What’s Kate Upton Up To?


Kate Upton’s latest role? Co-owner of canned cocktail brand Vosa Spirits. In addition to her daily management duties, the model and actress is also the face of the brand’s new summer campaign. As the season heats up, we couldn’t think of a better person to chat all things refreshing with—while also catching up with the Daily cover girl, who’s embracing time with her daughter and decluttering her closet. From her go-to cocktail order to the impact of motherhood—plus memories from filming hit movie “The Other Woman”—discover what Upton’s up to right now!

You’ve been a co-owner of Vosa Spirits since October. What drew you to such a high-level role?
I’m from Michigan, and Vosa is a Michigan-based company. While I was there, I tried the product and really enjoyed it. I think ready-to-drink [beverages] is such a saturated space, but it’s a really different product in that the vodka water isn’t carbonated. I thought it was really refreshing, and the brand really cares about quality ingredients—six times-distilled vodka, which is what I care about: still enjoying your life, but having quality be a part of it.

Vosa just launched its new Highline and Vodka Water flavors for summer—do you have a favorite?
Yes! We just launched the Vosa High Line Tropics collection, and my favorite [flavor] is the lime. The High Line is slightly carbonated, and it’s more inspired by a cocktail and less like a malt seltzer. It’s really delicious, and easy to grab—it’s an awesome product.

Kate Upton (Courtesy of Vosa Spirits)

Are there skills you feel you’ve transferred from modeling and acting into your co-owner role?
Modeling is marketing. You are at the very core of marketing some of these…and I’ve had the pleasure of being very involved in the marketing plans for some of the biggest companies. Being in the press involves post-production—marketing’s a part of that, too. Having a brand and understanding marketing is a huge asset.

Let’s talk cocktails! Do you have a go-to cocktail order, or has it changed over the years?
Oh, it’s always changing. It’s very mood-based. I’ve never actually had a go-to cocktail, because it’s always about where I am and what kind of ingredients they have. I’m always very aware of wanting to put quality ingredients in my body, but also so the hangover the next day isn’t as bad. That’s another reason I love Vosa—it’s always on-hand. I finally have my go-to cocktail!

Do you prefer having cocktails at home, or out on the town?
I think it’s less about where I am, and more about who I’m with. At the same time, nothing beats a cocktail on a boat with friends.

Vosa Spirits’ High Line drinks (Courtesy of Vosa Spirits)

Where are you based these days, and how often do you come to New York City?
I don’t know where I’m based! {Laughs] I’m always between Houston, Florida, and New York. I love going to New York. New York is one of my favorite cities in the world. I’m very attached. New York has the best food. I could go on and on about restaurants, how amazing their food is—but I don’t know if you want me to!

What are your recommendations? Do you have favorite spots in town?
I love Polo Bar, Torrisi, Sushi Noz, Zero Bond, Elio’s, Milos. I love Central Park. I think a boat cruise is just so fun! CitiBikes are my favorite—I’m always biking around the city. I love biking the West Side Highway. Broadway shows [are] so fun—I’ve always loved Broadway shows, but now bringing my daughter to some of the kid-friendly Broadway shows is the best. I love Color Factory there. They also have Color Factory in Houston—so I’m a big Color Factory fan with my daughter.

Do you have any goals of being on Broadway in the future?
I’ve never thought about it! I mean, I’m always open.

Kate Upton (Courtesy of Vosa Spirits)

You’re a mother, as well. Five years in, how has motherhood changed your outlook on life? What have you learned from it so far?
I think my outlook on everything has changed since becoming a mother. I didn’t even know I was capable of such a deep love, and bettering myself to set a good example for my daughter. Also appreciating the little things, or the quiet moments—since becoming a mother, it’s what I look forward to the most. Sometimes, the most special moments are being at home with her, watching a show or just playing together.

Let’s talk fashion! What pieces do you have in your closet from your first modeling days?
I am trying to be less of a hoarder, so I think I’ve gotten rid of most of my stuff. But thinking back, I feel like my style hasn’t changed much since some of my beginning modeling days. I might still have a leather jacket from my original modeling days, but I feel like all my core pieces are still similar—jeans, and tank tops, and jackets.

You’ve worked with some incredible photographers over the years: Steven Meisel, Mario Testino, Mario Sorrenti… The list goes on! Who’s still on your wishlist that you haven’t worked with yet, or want to reunite with?
I would love to work with Steven Meisel again. He’s so incredible. I so enjoyed collaborating with him—he has such a clear vision, and is obviously Steven Meisel for a reason. And I would love to work with David Sims.

Kate Upton in Express’ Spring 2015 campaign (Mario Sorrenti)

Finally, we have to ask: The Other Woman has become a cult classic. Do you have a favorite memory from filming that movie, and do people come up to you and quote it?
All the time! All the time. People are always quoting it to me, especially the “I think it’s just sweat” line [Laughs]. I had so much fun filming that. Leslie Mann and Cameron Diaz are incredible, and I’m so lucky I can call them friends still to this day. I actually celebrated my 21st birthday on that set, and after filming they threw me a fun party by our hotel. We just went straight from set there. It was an early morning, so basically [we were] just in pajamas and had the best time.

Kate Upton, Cameron Diaz, Leslie Mann

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