Meet The New York City Dentist Influencers and Models Are Flocking To

On the hunt for a new dentist? One of the most popular cosmetic and restorative dentists in New York is Dr. Stephanie Dumanian of Park Lex 60 Dental. Models, influencers, and athletes have been heading to her practice to give their face that million dollar Insta smile. She tells us how her professional journey is a personal one and what everyone is wanting now that the masks are finally coming off. 

You were born with a congenitally missing tooth. How did experiencing cosmetic dentistry at a very young age impact you and your career choice?
At 9 years old my family and I discovered I was missing a front tooth because I was genetically born without one. As a growing young girl it definitely impacted my self-esteem. If you saw photos of me while I was in braces with this huge gap, I was never smiling. As that gap widened, I definitely went through a “shy phase,” My orthodontist referred me to an incredible cosmetic dentist who restored my smile in a way that was not commonly done at that time. He was an aesthetic master and that gave me the confidence to really grow into the person I am today. He inspired me to go to dental school and was an important mentor to me in my early years as a young dentist. He literally changed my life and I look to do that for my own patients to varying degrees.

Wow. Where did you study and when did you open doors to your offices?
I completed dental school at Columbia University and went to Barnard for undergrad. I opened my first practice in 2013 and merged that practice with my current office, Park Lex 60 Dental in 2018.

The dental world is constantly adding new technology. How do you keep up?
I’m constantly taking new courses to stimulate myself and I love to blend together what I’ve learned to create better techniques and approaches. Even during the pandemic, I tried to catch up on different dental journals, remote courses and meetings with study clubs and other dentists. However, as technology changes to more digital options, it’s important to note that nothing can truly replace the natural beauty of hand layered porcelain. It’s a dying art as most restorations these days are printed and then stained. Our master lab technicians really bring the art to dentistry creating lifelike restorations by hand. There’s a place for technology in dentistry but it’s still very much an art form for those that are looking for only the best.

Dr. Stephanie Dumanian (Credit @true.state)

Every dentist brings something unique to the table. What do you bring?
Listening to my patients and really getting to know their desires. There isn’t just one idea of what is beautiful in this world. There are certain things that fall within that spectrum but really understanding what my patients want and what they find esthetic is the key to delivering stunning results every time. My patients’ happiness is the most important thing to me as a glowing smile can change a person’s life. It may seem dramatic but many of my patients have found themselves transformed after esthetic work. When their teeth finally match who they feel they truly are they find love, a new job, and their inner confidence shines through. It gives me great pleasure to know I’ve connected so intimately with my patients in that way.

What are the most popular cosmetic dental treatments your patients are requesting now that the CDC has advised that vaccinated people are able to go maskless?
People who have put themselves off for years are saying “enough is enough!” They are finally starting to focus on themselves and want their outer beauty to reflect their inner health. My patients are coming in asking for a better and more confident smile usually with Invisalign clear aligner treatment. While most patients don’t automatically come in asking for veneers, after our thorough aesthetic consultation, it’s one of our most popular procedure. They want their teeth to look natural and veneers are often the most conservative and impactful way to do that.

While you’ve become the go-to New York cosmetic dentist for females like Busy Philipps, Ashley Park, Cipriana Quann and TK Wonder – you also count as your patients a variety of guys like Brooklyn Nets NBA player Bruce Brown, IMG models RJ King & Charlie Knepper, Christian Bendek, Moti Ankari, Caleb Thill, and Brian Morr. Are you finding that men and women are looking for different types of treatments or want to achieve different results?
Everyone wants to feel confident about their smile but men and women have different criteria. I find that men are more concerned about their teeth getting short and worn down. We see a lot of teeth that are disproportionate to faces and they want to create that harmony. Generally, women cut straight to the chase: They want whiter, fuller and more uniform teeth that still are natural-looking. Women are so educated about how dental esthetic work can change their whole face almost like having plastic surgery. The cosmetic dental work we do can make lips and cheeks look fuller without even touching someone’s face with injectables.

What are the benefits of working with influencers?
We’re so happy to have them as our patients. They obviously help us get the word out about what we do but as far as my concerned, all our patients are influencers!


Is there such a thing as East Coast or West Coast smiles? If so what sets them apart from each other?
While the gap between the two is narrowing, I do see a clear distinction. Generally, my East Coast clients want to have more natural looking teeth. When they get veneers, they want to make sure nobody can tell they have had their teeth done. Friends and family will often ask about their eyebrows or hair but they’ll look right past their teeth because they just blend in so naturally. When I have clients traveling in to see me from the West Coast or Texas even they still want their teeth to be harmonious but they’re looking for a little more of a “glam” look and will often ask me for whiter teeth.

Your practice’s team is composed of all women. Why is this so important to you?
Female empowerment is incredibly important to me. I come from a long line of strong and independent women so I am all about paying it forward. My team are like family to me. We often take trips together and do self-improvement workshops. This isn’t just a job for us – it’s definitely a lifestyle. I want them to feel a sense of ownership in the practice, the ability to grow and have pride in what we do to make people’s lives better.

What’s your motto when it comes to customer service and your patients?
We give you want you want! We spend so much time talking to our patients and trying to get to the root of their desires. In this way, we can really understand their dental goals and what will make them happy. We’re never pushy – we just find out what’s important to them and come up with the right treatments.

What kind of toothpaste do you use?
Sensodyne Pronamel is really the best tooth paste out there. A fluoridated toothpaste is always important to prevent cavities but most toothpastes have so many different color and flavor additives that the active ingredients like fluoride cannot actually provide their benefits.

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