Workout At Home To Improve Wellness

The last year has been a troubled one for many of us thanks to the ongoing covid-19 crisis. With many people having to stay at home to work or having been furloughed, and others suffering the loss of loved ones there have been great changes in our lives that we could do nothing about. Being unable to meet friends and family or get on with daily routines has not helped those of us who enjoy keeping ourselves fit, but there’s also been a great impact on people’s mental health.

Cases of anxiety and depression have been on the rise, as has stress in people who are afraid, concerned and unsure of the future. With breadwinners in many families having to take time off work finances have taken a hit, and this also leads to anxiety. Those who already suffered these problems will have seen them exaggerated, and with little chance to rectify the problem.

One market that has seen growth in relation to all of this is that of home gym equipment. Exercise – even a light walk or simple workout – can help with moods, depression and anxiety, so let’s have a look at how this happens, and what you can do to alleviate the pressure of stress and anxiety.

How Workouts Help Your Overall Wellness

If you’re not aware of the way in which exercise helps with moods it’s worth looking into briefly, so let’s explain this for you. Physical activity of any kind results in hormones being released that are signallers to the brain. Some of these are ‘uppers’ and some ‘downers’. The ones that are released when we are active tend to be the uppers, those that make us feel better. Think of them as ‘happy hormones’ and you get the idea.

In many sufferer’s chronic depression is caused by low levels of serotonin. Serotonin is a substance that regulates the way the brain reacts. It is replaced in the system when we take anti-depressants. That serotonin can be released by exercise is a proven scientific fact.

Exercise works for mental health in another way, too. We need a regular sleep pattern if we are to get the best out of sleep. When we sleep the body effectively relaxes its systems and this relates to hormone release also. Exercise aids tiredness and helps with proper deep sleep, so is important in this area of our lives.

There’s also a lot to be said for getting out in the fresh air, and with the covid-19 pandemic seemingly coming under control restrictions will start to be lifted shortly and getting out for a walk will be easier. If you can’t get out too far then why not spend some time in the garden, as gardening is also beneficial thanks to being rewarding and satisfactory, even if it’s just simply pottering about and tidying up. 

So, working out at home: how do you make it happen? You’ll want to start with getting the right home gym equipment, and it can be as simple as a small purchase. Take a look at the top exercise balls according to fitness experts as an example to get yourself on the right path.

What You Need for a Home Gym

The direct link between health and exercise is, as we mention above, proven. This is why having a gym in the home may be a good idea. Many people have bought gym equipment in the last year as they were unable to take advantage of the gyms they are enrolled in thanks to enforced closure. This equipment is not cheap but is the sort of thing that is a wise investment if you and the rest of your household are likely to use it.

So where do you start? The initial thing is to find room for your gym equipment. You need a space that is big enough to take the basic equipment: a mat, pull up bars, a bench of some sort and weights. We recommend you ensure enough space to swing kettlebells as this is a very useful form of exercise for getting your brain in order. Many people convert their garage into a gym, for example, while others use a basement or spare room. Even an outhouse or shed will be sufficient. 

Once you have your room you can start looking at the available equipment. You don’t need anything sophisticated – just the items mentioned above will make the foundations of a basic gym – but we do advise you look carefully at what is available as there is great competition in the gym equipment field right now. What exercises should you perform?

Ideal Exercises To Improve Your Wellness

While working out at home can provide effective ways to burn calories, you’ll also want to know the best exercises for relieving stress and anxiety. This way, you should get a good idea of what you need to start considering to build your routine. Keep it simple and perhaps ask friends, family or an online trainer for advice. There are plenty of people who can help you design your workout routine to be perfect for stress relief and dealing with anxiety.

Simple push ups and weight training should help you get into shape, and as the saying goes when you start feeling good in your body your mind will follow. We’re not saying you need to indulge in a full-on workout, just set yourself a few goals and work towards them while ensuring you get the physical exercise you need to release the hormones that will boost your moods.


Working out and even gentle exercise will certainly help relieve stress and anxiety, and will help with depression too. Not only that but it will also get your body back into better physical shape after recent months of limited exercise. Start by getting hold of some weights and a good quality mat for floor exercises, and look at online advice about home workouts for mental health.

Once you start exercising regularly you will see the results sooner than you expect, and very soon you will feel much better in yourself and be able to tackle any problems you’ve been pushing under the carpet.

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