes the importance of Black leads in hero stories and representation, hinting at the potential for more diverse characters to be brought into the spotlight.
  • James Gunn and Peter Safran’s extensive slate of DC projects showcases their commitment to refreshing the lineup, promising intricate narratives and a rejuvenated cinematic universe.

The bustling panorama of the entertainment universe continues to keep fans on their toes, as changes within DC Universe unfold with a meticulous eye to diversity and fresh narrative arcs. The wind of change ushers in intriguing possibilities with James Gunn and Peter Safran laying down a new path for the DC universe. A considerable shakeup has resulted in a slew of projects being relegated to the backburner. Amid these changes, the idea of Michael B. Jordan embodying Val-Zod, Superman’s parallel from Earth 2, echoes among the hopeful whispers of fans.

The advent of an artwork by an Instagram artist, recognized by the handle @Subi.Ozil, breathes visual life into this idea. The portrayal of Jordan as Val-Zod transcends the usual superhero imagery, promising a manifestation that fans are yearning for. The artist brings forth Jordan’s potential look as Val-Zod, replete with characteristic comic attire, igniting a collective desire for realization of this vision. Despite the dim likelihood of this project seeing the daylight, it exudes an undeniable allure for fans who ardently wish for its fruition.

In the labyrinth of interviews and press questions, Jordan maintains a poised ambiguity regarding his involvement in the Val-Zod project at HBO Max. Nevertheless, his voice joins the chorus emphasizing the significance of Black leads in hero-centric narratives. He underlines the criticality of representation, hinting at the myriad characters and stories yet basking in obscurity, awaiting their moment under the spotlight.

The revelation by Gunn and Safran of their extensive DC slate earlier this year sent ripples of anticipation through the fandom. Titles like Creature Commandos, Waller, Superman: Legacy, and several others proudly adorn the list. Their endeavor to refresh the DC character line-up is clear as day. Their statement exudes their reverence for the timeless DC characters and their unwavering commitment to weaving an intricate, multilayered narrative universe. The creative duo’s aspiration to global cinematic rejuvenation is vivid as they prepare to unfold tales of unprecedented scale and grandeur.

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Shelved Dreams: The Pause on Anticipated DC Projects

DC Comics

It is worth noting that amidst these sweeping changes, the initially speculated projects including Nightwing, Zatanna, and Black Canary, have encountered a pause. Further, the Val-Zod project, whispered to star Jordan, joins the list of suspended aspirations. The upcoming Superman movie, now reported to star David Corenswet, echoes the reshaped visions of Gunn and Safran for the iconic Man of Steel.

In the vast expanse of the entertainment world, changes are the only constant. The DC Universe, under the deft leadership of Gunn and Safran, is gearing up to traverse uncharted territories, possibly leaving behind the initial expectations and speculations. While the notion of Jordan gracing the screen as Val-Zod may currently reside in the realms of artistic imagination, it continues to fuel the dreams of countless fans.

The shifting landscapes of the DC Universe carry the promise of diversity, innovation, and enthralling narratives. As the multitude of characters and stories prepare to unfold on the global cinematic canvas, the hope for unique representations and groundbreaking portrayals, such as Jordan’s potential embodiment of Val-Zod, keeps the flame of anticipation brightly aflame in the hearts of fans worldwide.

Superman: Legacy is currently scheduled to be released on 11 July 2025.

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