Emeli Sande: ‘I wanted to inspire thought and being in control of your destiny’ – Music News

Emeli Sandé joins The Rebecca Judd Show to discuss her new album, ‘Let’s Say For Instance’. She shares how the recent lockdown made her reevaluate her priorities, reflects on the process of making her new album and more.

Emeli Sandé Tells Apple Music About The Title Of Her New Album ‘Let’s Say For Instance’…
‘Let’s Say for Instance’. Well, I really wanted to call it this because I wanted to inspire thought and being in control of your destiny, and I think until you can imagine something it’s not possible. And I think a lot of people get stuck in depression or low vibrations because they just don’t think a better or brighter future is possible. So, I was like, “Okay, let’s say for instance it is.” Forget all the things that will… logically it’s not going to happen, it’s… Let’s say for instance, you do deserve a great life. Let’s say for instance, you do deserve love in your life. The future is going to be amazing. Let’s just say for instance, so it can just place that little bit of that spec of hope in someone’s head and then we move forward.

Emeli Sandé Tells Apple Music What She Wants People To Take Away From Her New Album..
I just want to give people a headspace from the beginning of the album to the end, just a bit of freedom and a place where they can feel encouraged, inspired, and also just have a bit of fun. I really want to give people release with the music and definitely during lockdown, because I used to study medicine. I have a lot of friends who are now doctors and obviously we’re talking about the NHS so much, the frontline workers. I was like, “Whoa, what is my use? Music is a wonderful thing for entertaining and it’s… I’m privileged and I love to make music. It’s great for me, but what am I actually giving to people, and how can I heal through the music?” So, that was something that was always on my mind. Through the music, how can I connect and heal and give something beyond entertainment?

Emeli Sandé Tells Apple Music How Lockdown Made Her Re-evaluate…
You really have to re-evaluate yourself and your worth and your priorities in life. So yeah, being with my family was amazing. I have a little nephew, he’s only about three. So, being around his innocence and completely unaware of what was going on, really helped me. Having a studio at home was a massive blessing, so I could really just put all that energy, all those thoughts into the music and actually have a project to work on. I think that was my saving grace to be honest.

Emeli Sandé Tells Apple Music About Longevity In The Music Industry…
To be in the industry for 10 years, it’s not an easy thing to do. And to still have passion for music, I feel proud of myself to… despite the highs and lows, to still have that in my heart. I’m still excited to make music. I’m still excited to be on stage. And yeah, I just feel proud that I was able to… It was a big risk moving to London. I only knew two people.

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