Boy Kills World Review | A Wild Ride Not for the Faint of Heart


  • A ripped Bill Skarsgård shines in
    Boy Kills World
    with immense physicality and depth, and he faces off against well-written villains.
  • Wonderful narration from H. Jon Benjamin and trippy visuals keeps the movie fun and often very funny.
  • It’s a violent ride for action junkies, though it may be too frenetic and over the top for some people.

Boy Kills World will kick your ass and break a foot doing it between bouts of raucous laughter. The hyperkinetic actioner takes familiar themes to glorious heights with creative direction, an all-star cast, and surprising plot twists that reframe the narrative during a bold climax. Bill Skarsgård is a beast and a half in a literally silent performance. His deaf and mute protagonist pounds baddies to a bloody pulp with emotive facial expressions. The character’s thoughts are heard through hilarious voiceover narration by H. Jon Benjamin. Boy Kills World never takes its foot off the gas. The adrenaline rush may become tiresome for some audiences, but action junkies will be in heaven.

In a dystopian, post-apocalyptic future, the ruthless Hilda van der Koy (Famke Janssen) and her bickering siblings rule a sprawling city with an iron fist. They use “Culling Day” to quiet dissent through public executions staged with theatrical flair. Hilda’s brother, Gideon (Brett Gelman), constructs fiendish plots under the direction of their sister, Melanie (Michelle Dockery), the true brains behind the van der Koy operation. Glen (Sharlto Copley), Melanie’s witless trophy husband, serves as a TV host and ringmaster for the slaughter. June 27 (Jessica Rothe) rounds out the gang as their lethal enforcer. She wears a helmet that digitally broadcasts her intentions before gleefully gutting victims.

Young Boy (Cameron Crovetti) pushes his cabbage cart through teeming streets. He reads the lips of the fearful while observing van der Koy atrocities. Boy remembers watching his mother and beloved little sister, Mina, brutally murdered on Culling Day. His escape into the woods hardened a steely resolve for revenge. He becomes an unparalleled fighter under the Shaman’s (Yayan Ruhian) cruel tutelage. Years later, the adult Boy (Skarsgård) is tired of training. It’s time to annihilate the van der Koys at all costs, but how can he get close to them?

The Murderous Theatrics of Boy Kills World

Boy Kills World


Release Date April 26, 2024

Director Moritz Mohr

Runtime 115 Minutes


  • Bill Skarsgård is a work of art in Boy Kills World.
  • Delirious and inventive action sequences with a ton of humor.
  • Great characters and some big surprises keep the movie exciting.


  • The movie may be too frenetic and over the top for some people.

Boy Kills World has all the tenets of an insanely violent video game. It eclipses that limited scope by having fascinating characters with far more depth than expected. German filmmaker Moritz Mohr, stunning in his feature debut, peels back layers through carefully crafted exposition. What’s on the surface is not indicative of the undercurrents below.

The van der Koys are not cut from the same diabolical cloth. Gideon, for example, has a fascinating character arc that explores his desire to be respected as a writer. He takes his role seriously and constantly chafes at his sister Melanie’s meddling. She couldn’t give a hoot about his artistic integrity. Melanie understands the power of broadcast carnage to tame unruly masses. Her bread and circus spectacles have the singular intent of preserving their family’s authoritarian dynasty. Gelman, Dockery, and a scene-stealing Copley bring interpersonal heft and realism to the bloodbath.

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Bill Skarsgård Kills It in Brilliantly Directed Action Scenes

Skarsgård is absolutely shredded in a highly physical, nuanced performance. His towering, lean frame looks etched out of stone as he punches, kicks, and shoots everything van der Koy. But Boy isn’t a mindless killing machine. His inner voice, taken from a favorite fighting game, gives light to a wounded and thoughtful disposition.

Boy interacts with a ghostly vision of his deceased sister as a sort of moral guide. She’s the proverbial angel on his shoulder whose innocence tries to stop a relentless rampage. Skarsgård’s haunted eyes serve as the window to his soul. They speak volumes of true feelings as Boy’s quest goes in an unexpected direction. The film’s whopper reveals are stunning.

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Mohr’s action scenes are dynamite covered in gasoline. His brilliant camera placement captures the amazing fight choreography in long, fluid sequences. This is especially well done when Boy has to turn corners or swiftly change directions. The camera parabolically swings around as he attacks and defends himself. Mohr doesn’t use edits or jump cuts to speed up the action. Timing in these set-ups is key. No one can miss their marks or the shot is ruined. Mohr has sharp technical acumen and a clear vision of every position’s progress, but keeps Boy’s perspective central. It’s hard to believe this is Mohr’s first film. He’s got a bright future in Hollywood.

Silly & Savage but Maybe Frenetic to a Fault

The film has trippy visuals that bolster the comedic elements. Let’s just say the Shaman isn’t just high on life. Wacky is an understatement. Mohr gets downright bonkers as Boy’s imagination runs wild. These scenes will have some rolling with laughter and lose others completely. Mohr’s ping pong bounce between silly and savage won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. This, combined with the frenetic nature of the story, has a fire hose delivery to a perceived fault. Boy Kills World is a wild ride not for the faint of heart.

Boy Kills World is a production of Nthibah Pictures, Hammerstone Studios, Raimi Productions, and Vertigo Entertainment. It will be released theatrically on April 26th from Roadside Attractions and Lionsgate. You can watch the trailer below.

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