Alan Ritchson Returns as Jack Reacher in Season 3 Set Images of Prime Video’s Series


  • Alan Ritchson reprises his role as Jack Reacher in the highly anticipated third season of the Prime Video series.
  • Season 3 promises to isolate Reacher more than before.
  • Maria Sten is set to return as Master Sergeant Frances Neagley, adding continuity to the storyline based on Lee Child’s novel

Alan Ritchson is back on set for the eagerly anticipated third season of Reacher in new photos shared on social media. Reprising his role as the titular character after completing a publicity tour for Guy Ritchie’s World War II film, The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare, Ritchson has returned to Millbrook, Ontario, to continue filming the third outing for Lee Child’s popular drifter.

Season 3 of Prime Video’s juggernaut promises to push the boundaries for Reacher, isolating him more than in previous seasons, according to the show’s producers. Unlike the first two seasons, where Reacher was supported by a team of allies, this season will see him largely on his own. This is certainly apparent in the photos from the set, courtesy of Neil Morton on X/Twitter, show Ritchson in all his muscle-bound glory in the middle of the next chapter of his journey.

While the Reacher series has a certain stand-alone quality to is seasons, Maria Sten is set to return as Master Sergeant Frances Neagley in Season 3, adding a layer of continuity that many complained was missing from Season 2. The storyline for Season 3, based on Lee Child’s novel Persuader, follows Reacher as he intervenes in a brutal kidnap attempt only to find himself deeper in trouble. The official Jack Reacher website gives a little insight into what can be expected from the novel’s plot.

“A cop is dead, and Reacher pulled the trigger. When Jack Reacher witnesses a brutal kidnap attempt, he takes the law into his own hands. Never apologize. Never explain. Jack Reacher lives for the moment. Without a home. Without commitment. But he has a burning desire for justice.”


Release Date February 4, 2022

Cast Alan Ritchson , Maria Sten , Malcolm Goodwin , Willa Fitzgerald

Seasons 2

Creator Nick Santora

Alan Ritchson Wants to Play Reacher for a Long Time, But Has Another Role in His Sights

Alan Ritchson was doing okay before taking on the role of Reacher, but the show has become one of those performances that opens up many other avenues that were not as accessible beforehand. The success of the Reacher franchise has already seen the actor being inundated with movie offers, including his recent releases of Ordinary Angels and The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare.

Despite this, the actor has made it clear that he has a commitment to sticking with Reacher for as long as he is able to. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter last month, Ritchson said:

“I owe it to the audience to explore as many of these books as my body will allow , and I owe it to the people that took a shot on me when I was a huge risk for them. They have given me a real career.”

Related Reacher’s Alan Ritchson Shares Unpopular Critcism of James Bond: ‘People Are Going to Hate Me for Saying This’ Alan Ritchson has shared a hot take on the iconic James Bond franchise, and he knowns it is not going to be popular with everyone.

However, one role that the action hero would love to take on is one that is not only highly coveted but one of the hardest to achieve – Batman. After many fan-castings and AI-generated images of what he could look like in the role, Ritchson admitted in the same interview that he would really love to become the next Dark Knight. He said:

“I’m getting this question, would I rather play Batman or Joker – Joaquin Phoenix crushed it, there’s no following that. I would love to play Batman, there, I said it! Okay I’ll shout it from the rooftops, ‘I want to be Bruce Wayne!’ Here’s the thing about Batman – you know what his superpower is? Intelligence: The dude is the smartest superhero there is. He’s inventive and he’s got all the gadgets stuff, but he’s super smart. I want to be that guy and also to have like a cave with hypercars, sports cars, and awesome motorcycles.”

At the moment, there is one upcoming Batman role waiting to be cast in the DCU movie The Bold and the Brave, but with Ritchson’s commitment to Reacher, and several other offers on the table, the real question is whether he would be able to add the role to that list even if it was offered to him. Fans hoping for this outcome will continue to wait with bated breath.

Season 3 is currently filming and expected to land on Prime Video at the end of the year.
The Ministry of Ungentlemanly Warfare
is in cinemas now.

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