Days of Our Lives Round Table: Chloe Knows The Truth!

Chloe knows the truth about Sarah’s baby!

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Kpatch from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum, to debate Brady’s attitude toward Theresa, Steve and Kayla’s nagging, Wendy being fired, and whether Jada can keep Talia’s secret.

 And will either Rex and Sarah’s or Chloe and Xander’s weddings actually happen? Read on to see what our round table team thinks.

Chloe knows Victoria is Xander’s child. Will she tell him the truth?

Kpatch: I think she will. She’s not Nicole. She knows that secrets always come out. Plus, I don’t think she’s deeply in love with Xander, and maybe this news provides her with an “out.”

Jack: I hope so! I don’t want this dragged out any longer.

I don’t see Chloe being the type to keep it to herself so she can hold onto a man, but I didn’t see Jennifer that way either, and she kept Nicole being alive from Eric for that reason.

In any case, the question is what will happen once Xander knows. He could stay with Chloe and co-parent Victoria, but knowing this show, he’ll likely run right back to Sarah, and then what will Chloe do?

I don’t want another Brady/Chloe/Philip triangle, but I’m afraid that’s where we’re headed unless Brady comes back from California with a new attitude toward Theresa.

Christine: I hope she tells Xander. They seem to have built a solid friendship. She actually likes and has grown to respect Xander. Plus, Chloe is mature enough not to keep a child from her parent simply so she can keep a man.

I used to love Sarah and Xander, but now I’m enjoying Xander and Chloe, so this could turn out to be a love triangle that has me torn. But after how badly Sarah has treated Xander, I wouldn’t mind if Xander married Chloe and Sarah was forced to co-parent with her ex and his new wife.

What did you think about Justin and Brady’s opinions about Theresa? Were they too harsh, or did they get it right?

Kpatch: I think their opinion of Theresa is valid, and she’s done nothing to make them think well of her. She keeps saying she’s changed, but her behavior says loud and clear she has not.

I feel bad for her that she has been pining for Brady. She can do better, and she should have met someone in California by now.

Jack: I felt like the writers thought if they had Justin agree that Theresa is horrible and evil, then viewers would get on board even though it doesn’t match the way Theresa was the last few times she was on or our memories of the state of her relationship with Brady.

There is no reason for all this hatred. Theresa is NOT Kristen 2.0. She can be somewhat devious, but Brady should be harnessing that to get Rachel back from Kristen.

And Brady got along with her fine until she showed back up in Salem, which makes no sense whatsoever. At least he softened toward her when she pointed out she wouldn’t have Tate expelled purposely just to sit next to Brady on a plane.

As for Justin, it’s time he stopped fighting Alex’s battles for him. Alex is an adult, and if he wants to date Theresa, that’s his business.

Christine: I don’t get Brady’s anger towards Theresa. She’s not evil. And for the record, Brady has done far worse things than Theresa has.

And what room does Justin have to talk? Alex exists because Justin cheated on Adrienne (more than once). And he married Bonnie, who isn’t exactly a saint.

Theresa is flawed, but no more so than anyone else in Salem, so I wish they’d lay off all of the Theresa hate.

Kayla and Steve pushed Stephanie and Chad to get married. Was this out of character? Would you like to see Chad and Stephanie get married?

Kpatch: Yes, it was out of character, especially for Steve. At least Kayla had a private conversation about it with Stephanie.

I think their concerns are valid, and they want to see their little sweetness settled and happy.

Jack: I found this annoying. Kayla is right that Chad and Stephanie have to consider the children, but that doesn’t mean she should endlessly push for marriage. There are lots of couples who raise children together without being married.

Some people don’t believe in marriage, yet are committed to each other and the kids. If they’re not going to get married, they need to look into legal options to ensure Stephanie has the right to make medical or educational decisions in case something comes up and Chad isn’t available.

They should be mindful of the children’s attachment to Stephanie, but they don’t need to be married to be committed to the kids.

Steve’s comment was very silly. Sharing a laugh isn’t a reason to consider marriage.

If Chad and Stephanie are truly committed to each other and want to get married, then I’d be happy to see that—assuming the wedding goes through and doesn’t end prematurely because Abby returns from the dead or something.

Christine: This did feel strange. I agree that the kids could become very attached to Stephanie, and if this relationship doesn’t work out, that’s another serious loss in their very young lives. But that’s a conversation that should have taken place before they moved in together.

Pushing a couple to get married is just awkward and silly. Chad and Stephanie are adults who are more than capable of talking about whether marriage is right for them.

And having Steve critique their relationship in front of them fell somewhere between uncomfortable and creepy.

Did Teresa and Alex make a mistake by having sex while in Greece?

Kpatch: It’s not a mistake if they’re both consenting. I’d like to see where the relationship might go. It has started out refreshingly honest.

Jack: Probably, since Theresa was upset about Brady, and I’m not sure anyone used birth control.

It’s not like either of them is committed to other people, though, so they didn’t betray anyone, and they were honest with each other the next day, which was refreshing.

Christine: Not really. They’re consenting adults who have no commitments to anyone else and are clearly attracted to one another. So, as long as they’re honest with one another and use some sort of protection, then what’s the harm?

However, I do wish this show would do more slow burns than characters jumping into bed, but that doesn’t seem to be the trend lately. 

Jada knows that Talia and Shawn slept together. Will she be able to keep the secret or continue working with Shawn?

Kpatch: I hope Jada keeps it to herself. I expect her to read Shawn the riot Act about taking advantage of her vulnerable baby sister. I am more concerned about Belle’s reaction when she finds out.

Jack: I don’t see how Jada keeps this secret. She’s likely going to confront Shawn, and someone will overhear, especially if she does it in the Square instead of in private.

Christine: The only person she needs to keep this secret from is Belle, and I can’t imagine her purposefully telling Belle that Shawn cheated on her.

But there’s no way Jada doesn’t confront Shawn about this, and when that happens, anyone in Salem might overhear.

Wendy got fired for spying on EJ, and Rafe suspects she made fake passports for Ava and Harris. What do you think Wendy’s future is in Salem?

Kpatch: Maybe John and Steve will hire Wendy at their detective agency since she loves to snoop anyway.

Jack: I have no idea. She and Tripp are probably going to continue getting into “adventures” together, but stupid ones like this.

Wendy deserved to be fired, even though EJ deserved to be caught. Among other things, an IT expert like herself should not be breaking into phones by guessing random numbers as a passcode, so if that’s the extent of her IT knowledge, she didn’t deserve the job.

What happened to the spunky, smart Wendy who wanted to overcome gender bias? She’s been replaced by this caricature who only cares about the man of the moment and takes offense at words like “manhandled.”

Christine: Yes, she deserved to get fired. And if she has a history of making fake passports, then she deserves to go to prison.

It feels like the show can’t figure out who Wendy is. She’s all over the map on career choices, family issues, and relationships. I was a fan of hers at first, but as of late, I just find her exhausting.

Both Rex and Sarah and Chloe and Xander are planning weddings. Do you think either of them will actually happen? Are you rooting for either couple?

Kpatch: I don’t think either of them will actually get married. I want to see Sarah and Xander together where they belong, but Sarah needs to get off her high horse first.

Rex needs to go back to Chicago and stay there. He is not a compelling character.

Jack: I doubt either wedding will take place. I’d bet anything that Xander is going to interrupt Sarah and Rex’s wedding to confront Sarah with the truth.

I like Chloe and Xander’s relationship and hate to see Chloe lose out yet again, especially if it means drifting back toward Brady. Rex and Sarah, I could do without. Rex is everything Brady accused Theresa of being: desperate, pathetic, and constantly throwing himself at someone who doesn’t want him.

Christine: I can’t stand Rex and Sarah, but I’ve grown to like Chloe and Xander. I know it’s a serious long shot, but I would like to see them end up together.

But realistically, weddings are derailed all the time in Salem, so don’t expect either couple to actually make it to complete their “I do’s.”

What annoyed the heck out of you this week in Salem?

Kpatch: Talia annoys me every week. She is great at throwing pity parties and making excuses for her poor judgment. I didn’t like how Shawn tried to shoulder the full blame.

And Stefan and Gabi have become the most boring, bland couple in Salem. My interest in their corporate takeover aspirations is less than zero.

Jack: In case it’s not yet abundantly clear, I’m beyond annoyed with the way Brady, and now Justin, is treating Theresa. Brady and Theresa had a friendly co-parenting relationship up until now, and then when she shows up in town, Brady treats her like she’s Kristen 2.0.

It’s abusive, and Brady being upset about Victor’s death or Rachel being given to Kristen does not excuse his behavior. It would have been a MUCH better story for Brady and Theresa to team up to outmaneuver Kristen and get Rachel back, and in the process, fall back in love.

I’d love to see bratty Rachel try to get rid of Theresa the way she did, Chloe. It. Would. Not. Work.

But instead of the entertainment that would be THAT story, we have this nonsense with Brady saying horrible, mean, and untrue things about Theresa and Theresa crying about it.

And now Justin wants to stop his adult son from being corrupted by Theresa. At least base it on what Theresa tried to do to JJ, you know, Justin’s NEPHEW, instead of some nonsense based on nothing.

I also can’t stand what’s been done with Shawn and this alcoholism story. A story about Shawn falling apart after Victor’s death makes sense, but not like this. It’s unrealistic and doesn’t do anything but make Shawn look horrible.

And why is Jada giving Talia a pass? I understand that Talia has mental health issues, but she chose to get drunk over Chanel dumping her, and now Jada is shielding her from the consequences. It’s just enabling at this point.

Why is Vivian trying to manipulate Salemites into working with her instead of relying on her right-hand man, Ivan?

Finally, can we end this nonsensical Ava/Harris in London story? There is no reason for them to be on the run, and Ava was right that they can’t just go to a big city like London and search random places for Susan.

Christine: Brady generally being a jerk. I can’t believe he tried to forbid Theresa from going to California to pick up their son. Who the hell does he think he is?

And Sarah lying about Victoria, dismissing Maggie’s concerns, and cozying up to a simpering Rex is making me nauseous.

And for the record, NO ONE wants to get married the day they leave the hospital with their newborn after giving birth. All you want is baggy clothes, a soft bed, a nap, and all the foods you weren’t allowed to eat while you were pregnant! But a wedding would not make the list.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline in Salem this week?

Kpatch: I love Louise Sorel as Vivian. Nobody does it better. She was hilarious telling each of her “right-hand man” picks that they were her one and only choice.

My favorite moment was when she was dying to hug Philip, and he kept backing away. That was choreographed quite well. I was glad Philip avoided getting caught in her web and applauded his suggestion that she should check herself into a sanitorium.

I am also thrilled that Johnny and Chanel are back together.

Lastly, I loved Maggie standing her ground with Sarah. Sarah will do what she wants, but Maggie made it clear she does not approve and doesn’t want to be part of it. I like the way Maggie essentially ignored Rex.

Jack: I loved Philip putting Vivian in her place! Go, Philip! I hope his new resolve lasts.

Christine: Yes, Philip standing up to Vivian was a highlight. This new version of Philip is really starting to grow on me. He’s more confident and taking no crap from anyone.

And I love how Maggie spoke her mind to Rex and Sarah. She would not compromise herself to officiate a sham wedding that’s only purpose is to keep a father away from his daughter. She loves Sarah, and she’ll keep her secret, but this was a step too far.

I’m thrilled with Johnny and Chanel finally getting back together. It always felt like they only broke up for the sake of drama during the devil storyline. I never expected it to take this long for them to find their way back to one another.

Now it’s your turn, TV Fanatics. Will Chloe tell Xander the truth? Were Justin and Brady right about Theresa? And will either wedding actually happen?

Hit that SHOW COMMENTS button below to let us know. Then check out Jack Ori’s Days of Our Lives review here at TV Fanatic.

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