6 Ideas for Running a Successful Omegle Alternative Video Chat

Do you find making new acquaintances on Omegle alternative video chat challenging? Did you know you need good equipment, lighting, and looks to run a successful video call? More on this in our article.

Running a Successful Omegle Alternative Video: Everything You Need to Know

Omegle offers an excellent solution for those who want to meet new people worldwide while maintaining social distancing. The essence of the sites like Omegle  is that the system provides online chat with a random person – you have the right to decide to continue the dialogue or switch the video call. The advantage of the program is the ability to search for people according to your interests – you can add information about your hobbies and values ​​, and the system will randomly pair you with a person with similar interests.

Omegle is user-friendly, well-designed, and easy to use. 100,000+ strangers visit the platform every day. Despite such video call activity, some users find it challenging to make new acquaintances. According to some people, they need a camera and a microphone to start a successful video chat. However, equipment quality, appearance, and background are equally important. Therefore, we prepared an article based on the popular Google query: “What are the six pieces of advice on video conference calls?” In short, you can use these recommendations:

  • Buy high-quality equipment.
  • Check your Internet connection.
  • Take care of the background.
  • Set up lighting.
  • Check eye level.
  • Improve your video conferencing skills.

For each item, we have prepared a detailed description below. You will get the most out of Omegle’s alternative video chat by applying simple methods!

Buy High-Quality Equipment

The first and most important question that worries users of online chatting rooms is: “How do I run a successful video call?” The advice is simple, but the most effective – buy professional equipment. Let’s start with the microphone, an essential tool in online communication. Microphones built into a computer or laptop usually pick up sound from the general vicinity of the microphone. In other words, participants in the video conference will hear background noise.

We recommend using noise-canceling microphones that adjust to your mouth position to solve this problem. For example, these can be clip-on microphones that you can attach to your clothes without worrying about where to talk, as the interlocutors will hear you well. You can also buy microphones on a stand – they are much cheaper. However, when choosing, consider the length of the microphones so that you do not lean too close to them.

The second important tool for conducting video meetings is the camera. As with microphones, built-in cameras are also not very high quality. Instead, you can purchase a special camera that won’t distort the video or turn you into a pixelated person. The most successful camera is the one that has a CMOS matrix. Such tools are not expensive, but at the same time, they can give a fairly clear picture.

Check Your Internet Connection

No less popular is the question: “How do I run a successful video call?” We recommend that you take care of a stable and fast Internet connection. According to the protocols of all sites like Omegle, the services will dynamically adjust the quality of your video call depending on your Internet connection speed. This means you can stay connected, but the video quality will be poor if the Internet speed is slow.

To solve this problem, you can run a quick internet speed test. Fast.com, Speedof.me, and Testmy.net provide the most accurate results. Based on this data, you can see the download and upload speed. The optimal Internet speed should be 60-120 Mbps. If your indicators are significantly lower, follow these tips:

  • Close unnecessary tabs – many open tabs slow down the computer and the Internet.
  • Turn on turbo mode – thanks to this feature, you can compress pages, reducing the loading time, but increasing Internet speed.
  • Install an adblocker – the more animated banners you see, the lower the Internet speed.
  • Remove unnecessary programs – some applications heavily load the Internet connection, even in the background.
  • Disconnect unnecessary equipment from the Internet – the more gadgets connected, the harder it is for the Internet to work.
  • Place your router correctly – Internet speed depends on the router’s location.

These tips didn’t work for you? Moves to more radical measures! If your internet speed is much slower than advertised by your ISP, or your data plan is rated at 50 Mbps, you need to change your ISP or buy a faster data plan.

Take Care of The Background

We have considered all the technical aspects that allow you to have a successful video chat. It’s time to take care of the visual issues. Often on the Internet, we see the question: “How can I look good in a video?” The easiest way is to provide a good background. 

A dirty room, animals, and scattered things scare away strangers. However, a beautiful painting, a colorful wall, or neatly decorated shelves with your design are conducive to communication. If you don’t have the opportunity to make design changes, use a virtual background from pop culture or memes. So you will have a fun video chat and hide the room’s flaws.

Set up Lighting

Find good lighting – another valuable conference call tip. People meeting you for the first time should be able to see you clearly. Try not to put the light behind you. This arrangement of light will make you a dark and gloomy person. Find soft, warm light in the room and set up a place for video conferences. Soft natural light will take the fatigue and wrinkles off your face and attract people who want to get to know you.

Check Eye Level

Before logging in, ensure you are positioned correctly in the frame. It’s nice to have a cactus or photos on your desktop, but the focus on the camera should be on you. Also, the interlocutors will not want only part of your face or see your body. Eye-level that is too high or too low can make it difficult for users to communicate effectively with you throughout a video conference. Therefore, turn on the camera on your laptop or computer, check your eye level and whether third-party objects are blocking you, and only after that go to Omegle.

Improve Your Video Conferencing Skills

We conclude this article with an answer to the question: “How can I improve my video conferencing skills?” If you want to become a pleasant online conversationalist, follow these rules:

  • Check the sound and camera beforehand. Setting the correct volume level will eliminate reverse sound effects, echoes, and random volume fluctuations. The camera setting will help you find your best angle.
  • Don’t leave your room empty. If you want to get away, it’s best to log out of Omegle. Seeing a blank screen, the interlocutor will consider you ill-mannered.
  • Pick the right clothes. Bright colors can cause the camera to weaken the contrast with skin tone. Whenever possible, wear plain clothes in neutral colors.

Agree – pumping yourself, following only three tips, is not so difficult. However, you will gain more: the opportunity to build good relationships with Omegle users!

You can view the original article HERE.

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