Days of Our Lives Round Table: Are Allie & Chanel Salem’s Next Big Romance?

Abe told off Paulina, Brady put the moves on Chloe, Xander and Gwen shared a heated kiss, while Chanel and Allie got cozy, and Sami took forever to burn one letter this week in Salem.

Our TV Fanatics, Jack and Christine, are joined by Meemz from MyHourglass, a Days of Our Lives fan forum to debate Ciara and Theo as a couple, was Claire’s description of Ciara correct, if they want Allie with Tripp or Chanel, the ongoing Brady/Chloe/Philip triangle, and much more!

Ciara and Theo are engaged. Do you feel any romantic spark between them?

Jack: It’s hard to tell since they’ve shared all of two scenes. Ciara spent most of her time arguing with Ben or Shawn and Claire, while Theo spent most of his telling people they were engaged!

I can’t say I saw a ton of chemistry when they were together, but most of their interactions revolve around Ben, so that muddies the waters.

Meemz: Maybe some chemistry, but knowing Theo is used as a prop for the Cin story does is not helping me get into them.

I find this whole storyline boring and Ciara and Ben hard to watch. Let them leave, reunite and be together so we can move on.

Christine: Absolutely none. Ben was right when he told Ciara she loves Theo like he’s a puppy. That’s the way it feels to me.

Theo is an old, dear friend, and she feels safe with him. As for romance, I’m just not seeing it.

Chanel and Allie shared another kiss. Would you prefer to see Allie paired with Chanel or Tripp?

You first, TV Fanatics! Who do you want to see Allie paired with romantically?

Jack: I’m conflicted. I didn’t like the first kiss because it felt like it came out of nowhere, and I thought this was more a male fantasy about women kissing than anything realistic.

The second kiss (which should have been where this story began) felt a lot more natural. I like Chanel and Allie’s friendship (except for their strange habit of calling each other by their last names — at least Allie didn’t introduce Chanel to Nicole as her friend Dupree like she did when she introduced Chanel to Julie!).

Chanel and Allie certainly have a decent foundation to grow into something more. But I also like Allie and Tripp’s relationship, and it’s been steadily growing on-screen.

Either way, I’m thrilled to finally have bisexual characters on DAYS, though I wish Will was still on canvas as he would be the most logical person for Allie to talk to about this.

Meemz: New Chanel has chemistry with Allie. I find them cute and would not mind the pairing.

Tripp and Allie are cute as well, but I may be less interested in a story there. Not much to tell with Tripp and Allie. There is more potential with Chanel.

Christine: I’m completely torn! I’ve been rooting for Allie and Tripp. They make an adorable couple, but I can’t deny the sparks between Chanel and Allie.

I’d actually like to see Chanel spend some time with Claire to see if they have any chemistry, just to keep the options open. But either way, it’s nice that Days has some exciting pairings to work with her, and I’m curious to see where they go with it.

Does Brady love Chloe, or is he using her to get over Kristen? Who do you hope Chloe ends up with?

Jack: This whole story is a mess. Brady seems to be on the rebound from Kristen, while Chloe’s only interest in Philip is that he was nice to her in high school… 20 odd years ago!

Plus, Brady and Philip spend all their time one-upping each other and trying to convince Chloe to cut all ties with the other. Ugh.

If these three were acting like grown-ups, I would totally be behind Chloe/Philip. I’ve shipped them for quite a while. But I don’t want a rehash of stories that made sense when they were 16 with middle-aged characters!

At this point, I’d like Chloe to focus on raising Parker and having a career and friends and not worry about romance with either of these men.

Meemz: Brady loves himself. That was apparent in how he twists facts to his own excuse of the moment to get a free pass to get with the girl of the moment. All that talk about Kristen having no remorse when she literally apologized during her call and at the police station proves it.

Thinking Chloe will swoon over his kiss and rush to him regardless of the fact Kristen is on the run and can still be very much a threat to Chloe is why I know he is only after self-gratification and nothing else.

Brady wanted to prove to himself he has no feelings for Kristen and rushed to the next available woman. I definitely hope she ends up with Philip, the only man that ever loved her unconditionally.

Seriously, when will she wake up to the fact that she deliberately sabotages her happiness every time she gets close to the real thing! And it’s always with Philip.

Christine: I don’t think Brady knows how to love anyone. He jumps from one bed to another, always claiming the woman he’s with is the love of his life.

Brady is also frequently arrogant and controlling. He tried to control Nicole, and now we’re seeing shades of that with Chloe.

I’d like to see Philip and Chloe have a real chance, but I’m not feeling much chemistry with Chloe and anyone right now. I fear that Philip will get his heart crushed once again, and I just don’t want to watch that.

Was Claire’s description of Ciara a “stone-cold bitch” accurate? Should Ben sign those divorce papers?

Jack: I cheered when Claire said that. Ciara was totally obnoxious! Gabi has finally got off the annoying insults track, and we don’t need Ciara on it instead.

Yes, little Ciara was a spitfire, but she was NOT mean for the sake of being mean. This version of Ciara is incredibly repugnant. Ben should sign those divorce papers and thank his lucky stars he’s no longer tied to someone who says such awful things to and about anyone who won’t give her her way.

Besides, if Ciara ever recovers her memory, they can remarry. After all, this is Salem, and Marlena should have told Ben that she and John have been divorced and remarried five times, so there’s nothing for him to worry about!

Meemz: Please, Ben, sign them and save us from having to hear this boring dialogue over and over again. I’m not a fan of this couple or the characters. Both have been overly propped at the extent of the viewer’s time. Let them end.

Christine: Ciara was such a bitch! And not just to Ben and Claire but to Shawn as well. Claire is Shawn’s daughter! Did Ciara think she could bad mouth her and call Claire names, and Shawn would just stand there and not defend her?

I can’t believe they brought Ciara back to Salem to have her yell at everyone. She’s barely back a week, and I already can’t wait until she’s gone.

If you could wave a magic wand and make one character do what you want right now, what would that be?

Jack: I’d make Sami come to her senses, dump EJ, get a restraining order against him, and admit that she loves Lucas and she’s always loved, Lucas.

If I can have a second wish, it would be for JJ to decide to come back and help Jack, Tripp, Steve, and Kayla look into Snyder’s mysterious death.

Meemz: Chloe to have a clear head and some self-realization, to stop playing games and running away from real happiness. She is too old to keep repeating the same mistakes of her teenage self.

Philip has been the only person that has always been her #1 everything. He deserves her full heart, and she deserves to finally be in a real relationship.

Christine: I wish Gwen would tell Jack the whole truth. He might be disappointed, but I still think he’d have her back. Jack knows what it’s like to screw things up horribly and be given another chance.

I also wish that Sami would come clean with EJ. If she has any hope of her marriage working, she needs to be honest with him, especially since Kristen will tell him eventually.

6. Who do you think grabbed Sami’s partially burned letter from the fireplace, and what will they do with it?

Jack: EJ makes the most logical sense. He and Sami are always getting sucked into a scheming war with each other, and there’s no way EJ bought that ridiculous story about how Sami was cold and wanted to light a fire in the middle of July.

Plus, someone had to put Johnny up to calling Sami at the perfect moment, and who better to do that than his father? If it is EJ, he probably will pretend for a while longer that he doesn’t know about her and Lucas, go through the motions of searching for the letter in the mail when he actually has it, and generally enjoy tormenting Sami.

If it is anyone else, they probably will use it to blackmail Sami and/or Lucas or give it to Nicole so she can get Sami off her back.

Meemz: It could be EJ, or it could be someone that will give it to Lucas. I think EJ knows, and he is playing dumb to torture her. This story should wrap up soon, too, not the best Sami return.

Christine: Sami has always been such a schemer that I hate how dumb this storyline makes her look. As anyone can wander around the Dimera mansion, it gives us lots of possibilities for who took the letter. EJ seems the most obvious, but it could be Chad, Tony, Anna.

Ooh! Or maybe Abigail returns! That would be interesting considering that Abigail once seduced EJ, and she and Sami still despise one another. Would Abby show the letter to Chad? Give it to EJ? I really don’t know but I’m finding that possibility the most intriguing. 

What disappointed you the most this week in Salem?

Jack: Can the writers please retire this trope where two people hate each other and then suddenly start kissing out of nowhere? That Gwen/Xander kiss was awful. Also, how did Jack not hear them yelling at each other in the living room when he went upstairs? The house isn’t that big!

Also, what was up with some of the editing choices? For example, there was a scene with Eli and Lucas that seemed to come in in the middle, with Eli asking Lucas what he meant by something he said off-screen. Confusing viewers is not a good idea.

Though I didn’t mind Rafe and Ava’s 4th of July scene being a new flashback, as it would have been annoying if we had seen it the day before.

Speaking of Rafe, he and Eli should be working on Snyder’s death, not sitting around gossiping about Rafe’s love life. Is there really that little crime in Salem?

Finally, Sami and EJ having sex… ew. Enough said.

Meemz: The triangles, all of them are poorly executed. They are flat, and I’m losing interest. Mostly disappointed in Chloe. She should not be torn, especially looking at the history. It does not add up.

Christine: Enough with Rafe and Eli gossiping about Rafe’s love life. As was said above, shouldn’t they be trying to figure out how Dr. Snyder ended up dead in the lake?

And I like Xander and Gwen, and even I thought their angry kiss was a misstep. It wasn’t hot, just awkward.

What was your favorite quote, scene, or storyline this week on Days of Our Lives?

Jack: I loved the fallout from Paulina’s plan being exposed. Everything from an upset Chanel showing up at Allie’s doorstep to Abe telling Paulina exactly what he thought of her decisions was well done.

James Reynolds is a powerful actor when given proper material, and these scenes showed how long it’s been since Abe had a real storyline.

I also enjoyed Roman and Kate’s interactions. Please tell me these two are going to try again romantically!

Meemz: My favorite was the moment after Philip and Chloe kissed, just him looking at her and getting lost, literally almost forgetting why he was there. THEN he takes out a framed picture of parker!! Can he be more perfect??

Christine: Abe’s reaction to Paulina was fantastic. It really did highlight how much more story this character should be given.

And I liked that Gabi fought Jake and gave that letter back to Sami, noting how Sami once helped her with Nick and that she’s Ari’s grandmother. It was a good look for Gabi, and I hope we see more of their friendship.

Now it’s your turn, TV Fanatics!

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