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Are you bored of the standard fruit machine slot games which deal you all the normal spins, then maybe it is time for you to start winning on themed slot games? Some newbies may think that fantasy themed casino games are not serious enough, but a high roller like you knows that betting online is all about fun – try Temple of Ausar Slot now. What you also know is that the fantasy themed games are filled to the brim with inventive and exciting bonus rounds which pay out sufficiently, which is what is important when aiming for the jackpot!

What are the Best Fantasy Themed Casino Games?

Every well acquainted online bettor will be familiar with the all time classic themed slot games: you got your safari adventures, jungle journeys, and pots of gold hunts, but to become a master you have to know the best fantasy themes on the market:

  •       Medieval magic – The middle ages were filled with dragons, witches, and spells (or so folk lore tells us), so take a trip through enchanted forests and forbidden caves to find the biggest jackpots that the dragons are protecting! Medieval games are easily accessible, tonnes of fun, and, for you hardcore bettors, ready to be cashed out
  •       Outer space adventure – Fancy yourself darting through the asteroid belt or zapping aliens on foreign planets, the head on over to heaps of space age casino games. Not only are intergalactic spins exciting and full of flare, they are inventive and possibly give all you conspiracy theorists out there some new information on when mars will attack
  •       Mythical monsters – Heading into any undiscovered tombs any time soon, or fighting the deep sea kraken? Well you had need not leave your seat as online slots have a plethora of games where you can fight those mythical nemeses, and the reward for beating them be enough to make a high roller like you happy!
  • Fantasy slot games may not be for everybody, you might be a classic player into your standard fruit machines or prefer a more realistic bet in the safari, but if you fancy trying something new from up and coming game developers with ambitious imagination then try giving fantasy games a spin.

    Are Fantasy Casino Games Worth it or not?

    If you are not convinced either way of fantasy games then we have created a simple pros and cons list to help you decide if these themed slots games are worth it for you or not:

    Lots of fun
    Hard to get into
    Inventive bonus rounds
    A little more complex than the fruit machine
    Support new games
    Not as accessible
    Change the scenery
    Not the old way
    Hooking storylines
    Confusing storylines
    Exciting visuals

    When all is said and done, the decision is yours. You may have your favourite slot game that has paid you well throughout the years, but there is no harm in trying and we certainly believe that you will thoroughly enjoy new fantasy themed slot games!

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